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October 08, 2007



Some of us used to like to say we are a nation of laws. Now what have we got?

Have you been wondering just why many in the government have been acting in the interest of businesses and against the will of, "We the People"?

I believe the same group controls both major political parties.

A group of bankers and businessmen had been trying to monopolize the banking industry. In 1912 Woodrow Wilson was elected President with the aid of a bribe from them.

They formed the Federal Reserve and are like our personal credit cards are for us except they are the credit card for the government. Well that and they pay no taxes that I know of. Anyway they’re at about at their 100-year anniversary.

They have grown to proportions that I believe they now control many of the politicians of the world. Not only can they buy politicians of both parties here, and control our borders, they can also control much of our spending.

Have you also wondered why our once great nation has been spending money the way it does. It is sort of like how it would be to have a hundred wives on your credit cards and all of them dating those that own the credit card companies.

They make money when they lend money.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.
A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.
Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation,
therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.
We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely
controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.
No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by
conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by
the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

-Woodrow Wilson

Funny Truth

Willaim, have you ever read an Immigration Law book, or know Immigration law?

2, What do you know about world economics and World Globalization?

Why is IBM CLOSING SHOP AND HAS INVESTED @ BILLION $$ to build its factories In Bangalore India, and not in USA,
Maybe you should Investigate this Issue?
Whirlpool coled in Boise Idaho, 4500 People are without wok, Guess what, they had no "ILLEGALS" and who is paying for the 4500 people?

Would you like me to Continue whats hurting us?? or you have the picture.

The ILLEGAL Game in Politics is , DEFLECT The Blame on them, instead of making things better with Health care, Social Security, Education, Trade, Out Sourcing Etc.
Try Researching these issues and write about them.


I wonder if Bill is sober when he rants on with these posts?

The last post about Columbus was fairly humorous... suggesting that we should not honor the day because of the actions of Christopher Columbus.

Well, under that theory might as well not honor the 4th of July, Washington's birthday, and a host of other national holidays either since the founding fathers and their successors where both slave holders and took property and lives from and of the American Indian...

As for immigration- does anyone know what the hell Bill's rambling about? If someone can put it into a coherent thought I'd like to know.

thank you

Bill Shelton


It's hard to buy that that one event is responsible for all of the nation's ills. And I think that its more accurate to say that the same interests set the boundaries within which both major parties form their policies, rather than saying that "the same group controls both major political parties."

But there's one thing on which I will agree with you in spades. The fact that a private organization controls the nation's money supply is bizarre and dangerous.

Funny Truth,

I agree with you that the best long-term solution to the immigration problem is fair trade. It would also make things substantially better for working Americans. But that's very long term, and a lot would have to change politically for that to happen.

Looking at the failed efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation, I conclude that effective enforcement laws must be passed and implemented before there is any real political potential for earned amnesty. I'm guessing that this would be a bitter pill for you, but in future columns, I'll explain how I think enforcement could be effective, and why I think that starting with it is a political necessity.


You raise an interesting point about the founding fathers. George Washington ultimately repudiated slavery and willed that all of this slaves be set free. Martha didn't appreciate that, but had no choice. Thomas Jefferson wrote that he feared for his country when he realized that God is just.

As for difficulty with understanding my columns, you might ask your remedial reading teacher to help you concentrate on reading comprehension. Or better yet, just don't read what I write, since it seems to upset you so much.


Billy BOY

Once again your facts are just made up wishful thinking...

George Washington never repudiated slavery.... The fact is George could not have become the wealthy person he did without them...Ben Franklin did... John Adams did.... But not our beloved first President .... nor did Thomas Jefferson... in fact your may remember Jefferson penned slavery into the Constitution... perhaps knowing it was the only way to create a Union... Further, I dont think Jefferson feared God much... my guess is that he was probably an agnostic ... Jefferson was probably more forward thinking than many of his founding brothers... but by today's standards he would be a big time racist and a sexist...

Billy BOY once again you are a fountain of misinformation... and your dribble does not upset me since it makes no sense.... just asking others if they had any idea what the heck you are talking about?


In 1784, five years before he became president of the United States, George Washington, 52, was nearly toothless. So he hired a dentist to transplant nine teeth into his jaw--having extracted them from the mouths of his slaves.

