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October 04, 2007


All Souls

I'm curious as to where the Mayor's 'Trauma Response Team' is hiding. Several years ago it was formed amid much fanfare in response to several tragic deaths in the city. Money was spent to train volunteers to serve on this team. And yet, friends and acqaintances of both Brian and Nicky have lost at least 8 of their peers in the last few years, and I have seen no evidence whatsoever of this 'Trauma Response Team'. Noone has reached out to a single kid from this extended group of friends, many of whom are having great difficulty coping with the tragedy they've seen in their young lives. Someone needs to address this issue soon before an entire generation of our young people is lost.

Ya Think

All Souls, ever hear of a storefrontor a shell company? That is all this Adminsitratino sets up.



What a Farce

Mayor's 'Trauma Response Team"? What a JOKE! Just in KPU alone there have been way too many young people dying from various causes. Our children are dying right in front of us and there is no place to go for help or if there is there is a waiting period that is unreasonable. There was a vigil last night for the young man in this post at KP. Did one of the so called "Trauma Response Team" show up?

Something must be done and quickly!

Ron Newman

This is an awful tragedy, but ... how does someone fall out of the right-side door of a moving vehicle?

lifelong res

Ron Newman,

Come on . . . Do you really need to ask that question? Is it relevant? A young man is dead and like the other posters, I too believe our youth need help & fast. At one time there was a huge push with "Somerville Cares About Prevention". What happened? Do we have to lose another group of kids before Somerville takes a hard look? The drug abuse by our youth has not gone away, it just got old to a lot of people. Except of course the parents & loved ones left to deal.


I suspect this guy was killed.

Ron Newman

It's relevant if the rest of us can learn something from it, so it doesn't happen again.

lifelong res

I don't think so. I believe it was a tragic accident.


The kid got sick, opened the door to throw up and fell out. The driver was unaware he opened the door. Simple as that.


I can not believe you people are using this tragic incident to take shots at the city. The Trauma Team has been at the High School and working with the family.

Trauma Team?

"The Trauma Team has been at the High School and working with the family."

Maybe the so called Trauma Team should interact with the young men / youths of this city before a situation like this happens again, instead of being there after the fact.

finger pointing

I don't see any value in placing blame here, since its quite clear there is none to be found.

Accidents happen. None more tragic than someone losing a child, brother, best friend, or other loved one.

This was a young man who died while his lifelong best friend and brother where at his side. Where mistakes made? Of course. But we all make mistakes in our lives- its part of living and being a human being- fortunatley for most of us- they dont bite like this one does and will.

I know both families involved in this tragedy. I dont think either family is seeking to place blame. And, I dont see how anyone here can or should. There is no blame to be found here. It is a tragic accident, and we should all keep both families in our prayers that they can move past, and, or deal with this at some point.


The trauma response team is in place. Their role is not to be aggresively on top of people to give care where none is wanted. They are simply to be available if someone wants help. They are not hunters but fishermen. If young people don't want to reach out that is their prerogative. The role of the trauma respnse team is to listen and make referrals for those that want additional help or a sympathetic ear. If no help is wanted or asked for none is given. The Mayor has done what he thinks he can in response to these terrible tragedies. However, there is no wand waving solution. At least he made an attempt to give care to these troubled young people.

Are you kidding me?

How in the world can you link the Mayor to this tradedy.You need to grow up and step up.Talk to the young adults and kids they will listen.I have nephews (3) that played hockey with all these kids. First thing I did was call them to make sure they are ok and let them know I'm here for them any time any place.I have gone out at 3am and picked them up and get them home in one piece.Lets band together and talk to all the kids.Don't judge them help them.Lets not read about any more young kids/adults and the tragedy that has happened to them.

Reverse DA Curse!

Reverse DA Curse! The drug and alcohol consumption for that class is outa control! Please don't drink and drug in front of your children. They will do what they see. It might be too late for this group of young adults but lets put our best hand forward for future generations. My heart goes out to all the family and friends that have suffered losses! God Bless!


I wasn't tryingto link the Mayor to this tragedy. I was responding to the start of this thread criticising the Mayor's Trauma Response Team. They are community members who spent their own time to be trained to deal with local tragedy. These people include police, coaches, teachers and health care professionals. I just think that its unfair to judge people that are truly trying to help and have donated their time and energy to help and protect our young people. I also know several of these families that have lost children over the past several years. It is tragic and I'm not sure anyone feels that placing blame is constuctive in any way.

Safety first

Yes, a tragic accident, but had the passenger worn a seat belt, he would probably still be alive.

