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October 01, 2007



I think it's great, the effort these people put into this program! Clean up our community!


They should tax heroine.

Old Somerviller

What I appreciate most is their emphasis on treatment. It's a much better community response than just locking people up. Of course, maybe if the users were really all the "stereotypical" users -- homeless, minority, etc. -- maybe it would be the case. Still, good work CASPAR.


Heroin addicts can't get the treatment they need, not enough beds available, not enough strong programs for after detox. We need help!! Somerville's teens are becoming addicted to heroin at younger age. It's an epidemic. WE NEED HELP FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!

clean cities

They should be sent to forced labor for a few years. Have them learn the hard way. Only way, really. All this detox BS, does not work.

Gina white

I love the fact that there is people in this world that recognizes the need for cervices for the underserve regardless of their desition making.not every one wants to get clean and that doesn't make them less than but some one that is in pain and who are we to judge the out come of it.


It seems to me that those who want to be on drugs have the right to do so. But they cannot demand the rest of us to take care of them. They made a choice, the effects of drugs such as heroin are known, they have to stick with the results.


I agree with 'addictsmom'. Someone needs to do something about this epidemic of substance abuse. The city is completely ignoring this issue, and doing nothing to help the people who are trying to deal with it. It's about time this city and our elected officials stopped talking about stupid things like unenforceable trash guidelines and started worrying about saving a whole generation of young people!


If there were more well-staffed youth centers in this city, it would help kids turn away from drugs!

Ask your local alderman what he/she is doing to help set up badly-needed youth centers.

"A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman (sic) thinks of the next generation."


To Election, I hope that you never have to deal with anyone in your family having an addiction to heroin. Even the best families in Somerville are dealing with this. Our young people are dying by the droves and nothing is being done about it. They may start out want to get high but in the end it is what it is, an addiction!! They need help!!


I know. Forced labor for a couple of years IS the help they should get. Give something back to society while we have to pay for their stupid decisions.


We have an unregistered "sober house" on Wilton Street and now drug dealing is going on there as well. How can this be stopped?


There aren't enough programs to help the City of Somerville's youth with this program. People just can't accept that it is a big problem in Somerville. Let's get together and save them instead of alienating them. I think that they are worth saving, don't you???


Fortunately there is still a great deal of hope if parents are able to get the troubled teen the appropriate intervention. This will require a strong determination for the parent of a troubled teen not to waiver under the teens desires or promises to quit his or her drug and/or alcohol use. It may be prudent to seek out information about helping your troubled teen get the professional help they need for their drug and or alcohol abuse.

Drug Rehabs

Illegal drugs are the main cause of addiction in youth people. But people of age group 35+ are addicted mostly to legal or prescription drugs. The results of prescription drug addiction can be as fatal as illegal drug addiction.


Day treatment programs offer various essential therapies. The therapies are psychological, educational and experimental. day treatment programs for youths are made to enhance e the self esteem, confidence and reliability as well as inter personal relation ship and social life.


Troubled teen alcohol addictionis very real problem of teens. Alcohol addiction causes physical dependence. It not only destroys the life of addicted individual but also his/ her surrounding people, friends and family members. Treatment centers are helpful in alcohol addiction recovery.

Account Deleted

The Christian boarding school is a right place for today troubled teens that offer religious based education in a good learning environment. The school is like another home for troubled teenagers in which they can get full support and care from faculty and teaching staff.

teen alcohol treatment

I think its better to create a law that prohibits or limit the usage of heroin in the said country. To prevent the abuse of using heroin. Thanks for the post.


heroin addiction treatment

Heroin, or diacetylmorphine, also known as diamorphine, is a semi-synthetic opioid drug synthesized from morphine, a derivative of the opium poppy. It is the 3,6-diacetyl ester of morphine hence diacetylmorphine. The white crystalline form is commonly the hydrochloride salt diacetylmorphine hydrochloride, however heroin freebase may also appear as a white powder.


Debra Fustolo



residential treatment programs

There is no doubt that heroin is considered to be on a rise. The use and abuse of prohibited drugs really gives a negative outlook on life and even on their dreams. Heroine really is rampant and it seems like your buying a candy in a store.

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