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October 31, 2007


Ron Newman

Yeah, but there's not exactly a huge amount of advertising here to make money from those hits.

somerville guy

What are you talking about Ron? There was a penalty, I-Not got banned. JN is the judge and jury. And yes it does contribute to civic discourse, as you post more than all of us put together!

Shava Nerad

Actually, Tor never charges a fee. If you are using a service that says they are charging a fee to use the open source, completely volunteer and free Tor network, please contact me at Shava -at-, as you are getting ripped off badly, and we want to know about it.

Some services use the Tor *client* to connect to a private network. There are a lot of security papers which show why using the Tor network with a privately owned proxy VPN is less secure, but the easiest proof is that there's one point of failure for your privacy -- the people you pay money to.

Depends on why you want anonymity, I suppose, and how badly you want it.

Betcha didn't know that the Tor offices were in Somerville for quite some time...:)

However, as a privacy policy professional, I have to agree with Ron. *Pseudonymity* is more important to civic engagement, for most people, than *anonymity*.

This site isn't technically anonymous -- the paper tracks your IP number, and if you were really abusive, they could have the police order your ISP to give up your personal information. So you can be tracked.

Far more important to civic engagement is *pseudonymity* -- where a person can be tracked by the quality of his/her discourse across multiple discussions. This is vital -- even our founding fathers published leaflets to organize folks around the Revolution here using pseudonyms.

When a person can log in with another person's name, they can mar their reputation and ruin the trust of the community in an otherwise blameless poster.

So if the paper is trying to encourage civic engagement, they are giving people neither anonymity (untrackability by IP), nor pseudonymity (using username/password authentication to protect individual posters' reputations).

I have no idea why they do this, except that they must want to encourage flamewars and people snarking by posting by one another. Maybe the editor finds that amusing?

Shava Nerad
Tor Project Volunteer
Clarendon Hill Neighborhood
Cambridge refugee, in Somerville seeking real neighbors

Vote Today

Well another election year is here and the dirty politics continue to thrive. It's unbelievable how someone who just moved to this city approximately 3 years ago and obviously doesn't have her facts straight goes on an all out attack on an incumbent that was born and raised here. She (Heller)has no clue about what (Trane) has done for this city and especially Ward 7. What I found most disturbing is the sneaky way she went about this "smear campaign". She got at least one individual possibly more to go out after 11:30 p.m. and drop off flyers to people in the neighborhood; that took many statements out of context from different sources. By the way whoever thought up this idea was very weak in the way it was presented.

Ms. Heller do we really need to add more housing to an already jammed city? Everyone seems to be all on top of affordable housing, my question is affordable to whom? Smoke and mirrors!

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