Its about time we start holding parents accountable

Parents should be held more accountable across the board! This liberal paddy cake bullshit has got to stop. Our children are dying here! Booze, Drugs, Steroids, violence politics etc, Parents need to lead by example. I won't go any further. I'm pissed.

Bill Shelton

One element that is important to this story and has not been covered by the local papers is that Mr. Post had not been drinking. He had just gotten off work and had picked his friends up at a bar.

What followed is just as "Ron" described it above: "The kid got sick, opened the door to throw up, and fell out. The driver was unaware he opened the door. Simple as that."

This is a tough, tough tragedy. Tragedy can bring communities together. I hope that this one does to some extent.

Ron Newman

If he had not been drinking, was he wrongly charged with "charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor" ?

Ron Newman

oops, sorry for the mangled comment above.

James Norton

Hello -

Bill is right - as far as I know from the police report and another source, the driver hadn't been drinking and had in fact passed the field sobriety test. During the period of time from the field sobriety test and the determination that the passenger had expired, the driver had spoken to his attorney, who advised him not to undergo any more tests by the police (this is standard, trust me I know first hand). When it was determined the passenger had expired, the police asked him to submit to a breathalyzer test, which he refused on advice of counsel - I am not sure about this specific aspect, but I am under the impression if police at that point suspect at all for any reason the driver may be intoxicated (yes refusing to take a breathalyzer test does lend to suspicion to the police, albeit a skewed and narrow opinion but understandable when there is a fatality involved), they can charge the driver with DUI.

There's a lot of speculation as to what happened, which is standard fare on this weblog and everyone's right - but - I would suggest, since there was a fatality involved, that we all take a breath and see what unfolds because this is a tragedy for all of the families involved.

My own personal opinion is that the passenger opened the door for whatever reason (to vomit or whatever) and caused his own death. I agree with Bill that hopefully this senseless and difficult tragedy will, to some extent, bring our community together.



Again, other than wishing the best for both families I don't see the value in people spreading rumors about what or what may not have happened.

We know there is a young man who passed away. We also know that two families are in the depth of depression and sorrow.

We do not know where the driver was coming from. Nor do we know if he called and attorney at 3am in the morning. I tend to think both items are speculation- and I would suggest they end.

The best we can all do is pray and send our best wishes to both families.


Brian's brother was in the vehicle back seat with Brian in the front passengers seat. There was no foul play. It was a crazy accident where all the circumstances just happened to be right for this to happen. Brian opened the door because he felt like he was going to be sick, the car was going slowly and just happened to be turning a corner, when Brian fell out. The driver was also Brian's best friend. He will have to live with this the rest of his days.


As far as the parents being responsible....Brian was 24 years old, a legal adult.


Post admitted on the scene he had been drinking. He used the "two beers" line. Post admitted to visiting bars with the Liberetores in both Kendall Square and Allston since he had gotten out of work at 10:30. The officer smelt alcohol on his breath and told him so. The only field test administered was the recitation of the alphabet, which Post messed up. The officer told him it was okay, due to his distressed emotional state. The officer told him he felt Post was sober enough to operate the vehicle. There was no foul play. I believe the open door to vomit theory. It was either that or Brian made a stupid, drunken, split second decision which no sober person would make. It was said on the scene that Brian was "mad drunk".
Its likely Post was traveling too fast. The corner of School and Summer can be extremely dangerous. When there are cars parked in front of the gas station it takes a lot of drivers by surprise as Summer Street bends and they take the turn too wide. I know of three parked cars in two years which have been struck and totalled by people driving too fast through that light. There shouldnt be parking allowed in front of it.
I believe Brian was throwing up as Steve took the corner a little too fast, had to jerk the wheel when he saw the parked car and Brian fell out.



As I said earlier

Again, other than wishing the best for both families I don't see the value in people spreading rumors about what or what may not have happened.

We know there is a young man who passed away. We also know that two families are in the depth of depression and sorrow.

We do not know where the driver was coming from. Nor do we know if he called and attorney at 3am in the morning. What the police did or did not do.

For some strange reason everyone want to have the inside word on this tragedy. I know Somerville is a small city with a small town mentality- but this is a serious issue where people should keep their opinions to themselves.

thank you


Imux did it.


It is horrifically serious and tragic and sad. My heart goes out to all touched by this tragedy, of which I am one.
The value lies in letting people know the facts.
Everything I wrote, I witnessed.


Hi Natalie,

It is tragic, Brian was a great person. Did you witness the accident? Thank you for the information.