That's a far different image from the cherry-tree-chopping George most people remember from their history books. But recently, many historians have begun to focus on the role slavery played in the lives of the founding generation. They have been spurred in part by DNA evidence made available in 1998, which almost certainly proved Thomas Jefferson had fathered at least one child with his slave Sally Hemings. And only over the past 30 years have scholars examined history from the bottom up. Works by Gore Vidal, Henry Wiencek, and Garry Wills reveal the moral compromises made by the nation's early leaders and the fragile nature of the country's infancy. More significant, they argue that many of the Founding Fathers knew slavery was wrong--and yet most did little to fight it.

More than anything, the historians say, the founders were hampered by the culture of their time. While Washington and Jefferson privately expressed distaste for slavery (Jefferson once called it an "execrable commerce"), they also understood that it was part of the political and economic bedrock of the country they helped to create.


"The cultural right". They're nothing more than a relic of America's hateful past. Why embellish them with innocuous descriptions. They were busy with hating on gays before they got busy with their xenophobia & islamophobia.
They're not confused. They're spiteful. The Latinos in the military are doing them a service, by potentially dying earlier. It's a fact, otherwise you'd hear them acknowledge them, At least, once in a while. All you hear are accusations of them destroying, refusing to assimilate, refusing to learn English, having too many kids, and other extremely rude accusations.


ttttt, I agree! I live in Davis Square (and often do "things" with Ron) and I'm a big pothead, but let't get the gays, illegal immigrants and and ISLAMOFACISTS outta here!!! Round 'em and ship them out!!! I don't like them. sniff, snort, cough, cough

To Election

"but let't get the gays, illegal immigrants and and ISLAMOFACISTS outta here!!!"

Now you lump the illegals and islamfacists in with the gays. You do nothing but make those that want something done, one way or another, to deal with the iilegals look like racists. It seems that you want those only from European descent and that are lily white to populate our city.

While you are why not get rid of the mentally ill, the handicapped, poor people, ugly people and just about anyone else that doesn't meet your standards.

yet another resident

I think that the real underlying problem is that it is easy for many people to publicly state that they'd like to see illegal immigration resolved, but we then run into the individual actions: how many people then go out and indirectly use illegal labor (through the cheapest contractor) for home improvement/cleaning/yard work/etc? I'll hazard that a lot of people will either be honest and say yes, or be dishonest and claim that they don't know (read they didn't ask why the bids were so low). Like illegal drugs, as long as their is demand for the cheap "illegal" labor (no min wage/osha/etc), then a supply *will* be provided.

As for the comment about IBM, here is a simple question for you: lets say that IBM made a lot of money in India. Which is cheaper for them:

1) reinvest that money in India via expanding their business

2) transferring that money to the US and hiring more people here?

hint: #2 would require a massive tax hit on the monies moved whereas #1 does not. The blame here lies squarely on our crazy tax codes which make it "smart" for multinationals to keep the foreign monies out of the US.


I've had the opportunity to observe many construction teams over the years. Generally, the ones made up of Hispanic guys (not necessarily illegal) are really hard working. On the contrary, those made up of white US guys are very slow and cost a fortune; they like to take their time, taking a smoke and blabbing; they think they are hot sh*t and they deserve to be paid for hanging around.


those made up of white US guys are very slow and cost a fortune; they like to take their time, taking a smoke and blabbing; they think they are hot sh*t and they deserve to be paid for hanging around.

Let me guess those Irish guys are all drunks too? You think you're generalizing a little here? Jus' sayin'.....


Immigration and immigrants are good for the economy. And Bush says our economy is strong. The question is "Is a good economy good for everybody"?

Immigrants benefit the people who can exploit the cheap labor. They benefit the owners who can rent to them and the businesses that earn their money. But we all know that immigration has a down side. Who pays for their hospital bills when their employers don't provide a living wage and benefits? Well it is the tax payers of course. The poor and middle class tax payers pay for the immigrants so that the businesses can get corporate welfare and cheap labor. And some of us are working three jobs to keep this system going...

Yorktown Street

And many of the people working three jobs are immigrants, too.


