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October 17, 2007



And we know that Provost also attends Sean O'Donovan's fundraisers too. What's the big deal?


Look, if Jehlen's the "Queen" of the so-called "Progressives" (there are those sneaky little quotation marks again), you guys have got to give equal time to S(a)tan Koty.

"Emperor" of the so-called "Pod People"? You make the call.

Ron Newman (SF)

And if she's the Queen, who are the Bishops and Knights?


The chess game for ward 5 is really interesting to watch. The result will be the folks who live here will be used as "pawns" in O'Donovan's re-election campaign.

It is not so

Before this rumor gets spread and is commented on by your bloggers, let me assure you that it is not so. Marty Martinez has not left Somerville and has no plans to do so. Marty Martinez still lives in Somerville.

To; It is not so

Just when I thought we would have heard enough of this embecile, you went and ruined my day!

Tony's Flag

The building on which that banner is located on McGrath is the same one that had a huge LaFuente for Mayor sign in 2003.

The sign is clearly for LaFuente. Doesn't it have the wrong year on it, though? Shouldn't it say 2007? I think it says 2006...

Ron Newman

the Other Paper's blog had a discussion of that a few weeks ago. It says "Nov 06" which means November 6th, election day ... but still doesn't make much sense.


Emperor Queen
Stan Koty Pat Jehlen

Court Court
Sal Q Wig Z
Foster Dick B
Maria C Bill S
Tom B Roberta B
Tommy B Rebecca Au
Tom Brady Peyton Manning
Josh Beckett Daiske M


It says on the flyer for the STEP fund-raiser that the fund-raiser is hosted by Taza Chocolate (Somerville made chocolate). Also 11 Bow Street is the home of the new Bloc 11 cafe which opened on Monday.

Fool on the Hill

Unintended humor:

"Just when I thought we would have heard enough of this embecile"


Nah, definitely Schilling in for Beckett, there. (Don't know about Brady...)

- - -

How about staffing the Cambriville/SN Virtual Board of Aldermen?

3 (except Little Sisters of the Poor): JAR
3 1/2 (LSOP): Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
6: Tricky
7: Bob Trane (he's *everywhere!*)

At large: Ron Newman
At (very large): Norton

James Norton

Tricky -

You're a bitch. HAHAHA that was effin funny.



Seriously? That was pretty lame...

However, the Battle of Ball Square is just begging for the Full McCarthy. Where's the Cambriville News when you need some real reporting around here?



Humbled am I that you would even consider me for such a vaunted assignment.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy:
(wherever you are, you vixen you)... you are welcome to rule sovereign over LSOP, secure in the knowledge that I've got you covered...

My daughter works the graveyard at Jeanne Jugan as a CNA. Just think she may have changed the Good Doctor's Depends without your even knowing it!


somerville old timer

Can we talka bout water bills? Last week someone said a friend has a $40,000 water bill. I know someone with a 10,000 bill, someone else with a 8,200 bill. They appealled, no dice, just rude treatment from DPW. No one can use that much water. That's $58,200 going to the DPW for just three people. Who is geting rich over there? When will this be busted open and who will they get?

The progressive threesome, turned their back on Lafuente

What happened to all the work Lafuente did for the progressive's. Why are they backing Berman instead of him. They should put aside the fact that he was a republican. Bill White was a Republican , and they accept him. Tony Deserves better chance and people shouldn't hold his past against him. People can change!

Whats wrong with being a Republican?

I respect that Tony Lafuente was a republican. As a matter of fact, I wish he still was. Lafuente should have never changed his politcal party due to pressure from local influence. Good luck Tony, and don't be afraid to change back.


Yeah Tony, come back to the conservative causes. Run hard right/libertarian and you'll have a lot more votes. Screw these PDS'ers.

Run on a campaign pedge to reduce taxes and stupid services (like the arts council) and work for residents. Take a hard stance against these PDS losers and you'll win.

Tony would appeal more as a conservative, its obvious where his heart it

Tony Lafuente would appeal to regualar democrats if he stayed a with the republican party. Progressive voters saw through the flip flop! Tony is our only voice for the future of the party.

