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October 11, 2007



Brian will be greatly missed.He was my childrens park leader a few years back. He was a regular Somerville kid with an extaordinary personality and work ethic at the playgrounds. My kids would come home talking about him every day. Its no wonder that the entire city feels this great loss. RIP Brian.


Good job on this story, Somerville News. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

Rest easy Brian.

Sad friend

Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice and meaningful article. This the way to express heartbreaking news in a respectful way. Brian will be greatly missed by all. May he Rest Peacefully...

Better than Journal

Thank you Somerville News for writing this article and presenting the facts fairly and sensitively. Unfortunately, your compettitor the Somerville Journal failed to do this last week. Instead they chose to connect unconnected events and hurt many people in the process. I guess that is why the Journal has lost so much respect and regard in the city.


I'd like to thank George Hassett for writing such a great artical. The journal could careless about the people of this community, and how they really feel. The Somerville News is the real deal, and this was a great artical.


Hats off to George as well, although with all due respect I believe this has been ongoing over that past six years, instead of four.

There was a lot of disinformation from both local news sources (or at least their related blogs) out there last week; this article goes a long way towards clearing things up. I'm puzzled as to what exactly had the Journal done in last week's article to offend, as far as "connecting unconnected events"?

Not a hero...

Not to be callous, but let's not forget that a guy with what seemed to be a serious alcohol abuse problem is not exactly a hero or a role model. It's sad he had to die for his stupidity, but the lesson to the kids is: Don't get so drunk or stoned that you do crazy s*it and get yourself killed!
If you do, I'm afraid nature had its way of removing organisms not fir for survival.


"...nature had its way of removing organisms not fir for survival."
What a cruel and heartless comment!


ignore "Not a Hero"...obviously they are a troll just trying to start trouble and stir up emotions. its sad that some people will use ANY excuse to start shit on this blog.

Rest easy Brian. Watch over us.

Ron Newman

"Don't drink to excess" and "wear a seat belt" are reasonable responses to this tragedy, but the rest of "Not a hero"s comment is rude, callous, and totally out of place here.


Not a hero, why don't you go work for the Journal!I think find something better to do with your time guy.


Not a hero, why don't you go work for the Journal!I think you should find something better to do with your time guy.


I agree with Ron. There is a lesson here: don't drink to excess and wear seat belts. Tragic that there are so many preventable "accidents".

Jessica L.

You know what?? No comments like that are acceptable.. this blog is meant for Brian's friend's to remember him. I"m so tired of people trying to make an example out of him.. you know what?? LET BRIAN REST IN PEACE!


You know what?? Good friends make sure people don't need to get drunk to feel good about life! Good friends are supposed to provide the emotional support so that people don't need to become alcoholics to forget about how much life sucks. At least, that's my definition of GOOD FRIEND and CARING for people.

Ron Newman

This blog is meant for people to comment on the Somerville News article, from any viewpoint.

(And, to 'Nobody': one night of too much drinking does not equate to "becoming alcoholics".)


To Mr. Newman: Do we really want to look into whether this guy had a (possibly developing) alcohol problem? I didn't think so.


To Not a Hero:
Let me begin by saying that I respect your right to speak your mind and form your own opinion on this matter. That being said, let me also say that before you decide to comment on a life of which you knew nothing of, think about the people out there who cared for and loved that person. You have clearly identified yourself as someone with bitter hatred towards the world, more than likely due to the fact that you are nothing more than a internet-savvy loser with the social abilities of a door knob. You want to share your opinion so badly? Leave your full name so we can share with you all of the things this young man accomplished against limitless odds, and all of the lives he touched in the process. I personally would love to discuss this at length with you in person. Of course, that will never happen because you're too busy playing with yourself in front of your computer in the basement of your mom's house. You make me sick, and this goes for everyone else who has something negative to say when you full well know that people who care about Brian and are mourning his loss will read your hurtful comments. I wonder how many of your imaginary girlfriends or your chat-room buddies would show up for your funerals. The only people that would be upset at your loss, is the company that provides your internet connection, as surely company stocks will plummet. Have a nice life, and thank god every day that you have not had to feel the heart ache that comes along with losing someone that is close to you.

Sad Friend

Well said Tony...Thank You!


It's a very sad time in your life when you realize that people cannot die in peace. Death is supposed to be the end of the hardships of life. People are supposed to look back upon your life and remember the good about you. It breaks my heart to see people leaving comments calling brian an alcoholic or an alcohol abuser, just because he drank excessively one night. Yes there are lessons to be learned from this, but you need to realize that there is also mourning that needs to be done. As a somerville young adult myself, i've spent the nights crying instead of sleeping, ive stood in line outside that funeral home, and nothing was ever as hard as reading that comment. To know that someone out there, can honestly say that this kid deserved to die makes me sick. Its a sad life you live when you think like that.

sad reality

It's sad that a trio of friends had to have a night like this. If just one of them, or someone else from the group that was out with them that night had just taken Steve's keys, or called a cab, and not let machoness take over, none of this may have happened. Brian was really turning his life around.
Instead, Brian is gone.


sad you know something we don't? The way I understand it Brian fell out of that car. Although I totally agree that NO ONE should drive drunk, the way I heard it, Brian did not die because Steve was driving while intoxicated.

Brian Cloherty

I think its terrible how people who didnt even know Libby say negetive things about him. Brian was an outstanding young man who was an upstanding citizen in every sense of the phrase. To bad one of Somerville best and brightest has been lost!!! People should remember the awesome young man that this city and more importantly (and unfortunately) his family have lost... R.I.P Libby we will all miss you terribly....

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