Stop repeating the LIE that we are a "nation of immigrants".
Buy a dictionary! For a writer you have a poor time defining words. Native means "born here". 88% of Americans are born here. That makes them natives. It's an illegal alien
enthusiast's argument that says we are "a nation of immigrants". It's distorted propaganda. Did you mean
a nation "descended from immigrants"? Then speak of the entire world and it's history then. Why is it that modern day America that has "no right" to limit immigration??? Illegal and legal.


"As Bush says" That says it all.

Working Class Joe from Winter Hill

What f***in plant do you live on. I caught the construction crew made up of hispanics on my porch drinking beer and smoking weed the other day. Everyday, I see them leaving their garbage on my porch. One day I confronted them and they laughed at me, the next day I woke up and my grill was gone. I wonder who it could have been. This is why hard working Americans are living in hell today. They pay an arm and a leg in taxes, unless they went to a $50,000 dollara a year school they can't find decent work, and then were the ones who are told we shouldn't feel bad. This is why I love you pseudo intellectuals so much, you live in a dream world and never bother to look around. I can tell you this, if your a working class joe, it doesn't pay to live in Mass. No one is one yourside and when you voice your opinion, your turned into a pariah.


What is it with them throwing trash everywhere? Out windows of apartments? Have you seen the Foss Park area, sides of the roads, highways lately? Look around the next time you are out. They are trashing everything. Are they purposely trying to make the place look like a hell-hole so
that it's more like anarchy... and that makes them feel less that the laws will be enforced? Do they do this in their own countries? Brasil must be a dump!


I can't take my kids to Foss park while they sit out there because they hoot and yell Ai mammi mammi..and my kids want to know why they call me Mommy? SICK...I have relatives in Italy, they cant just run across a border to get in here cousin is a doctor..I won't lie and say he is anything fancy like a brain surgeon, he's just a regular G.P. a simple family doctor...he inquired about coming here and he was told FIVE he is a DOCTOR...has a college education and can get a decent job here with that degree..even if he couldn't work as a physician right away in this country..and he is told five years but if he was an uneducated illegal that would suck up welfare and MassHealth and WIC and not pay taxes by working under the table and sending all his money back to Brazil never to see our economy again he'd be welcome here YESTERDAY and with open arms. How Effed up is that??


Grog29 - don't generalize. "must be", which means you have no idea. No, Brazil is not a dump. My husband comes from a state in southern Brazil, it is a rather poor town, trash is not strewn about. Also, for their household trash, they have a metal basket on a pole, approx. 4 feet off the ground, so that dogs won't get into the trash.

My neighbors are a 3-story houseful of Brazilians and El Salvadorans, and they do not throw trash out the window; they use trash barrels, with covers. The Brazilian woman actually washed the siding on the porch wall, after she moved in, she regularly sweeps the sidewalk in front of the house. The El Salvadoran owner, maintains, very nicel, the little yard. My other neighbors, are a 3-story houseful of an Asian family, a Brazilian family and some single Brazilian young men. They put their trash in barrels.

You want to see trash strewn about and thrown from windows, check out some of the Tufts students housing.


Giulia - just to clear up something, it's not the Brazilians use that expression " ai mammi mammi " and the Brazilians are not the only people who send money to their families. Also, to be able to help their families is the very reason that the majority of legal/illegal immigrants come to the U.S.

Regarding you cousin, that's very surprising and I'm sorry. However, at least he has hope of getting a Visa someday.

Steve Michaels

"I can't take my kids to Foss park while they sit out there because they hoot and yell Ai mammi mammi..and my kids want to know why they call me Mommy? SICK...I have relatives in"

The same thing is true for some of of the old time families from Slumerville. The parents chain smoke and holler at their kids while drinking beer in the front yard. I say give me some respectable immigrants any day!!!!!


I say we need to start rounding up all the illegal immigrants and tossing them out. I hate anyone not born here - except for Ron who I like to play reindeer games with.


Hey Kate-
Ever been to the favelas of Sao Paolo? Mega slums where people have no sense of clean. I hear people just abandon cars in the streets when they stop running. Nice environmentalists! Dump toxics down the drain.

Even seen pictures of the border areas of Texas and Arizona? Google "Illegal alien trash" or "Border trash".
Educate yourself.