Your making some very, very, serious accusations here....Whether I believe them or not is irrelevant... I would suggest you seek legal counsel ... Since your postings can (and most likely will) be traced by court order in matters of this nature.



Let's back off Natalie here. I am a friend of the family, and the story Natalie told is true. Why people feel they have the need to say things like "this is a serious issue where people should keep their opinions to themselves" When Natalie is obviously affected by Brains death first hand. How about the people who didn't know Brain saying things like "I think the kid was killed" or "It might be too late for this group of young adults but lets put our best hand forward for future generations" Now if you ask me those are the people that need to keep there opinions to themselfs. Natelie trust me you better off not even posting on the page whe you know first hand. Your One in a Villen

thank you


Natalie in no way witnessed ANY of the events she reported above. There was no Natalie at the scene so do not take any of her accusations seriously. Don't believe the rumors that people who are not invovlved with this are spreading. It's malicious and cruel. As people have said before, let's leave the two families to grieve and be happy that we can all go on with our own lives.

Self Knowledge.

Really, people talk about how many young people are dying and it's all sad.

How many of those deaths of been caused by drugs/violence?

It is sad, I'm not going to say otherwise, but I wonder how many people could of been saved if their friends told them they had too much or didn't let them leave or attempt to hide their pride during an argument.

We, as teenagers, embrace the life style that we are in and yet cannot deal with life when one of our friends have passed away.

The theory that both of them were fine and he got "sick" and opened the door sounds rather strange.

I didn't first hand know Brian but for some strange reason, I doubt he was dumb enough to willingly and under the correct mind-set would open a car door to puke.

I'm sad for him, his friend and his family. HE is someone who will never be replaced by them or anyone who knew him.

But what would be a good thing to realize after the past few years is that we, as teenagers, need to actually cross the line of children and adults and understand the actions that come from our decisions.

I don't mean to sound like one of those lame rants a police officer gave us in 8th grade or whatever, but lately it has been hitting close to home.

I hope we all do what's right not only for ourselves, but for each other.


Self Knowledge said, I don't mean to sound like one of those lame rants a police officer gave us in 8th grade or whatever, but lately it has been hitting close to home.

You hit the nail on the head my young friend. Those rants weren't lame. The message was always in there. Maybe that police officer didnlt know how to best explain it to a group of youths but believe me, he knew what he was talking about. Part of the problem in my opinion is that a lot of kids beyond a certain age and up to a certain age think they know everything. Of course that's not true since no one knows everything and especially adults, but what happens is results of someones actions are never thought of ahead of time. In the 60s it was called the Generation Gap. I don't know what you want to call it today but its a lot the same. Only the names change. I used to have a sort of poem thing in my locker that had a line I won't ever forget which said "take kindly the wisdom of the years gracefully surrendering the things of youth". I wish kids would read that and really think about what it means. Older people might not be smart as in book learning but they've somehow managed to survive to the age they're at which is really thanks to the grace of God but is also partly due to their making correct choices in some of the smallest and simplest of things. Look at the accident a couple fo days ago in Hingham where two kids were killed in the front seat of a car but the girl in the back seat who had her seat belt on survived. I know that sounds simple but it worked for me even though I didn't realize it. My heart goes out to the families of Brian and the others, who I don't really know, who are involved in this awful tragedy but I only hope that the younger generation and the friends and peers of this young man can learn from this all and maybe take kindly the wisdom of the years.

Sad Friend

I dont understand how you can come here and talk nonsense and try to get some "message" across when an ENTIRE city is mourning the death of a great young man. Alot of Brian's friends are not only mourning his death but are still grieving the loss of his close friend, who passed away about 2 weeks before Brian. These blogs should be a place to remember not put blame, teach a lesson, or talk about what you think happened and if it was right or wrong. I dont understand where people find the need to chat it up about whats going on in this city on an online blog. Tragic accidents occur, its a part of life and for you to sit here and express your feelings about it, just doesnt seem the time or the place. My deepest sympathy goes out to Brian's family and friends. I will miss Brian's smiling face, great sense of humor, and determined well being. May he Rest Peacefully...

Ron Newman

I understand your grief, but if we do not learn from such a tragedy, how do we avoid it happening again?


Sad Friend - I offer my condolences, to you.

I know people feel shocked,saddened and then angry by tragic events like the death of Brian and his friend. We can't imagine losing a loved one at such a young age, under any circumstances. As a way of coping, I think people feel compelled to discuss the event and offer their opinions and theories. We want to make some sense out of something so tragic. I don't want to believe that there is any disrepect intended, and I'm sorry that's how it makes you feel.

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