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October 10, 2007


I Spy

Please tell me why the candidate for re-election in Ward 5 has been driving up and down some of the streets not stopping to chat with his constituents but rather jotting down the addresses his opponents signs are being erected? You are the individual that drives that dark SUV aren’t you?

Come on SOD grow up. This is kids games just like the picture takers you had over the DPW fencing a few weeks ago.


Hey SN, is the reason why I saw the Jack Daniels distribution truck parked illegally at the Independent this morning due to the Mayors' pocket picking event this afternoon?

What time does the Mayor's rendition of "the drunk in the gutter" go on? I have seen him leaving listing to the right then the left, more than once from that location.


Best of luck to the artesian well guy - he won't live long drinking any ground water from under this city. What with all the city's leaking oil tanks and other industrial pollutants I wouldn't even water my lawn with it.

Sassy Frassy

Home come there is no link to the local weather? Without it, I can't set this as my home page.

Sassy Frassy

I meant "How come.."

Girls Ignored

"The SHS golf team continues to try harder, even though they have found it tough to win, including their recent loss to Medford. Cam Lynch, Eric O’Brien, Alex Mello and Matt Miller and the other team members beat Everett in September. But there is still hope, coach Jay Hart says they have some good “up and coming” freshman golfers."

It's a shame that finally the Somerville High Golf Team now includes young women on their team. They practice and play just as hard as the boys do, but they never receive the recognition they deserve. What a slap in the face to these hard working young women. I guess the golf team will never admit to the "ole' boy network" that still exists today.

Ron Newman (SF)

I don't understand what you mean about a link to the weather. Try and enter "02143" or "02144" as your location.


I want to congratulate Nicky Halloran as well as his parents--two of the nicest people I know--on his football scholarship to BC.

I am told he received letters from Purdue, Syracuse and Maryland as well.

Nick played on my Little League team in the Minors from '97-'98. He even got some "ink" in the Boston Sunday Globe back then! Just a great kid who I know will do well in anything he pursues.

In him, the Eagles will be getting not just a fantastic athlete and a first-rate lineman, but a really good well-rounded, well-grounded young man. I could not be happier for the Hallorans.

Way to go Nicky!

Golf Girls

If anyone cares.....the Golf Girls names are Kelsey Garrity, Mary O'Brien and Alison Monteith.


How long has the water guy not been paying for his actual usage?? hmmmmmm Doesnt it say that your bill is estimated?


My wife and I are new to the city and were just surfing the candidates political websites.

We can't seem to find one for the ward five candidate O'Donovan.

Does anyone know if he has one?


Here's a tip from the Cambriville Guide to style: If you put something in parentheses, people can still see it. (That probably goes double for something in quotation marks in parenthesis, like "Princess".) OK, it was "cute" the first time you did this, but I'm sure Dr. Mrs. McCarthy (I'd call her "Hotcakes", but I'm sure her acolytes/adminstrative assistants/demon spawn would somehow misconstrue it) will have something to say at the next staff meeting.

For that matter, how is Casino Charlie "playing it smarter" by not trying to outsign the incumbent? Unless he can pull off the same stealthy moves that Jack Connolly did against Martinez (go back and look where Jack picked up most of his votes between the primary and the showdown), the Perfessor is most likely, doomed.

- -

Also, your competition at least puts a name to the rumored entry into the Ward 4 School Committee "race". I don't want to give the guy any more publicity, but I'm under the impression he's less qualified for that position than whatever it was he was running for last...

progressive vs. lafuente

It appears that the progressives voters have forgotten about Tony Lafuente. What happended to all the work he did for jehlen and Martinez>?



The Mole

A new shuffle at the DPW will be occurring soon. When the well deserved DPW worker is sworn in as one of our finest Firemen, all bets are on for his replacement. Congratulations to Tommy. Thank you for serving and protecting us.

Boy, will some people be pissed off. Wait for further announcements.

The Mole

The Mole

Tricky, do you have the right person when you made mention to "whatever he ran for last time"? You do know it is not Scirocco!!!

I tend to think that this maybe someone with close ties to the Ward and has some familiarity with the School Committee development from prior association back about 20 years ago. This person also has very close ties with this Administration too.

It is definitely not Scirocco.

The Mole



Thank you for explaining the style guide to the mouth breathers who shovel out this column. They remind me of the self-appointed wits that we all knew in middle school. They were so overcome by their own hilarity, they never realized that their witless and mean spirited barbs were considered pathetic by their intended audience. Others, who were close to these failed comedians, were just embarrassed for them.

It's hard to believe that Jamie Norton or Bill Shelton are responsible for this "Princess" nonsense. They must be part of the embarrassed friends and family.

The Mole

Tricky, where art thou?

The Mole

Mole Fan

Hey Mole, has JC (aka Jed Clampett) struck anymore black gold in dem dar hills?


Mole, I'm still around. Working, fretting about the Red Sox, resisting temptation to chime in on a couple of threads (for entirely different reasons), and keeping my eye on the Farm Team, who just tabbed another suspect for the Ward Four School Committee free-for-all.

And frankly, I thought I would have heard about *that* here first...

The Mole

Mole Fan, to answer your question, "NO". But then again, they haven't "Fixed" all their earlier problems to date. The High School is still in disarray, the Edgerly is not on line and I hear, there may be "BIG" problems at the new Argenziano School with something to do with undersized piping for heating.

We shall see on the later as they fire up the boilers.

Tricky, have you any thoughts as to "WHOM" the sticker/write in candidate of Ward 4 School Committee might be? I'll tell you; this person will get more votes than the incumbent who doesn't give two craps about the children if she cannot muster up an adequate amount of signatures to get on the ballot.

A hint might help, this person is up and down with their life: currently up, been in the limelight many a time, has baggage and issues, mostly psychological issues like most candidates but I know this person has the testosterone to get the job done. Remember, testosterone is in both male and female bodies.

The Mole

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