I specifically remember former mayor Dorothy Gay stating
(to a voter that questioned why people were allowed to
just throw loaded diapers ito the street and walk away)
that "we can't enforce littering laws in that area of the city due to it being a cultural thing with them". That from a liberal.

So don't peddle that crap here. Get these expired 'tourist visa squatters" out of my city, state and country. You should be arrested for renting to these criminals.



Once again, your hatred of Mr. Shelton causes you to ignore or misrepresent the truth. I’m not a great intellectual, but I have the same ability that you do to check and verify information on the Internet.

Historians who study the founding fathers all agree that over his life, George Washington ultimately came to repudiate slavery and to will that his own slaves be freed. It’s a wonderful story about how people can change, and how the best leaders realize and admit their mistakes.

Washington was born into a society in which slavery was as normal as the sun rising. During the revolutionary war, he began to take the rhetoric of fighting for freedom seriously. He questioned whether we could be, or even claim to be, a free nation while condoning slavery. Following the war, he continually expressed to friends and associates his belief that slavery should be abolished.

Under the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. had almost come apart. Probably the greatest hurdle in writing the Constitution was the treatment of slaves and voting. As the country’s first president, Washington feared that forcing the issue of slavery would dissolve the fragile unity created by the Constitution. But as Mr. Shelton wrote, he freed all of his slaves in his will.

Thomas Jefferson’s letters and private writings express agonized conflict over slavery as well. For the rest of his life after his wife’s death, he loved and made children with the slave Sally Hemmings. For anyone who has been raised within only one culture, coming to embrace a truth that the culture denies is never a simple thing.

On my Internet searches, I’ve read excerpts from a recent book that follows Washington’s intellectual journey to repudiating slavery. It’s George Washington and Slavery: A Documentary by Fritz Hirschfield, published in 1997.

Working Class Joe from Winter Hill

I wonder if these yuppie socialists tell everyone they have an illegal alien friend the same way they do when they have to tell everyone they have a token black friend.

Marty Shafer

I wonder if the ignorant racists know why their property taxes and\or rents are going up? Or why they have to move away??

Tom brennan

Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredo and all their immigrant-bashing friends must be apoplectic right now. A federal judge ruled against the Bush plan to target illegal immigrants:

" A U.S. federal court judge on Wednesday blocked a key part of the Bush administration's stepped-up efforts to crack down on illegal immigrant workers and those who employ them.

Judge Charles Breyer of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California granted a preliminary injunction against a program that would force employers to verify Social Security numbers and fire workers whose numbers did not match official records.

The federal program developed by the Department of Homeland Security is at the heart of a new crackdown on the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country, after Congress failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

But the "no-match letter" program was challenged in a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, the AFL-CIO and other labor groups claiming it was unlawful and hurt all workers, including legal ones affected by errors in the data base."


Grog29 - educate YOURself. I don't own my home, which you would have gleaned from my comment, if you actually read it carefully, instead of going crazy, ranting about dirty diapers (the only dirty diapers I've seen on the street in my neighborhood have been outside the home of Section 8 American tenants, with any absentee American landlord, that reside in Arlington, MA). Another renter in my neighborhood was receiving welfare while living with the father of her 2 children -- he made good money -- a civil servant, they just weren't married and she had to claim that he didn't live with her; they were abusing the welfare system. Do you think something like that is OK, as long as the cheats are American?

No, I haven't been to the favelas in Sao Paolo, and obviously, neither have you. You "HEAR"......., oh, so you're getting info on hearsay, and claiming that it is fact. The favelas are very dangerous places, it can be a daily struggle just to stay alive. Oooooh, an abandoned car, I've never seen one of those in the U.S. - Have you traveled much in the rural South U.S? Probably not, you've probably not seen much of the world, and what you may have seen must be through a very narrow crack in your racist wall.

I HAVE been to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, those citizens are not all living in trash-filled squalor; they're poor, some are beyond poor and the least of their problems is making sure that they pick up whatever trash has been thrown near their house. Many have no running water, many live on beans and bread. It's those people who will never get to the U.S. they'll never scrape together enough money for plane fare, they don't have anyone from whom they can borrow money.

PICTURES of border trash. You get all your information via the media? Try getting out in the world and see what's really going on, and then report back.