The Mole

We shall see how much “pull” Boss Hog has soon. There are two openings in the City that could result in Hog’s wife and his son jump the lines of seniority to fill these two positions.

Will the Union block these two jumpers? NO

The Mole

A long time resident

After all the hard work Sean O'D did for the abutters of the 35r Lexington fiasco, I noticed that not one of them has his sign posted on their property. Don't any of these people, led by JD, have the courtesy to say thank you to him during this election? Another project Lynch will probably take credit for? Booooooooooo. to the Lexington Ave abutters.


Don't know who JD is or what the "35r fiasco" was really all about but if O'donovan had his hand in it that is a very good reason why it was a "fiasco".

City Hall Nose

Why would the director of Veterans Affairs be soliciting sign holders for the Mayor at the City Hall Annex recently? I wish instead of my fellow union brothers and sisters coming to me, they would just call the State Ethics Commission and file a formal complaint. They can do this anonymously and be protected by the “Whistle Blowers Resolution".

Also, DPW “Big Wig”, boss Hog, assembled a cast of characters in the Highway Repairs garage today. Why would Diane R, , Alison C; Boss Hog’s girl in tow’s sister, Union Ex-President, Mikie B, new President Jimmy, C and of course Boss Hog all meet inside the large white door? Could it be due to the recent state notification that they have to release information they have been holding back on? Are they now afraid of the fines and possible imprisonment of holding back this information?

Can anyone answer these questions without my help? Something is starting to smell and it isn't the refuse from the sweeper pile.

As seen from the sidelines

I'm confused. I thought Carl Scortino was the "Queen of the Progressives."

it *is* funny

Has everyone seen the new video posted on Joe Lynch's website? It's great ... he takes quite a swing at SOD. I had no idea the Ward 5 alderman had bought so many "choice" or maybe "soon to be choice" properties.

I'd love to see Lynch win.

defecting losers

HMMM? Martinez has left the city after losing!!
Let's start a list of defecting losers
1. John Bunomo............Lost somerville election GONE!!!
2. Kim Foster ............Lost Somerville election GONE!!!
3. Marty Martinez.........Lost Somerville election GONE!!!
4. Walter Pero......HMMM..Won (and currently an elected official....Gone (He lives on the cape right?)
5. Tony Lafuente..........Will lose and be added to this list

it *is* funny

Pero lives on Medford Street. I see him walking his dog every day.

Ron Newman

On the other hand ...

Vinny Ciampa -- lost 3 elections (Alderman-at-Large, state rep Dem primary, state rep write-in)..... still here.

Dorothy Kelly Gay -- lost re-election for Mayor ..... still here.

Denise Provost -- lost several elections, stayed around, eventually began winning. Still here.

Charles Chisholm -- lost many Somerville elections, will soon lose one more ..... still here.

I don't really see a pattern.

defecting losers is a loser

Note to 'defecting losers': Marty Martinez still very much lives in Somerville. That was already pointed out above by 'it is not so'.


Just saw the Lynch video. Can you say conflict of interest?

O'Donovan should be behind bars for the way he's using his position to get favorable treatment. I know someone who just wanted to put a small extension on his house and was treated like shit by the zoning people because he wasn't a "friend" of O'Donovan.

I hope Lynch takes him down.

Truth B  Told

Did anyone notice in the recent real estate transactions that Marty Martinez sold his house for 16 thousand dollars yet the house has a much higher assessed value.

Was this just some sort of scam to make it look like Marty actually owned a home here in the city.

I think the guy has lived at 10 different addresses in ten years. Very strange

DPW Nose

That’s not the only thing brewing at the DPW.

Ex - el presidente (Mikey B) has been kicked out of the house by his wife. She pulled a restraining order on him because he went crazy after being caught red handed with his girlfriend (Lisa P from the board of health). Poor guy is living in his truck in back of DPW. boo hoo hoo

What a loser. I can’t figure out what his wife ever saw in him. Let alone his girlfriend.

Both of them can do so much better than him.

