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October 09, 2007


appears that progressives left Lafuente in the dark?

It appears that the progressive voters are backing Berman. Tony L. should have known better before he sold his soul to the left wing liberals. When push comes to shove, they would never back a former Republican!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Why Not? They did Bill White!!!

Where We Go AGAIN!

It seems any time Tony L. runs for public office, someone within the political sphere finds it necessary to attack Tony L.

Why would this be? Are they afraid of his ability to assemble and raise funds? Are they terrified of loosing "Their" seat around the horseshoe? Are they just filled with stupidity?

Tony L. has hit the City streets doing a great job in getting support and meeting the people of Somerville. His message is not one of descending upon this Administration but instead, trying to help the City along with new ideas. Not his ideas solely, but those of the people he is speaking with.

So, the Committee against Tony L. will take this post and convert it into an assail of family values, work ethics and anything and everything else they can cast off to deflect Tony L.'s ideas. A dirty Politic trick that this time, will not work.


Is the Somerville News atttempting to mislead the voters? Why else would they state in their headline that "Berman 'volunteers' for Alderman"? Has Berman offered to work without pay if elected, as Mitt Romney did? If so, the article did not state this fact. If not, then the headline is misleading at best, an outright lie at worst. I challenge the Somerville News to re-write this headline, and if they will not, it would appear that they are backing this candidate (without doing so publicly) and are indeed attempting to mislead the voters.


Why in heaven's name are you trashing people like Fred Berman who are trying to make sure that working-class people can continue to live in Somerville? You can't have it both ways -- either you support Fred Berman and his work for affordable housing, or you throw it over to the "yuppies".

Truth Fan


I think that you misunderstand the concept of "volunteer." It refers to volition, not compensation. Many of us volunteered to fight to keep our country safe and free. Although it was damned little, we did get paid. And we did volunteer.

Fred Berman is volunteering to do the people's work. He can't do worse than the majority of those clowns, and I'm guessing that he can do better.

Lafuente's Double Talk

When Lafuente was asked what political acitisim accomplishments that he was most proud of in the last 2 years, he was quoted saying; "being involved in Pat jehlen's campaign and helped M&M, Marty Martinez bid for office"

LET IT BE KNOWN: Both Jehlen and Martinez have BERMAN SIGNS IN FRONT OF THEIR HOMES. Not a Lafuente sign in sight!

Point being said: You can sell your soul to the jehlens, provost's, maritnez's of the world but if your not a homosexual wheat grass eating liberal who sips java at the diesel cafe, "they'll shove it up your ass"

Tony lafuente might not admit it, but rumor has it HE KNOWS!!!!



Tony forgot about his base

Tony lafuentee forgot about his base. The liberals used him and saw through his hyperactivity. There was nothing genuine about lafuente's relationship with the wide left! It's obvious that this guy is an opportunist!


Gee, Double Talk, aren't you the picture of tolerance!

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