"I specifically remember former mayor Dorothy Gay stating
(to a voter that questioned why people were allowed to
just throw loaded diapers ito the street and walk away)
that "we can't enforce littering laws in that area of the city due to it being a cultural thing with them". That from a liberal."

What kind of ridiculous point are you trying to make, with that statement? The only thing that statement tells me is that DKG didn't know what the hell she was talking about, and that she sucked as Mayor if she would just throw up her hands if such a situation actually existed.

So, don't YOU peddle YOUR crap here. Your wrong. You should be arrested for being ingnorant.

Tim Leher

(the only dirty diapers I've seen on the street in my neighborhood have been outside the home of Section 8 American tenants, )
That perfectly describes my neighbors too.

But hey, it is national brotherhood week:

Oh, the white folks hate the black folks,
And the black folks hate the white folks.
To hate all but the right folks
Is an old established rule.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
Lena Horne and Sheriff Clarke are dancing cheek to cheek.
It's fun to eulogize
The people you despise,
As long as you don't let 'em in your school.

Oh, the poor folks hate the rich folks,
And the rich folks hate the poor folks.
All of my folks hate all of your folks,
It's American as apple pie.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans 'cause it's very chic.
Step up and shake the hand
Of someone you can't stand.
You can tolerate him if you try.

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Moslems,
And everybody hates the Jews.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,
It's National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week.
Be nice to people who
Are inferior to you.
It's only for a week, so have no fear.
Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!


I hate all illegals, except the hot Brazilian babes. They can stay. The rest need to go.


I never heard that before.


Kate, you really need to find yourself some filthy illegal and marry him. Then you'll realize what we're talking about. They're dirty, don't wash, don't speak english, are mostly criminals and are the main reason for all drugs and crime in our city.

Tim Leher

why do we automatically look down on people who were less fortunate than us? If you were born into a third world country do you think that you would be any better? To blame them is just you being a crybaby and a loser. Are you a big person now that you look down on others? Does it make you feel superior?


Election - Too late, I'm already married to a very nice, very clean, English-speaking (his grammar is better than many Americans I know) Brazilian man, but thank you for your concern.

Tim - I think for some, it's a lack of education at home. I think, too, many people turn away from things/people/cultures they don't understand and cannot relate to, it makes them uncomfortable.

Ron Newman (SF)

I believe 'Election' is a troll here -- someone who posts a statement that he doesn't believe, just to provoke an argument.


Folks, people who come here illegally and stay here illegally are breaking the law. If they're willing break a law coming here (illegally)then one can only imagine what other laws they're willing to break.

We need to have ICE setup more sting operations to clean out East Somerville of the illegals and the employers who hire them.

I don't care if they're from Brazil or China or Greece or Ireland or Uranus.... if they are here illegally then get them OUT!


I won't respond to the "racist" comment. It's desperate, meaningless, and ludicrous. I want all illegals gone. Illegals come in all colors and races and illegal is illegal.

"Don't generalize"?
The only dirty diapers you have seen "have been outside the home of Section 8 American tenants"...blah, blah, blah? That's right...respond to accurate statements with made up tripe about the great evil American neighbors. You seem to know alot about your American and Salvadoran neighbors.
You living off the system? Sounds like you have alot of time on your hands. ***Trivia***What was the neighbor on "Bewitched" name?

Peddle that crap to the neighbors of illegal tourist visa overstayers who throw furniture and appliances and mattresses and garbage bags and diaper bombs out 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor windows, while living 15 to an apartment usually with one legal immigrant milking the system and collecting "cash under the table" from the illegals. It's epidemic in many parts of the city. Those are facts. You're out of your league here...this is my issue. I own it and have been following it's cancerous past for 25 years.

What DKG said that was stupid was "We can't enforce the littering laws". What was not inaccurate was when she said "It's cultural." The questioning voter was reporting what she had seen with her own eyes. Why do you think that immigrant organizers had to personally instruct protesters to "pick up your trash including bottles, wrappers, food and diapers" before the latest marches for amnesty ? This after MOUNDS of trash and garbage; (as well as American flags) were left at prior marches and rallys.

It's not just "one car" many people in these countries abandon after it breaks down...
it's culturally acceptable to do it! Do yourself a favor and read more. Expand your biased mind. Don't ignore what you don't want to believe and propagandize for only what you do.