Mikey B should have learned from the other Mikey B (who got his face bashed in for extra marital affairs).

Isn’t life grand.


Joe Lynch seems intelligent, and I was definately leaning his way, however, knowing that the 'Gang of Three' are in his camp is making me REALLY re-think my vote. Haven't seen much campaigning by either candidate, I might add!


Don't forget about DP she also is having an affair with her cheif inspector FK and other HI in the office.

Carrie Bradshaw

Whats this, "Sex in the City" (of Somerville)? Any other departments have hot-n-heavy trists going on? Looks like the hormones are raging at the DPW yard!

it *is* funny

Can anyone tell me why Mayor Joe would support SO'D so vehemently? Does the ward 5 alderman have pictures or something?

City Hall Nose

WOW, I heard the Mayor flipping out at City Hall trying to find out how I heard about the solicitation of City Workers at the City Hall Annex to hold signs for him for the general election.

He ran up and down on Frank S. trying to find out what the story was. Mr. Mayor, all you had to do is go out your office and down the stairs, or is it UP the stairs and ask anyone of us. You may have received an answer. Then again, maybe NOT.

Something that makes one go “HMMMM”


You're getting warmer "funny". Very warm.

Friend of Mikey B

Hey DPW Nose, aka: Mr Potato Head. Aka: CA

Perhaps you should keep that big nose out of other peoples business.
These people have children and families. They don't need assholes like you spreading your hate for them in a public forum. If your story was true (and im sure its not) He wouldnt be living in his truck. He has many friends he could stay with (including me)
I personally know him and love him and would consider any woman lucky to have him. He is a true gentleman a great father and an awesome friend.
I know i am going to take shit for writing this but I dont care.

I Love you Mike Browne!

Mike BrownNose used to be a great guy!

MB used to be a great guy. Look what politics did to him. He sold his soul and screwed the union. He drank joey's fruit punch, and started to forget about his family values. Let me give you a bit of advise BrownNose, stay away from the top of curtatone's admin. None of them respect their better half. Stay tuned for the list of cheaters!


Chuck Sillari Ran for alderman at large ....lost ....gone to Malden!!!!


I Love You Mikey Browne!


Everybody duck hear comes local 25 .
thanks mb

Sox Fan

To Mr Big,

Old News. Come back when you know something everyone hasnt heard already.

To but,

Teamsters are a joke and so are you.

Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.

~Shana Alexander

Mr. Small

Mr. Big, I can name at lease two Appointees that have the same initial's as Mike B., and Mike B.; They would be Matt B. the assistance City Solicitor and Mike B., the Mayors' Aide that goes from being an aide to highway then back to Aide again.

Did I WIN?

Carrie Bradshaw

any HOT affairs this week at the DPW?
This is the L-O-V-E administration !

it *is* funny

I may get lumped into the "so-called progressives" by saying this but I introduced myself and shook Joe Lynch's hand on Saturday when he was doing his standout in Magoun Square. I don't live in Ward 5 but I really appreciate him taking his lame alderman to task. He was so sincere in his response and asked me to call my friends in Ward 5 to encourage them to vote. I don't know anyone in Ward 5 ... so I'm posting this here. Really Ward 5-ers -- this is your chance to get a passionate, smart, thoughful Alderman to represent you. Please consider voting for Lynch on November 6.

somerville is a small town

Mr. Big, if you claim to have all this information on all the MB's in the city, why do you choose to share only about a select couple? Either be a man and come clean about what you know about everyone (which I'm sure is not nearly as much as you claim)or shut the hell up. These people DO have families (thank you Friend of MikeyB) and you are causing trouble for innocent people that is none of your business. Get a life of your own and you won't have to be so concerned with other's.


Yeah... good luck to everyone banging everyone else. Who cares though? They're grown adults, so whatever.

I am more concerned that none of the city employeees I know live here now. They all live in Billerica, Wakefield, Reading, Tewksbury, etc. Why? I know you can't tell people to move back to the city, but maybe the next round of hires you have a system that awards a TBD number of extra points to residents.

You live here then you care more and know the area better. It is what it is.

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