Did the voter who asked DKG why she was "allowing people in parts of Somerville to just throw filled diapers on the sidewalk" know what she was talking about???? As I said...she SAW IT! You are in denial or feigning ignorance or purposefully propagandizing or just plain mentally demented.

Tim Leher

"The only dirty diapers you have seen "have been outside the home of Section 8 American tenants"...blah, blah, blah? That's right...respond to accurate statements with made up tripe"

I see the same thing, so now you have two sources of information....


No, you're out of your league, buddy boy. You're furious that I actually am more informed than you are on a subject you claim to "own." If you've honestly been tracking this problem for 25 years, you haven't learned very much of value.

"neighbors of illegal tourist visa overstayers who throw furniture and appliances and mattresses and garbage bags and diaper bombs out 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor windows, while living 15 to an apartment usually with one legal immigrant milking the system and collecting "cash under the table" from the illegals. It's epidemic in many parts of the city. Those are facts. You're out of your league here...this is my issue. I own it and have been following it's cancerous past for 25 years"

Now, you need to peddle that crap to those of your ilk; I'm sure you already do.

Do you get as indignant and riled up over American citizen Welfare cheats? That has been going on a lot longer in Mass. than has illegal immigration. Your own legal fellow citizens sucking the 'system' dry.

Do you always get so angry when someone shows you for a fool?


How are you more informed? Responding to facts about illegal aliens flaunting the laws of this country and over taxing our sanitation depts. streets, parks, schools, hospitals
with "Well Americans are worse and do it more that what those illegals do". Please! Some American you are if you really are one.

I'm sorry you couldn't find a husband in a country of over 300 million legal residents (half male); but our immigration policy and laws were not made to be trashed so that 'election' could get laid or a scorned woman like yourself could finally find someone to settle down with.

The majority of Americans see the country's environment and infrastructure being trashed by illegals, that's a given.
For some strange reason you refuse to face what is before your eyes. Or you have some vested reason to not want the laws of our country enforced. Established laws!

Want to talk about fake document peddling and identity theft?


Grog29 - OMG, I'm sorry I've made you so angry that you can't think straight. Take a cleansing breath and put on the Food Network.


I'll take that as a surrender.

Jenny Perry

To those pretending that Brazil is a clean country, perhaps the areas that tourists frequent? Educate yourself instead of relying on holiday brochures and NPR. The culture in Latin America is the same one that rationalized the genocide of the native peoples of those lands more than 700 years ago, and before you attempt to tell me a thing or two, I am a Wampanoag and don't need the far left extremists propaganda pieces to inform me. Take you paternalistic/maternalistic crap and shove it. We know the truth, as do the majority of American citizens.

It's the reason that thousands of children are parentless and homeless, runnin the streets in Brazil, addicted to whatever substance they can lay their hands on. Most frequently they use glue. They are forced to sell themselves as prostitutes to the corrupt elites, including foreign ones. It's slavery, plain and simple. The people there refuse to attempt to do anything to change their government. Occasionally they listen to either a tin pot socialist/communist, or a right wing nutjob, but effecting democratic change would screw with their old world sense of entitlement to exploit. That extends even to the poor. It's like that across the countries south of the border.

Some of the far leftist fascists up here think that translates to a willing peasant class who are easily exploited, so they rationalize using them to put American citizens in the place that all Marxists like the majority to be in. Broken and ready to be put in harness.. it's the patheticness of the fascistic wannabe overlords.

The actions of illegals as referenced by many of those posting here. The trashing the streets, the raping of young women and children are the actions of terrorists, it's what is going on in Darfur (but then again, the left have been silent on that genocide). It's what their ancestors did to the native peoples of what is now called Mexico, Central and South America. Though the fascist leftists revisionism of history pretends that they all lived in peace and justice until the "Europeans" came up here. I've got news for you, the ones who committed genocide against the indigenous, south of the border were and still are Europeans. Mestizo and whatever little names they use are a myth too.

The writer of the piece above displays the arrogant racism of the far left. His line "don't take my job blacks", I guess he doesn't have to hide his racism now that he has a pet minority to hide behind. The far left is extremely racist and classist. They suppress the truth about it, including the gay community. They resent blacks refusing to sacrifice themselves, because they still insist on thinking for themselves instead of being spoonfed the lies of the left. That's an unpardonable sin among the radical left. They need mindless lackies who will slave for them.

Jenny Perry

Marty Shafer said:

"I wonder if the ignorant racists know why their property taxes and\or rents are going up? Or why they have to move away??

Posted by: Marty Shafer | October 11, 2007 at 09:00 AM "

Tell me, Marty, is that why you support illegals, to force lower income American citizens out of your community? You're so ignorant that you fail to realise that you aren't as powerful, nor as cognizant of history that you think you are. I pray for the day you eat your words comes sooner rather than later. The puling that would result would be extremely amusing.


"To those pretending that Brazil is a clean country, perhaps the areas that tourists frequent? Educate yourself instead of relying on holiday brochures and NPR."

I assume, you're referring to my comment, but I never said Brazil is a clean country. Read what I actually said about trash, which was in response to Grog29's sweeping, overblown comment about the disposal of trash by illegal aliens. I spent 6 months in Rio de Janeiro, living just 5 blocks from a favela. I know all about the 'street' children and the abuse they suffer at the hands of the police and others.


I was born and raised in Somerville. I've lived on fellsway West for 67 years. My father and his family emigrated legally from italy. My maternal grandparents came from canada,again legally. I watched this city go from (just a guess,but a good one) more than 90% white mostly Italian and Irish population,to a multiracial city.It was always a hard working hard playing blue collar community. I have watched my street go from one of nice clean cared for homes to having some that were rundown due mostly to elderly on fixed incomes. Some of it was due to plain white trash. I have had physical confrontations with said white trash on more than one occasion,for throwing their trash from the third floor rear porch,and have it strewn all over the yard to breed rodents etc. and watch some of it land in my yard.
I have also watched a family from Brazil move in and completely renovate a large house at great expense. I also watched an Asian family do the same thing. My point is that there are good and bad in all races etc.
Having said all of this,there is an old saying among the guys I grew up with,"If I am not invited to the party,don't ask me to pay the bill" I don't want my tax money to pay for welfare cheats,system leeches,section 8's,someoneelse's kids,illegals,etc. I think you get the picture. There was a time in this city when drugs and street crime were not tolerated or accepted as they are today.
I resent wholeheartedly what was allowed to happen to this city,by the very people elected to serve and protect it. I have a very strong dislike for Mike Capuano,Gene Brune,and all the rest of the people involved for opening the doors of this city. Illegals by the very virtue of the word are law breakers from their first day in this country. There are those that take pride in their new home and country. We all know what the others are like. We are saddled with caring for their children born here as US citizens,some of which were brought into this world to create a foothold for the family in this country,to be used as a tool for the bleeding heart liberal democrats. We can't separate the illegal parents from their children by deportation. we must grant them amnesty.
If you think what they have done to this city is so great,take a walk,not a drive,through St Benedict's parish. Walk from Foss park to Sullivan square. Go down cross St. Take a walk through the Aves,Franklin St. etc. See it all first hand. Do you have the guts? This was not a neighborhood like powder house Blvd.,but it used to be a good,clean,thriving neighborhood. See the rundown houses,the street crime,gangs,etc. Don't get me wrong,there was always some crime in Somerville,but there is a difference between the crime that is running rampant today,and whatever organized crime history this city may have had. I am not condoning any of it,but there was a time in this city when you could walk even at night anywhere you needed to go. Not anymore.
Now we have street gangs from El Salvador,like MS-13 that are responsible for,among other things raping two handicapped girls accross the st from my house,in Foss Park. One of them was pulled out of a wheel chair. We have thugs from Haiti,Brazil,etc. that think anything is theirs just for the taking. Just what we need in this city. More people like this. Even if the illegal parents would make model citizens,their kids don't.
I say round everyone of them up not only in Somerville,but in the whole USA. Throw them out. If need be throw their kids out too. At least my tax money would be used for something good for both the city and country.We should have a law stating if you are born in this country to illegal immigrants,you too are illegal and as such are subject to deportation. The only rights they should have in this country are the right to choose deportation,or jail and then deportation.
If you don't like this it is too bad. That only means you are part of the problem. You are either an illegal,or a bleeding heart liberal,none of which I have any use for.

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