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October 19, 2007


William Hurst

Cambridge enforces its parking rules with an aggressive ticket writing policy. Why must Somerville be any different?


Persally, if feel that no, they're not too aggressive. For example, what's so difficult about moving your car for the street cleaner. As far as parking 12" away from the curb is concerned, I didn't know that we are allowed THAT much space. I never park 12" away from the curb, that's too far.


I agree, Kate (both counts). There are some streets that if one big SUV parks a foot away from the curb, and the SUV on the other side of the street parks a foot away from the curb, when the next car comes down the road, someone may lose a side mirror.


Whatever - Exactly!


I think the issue is more the aggresiveness with which they're ticketing. Why is the parking department increasing headcount (~ 25%) when the police & fire departments are shorthanded? If the city ticketed as a matter of public safety or caring for us residents then you'd think hiring more cops would be the priority.

It has nothing to do with Joey "tickts" Curtatone caring about us - it's just another hamfisted/backdoor (calm down, Ron) tax.


Oh yeah... and can SN do an article about these water bills that are out of control!?!?! The DPW doesn't give a flying!


Imux, I thought a law and order guy like yourself would be all for aggresively ticketing people for illegal acts. You must have to park on the streets like the majority of us. If you had a driveway, I sincerely doubt you'd have problems with everyone getting ticketed.

But your observation regarding growth of parking enforcement vs. fire and police is well taken. Here's the problem: more parking officers generates more revenue for the city. It's kind of like a self-sustaining beast, no matter how large it gets. More tickets for ticky-tack offenses = more revenues. Ticketing for streetsweeping offenses during dropoff time in a school zone? That's evil genius at work there.

If the city really wants to keep this up, how about $100 ticket for one car taking up two spots (i.e. between driveways, something like that)? I'd support that.


Tricky, I am not complaining about the tickets per se... my issue is that I was at a meeting with Joey Tickets and he said - with a grin - that the $50 parking tickets were to keep the street cleans. Like THAT was the priority rather than the hamfisted grab for more revenue from residents that it really is.

It's more that this ticketing is just another symptom of the disease that the moonbats have brought in (more and more revenue for pet scial projects like the Arts Council, the Human Rights council, help-the-illegals council, etc).

Oh yeah....I've only gotten one parking ticket in the last 3 years or so, so not a real big issue for me. I do have a driveway and I am one of those owners that does not allow any of my tenants to park in it. Even though it's a 4 car driveway and my car is the only one in there. F them.

Solh Zendeh

Haha! "Even though it's a 4 car driveway and my car is the only one in there. F them."

Oh man, I *knew* you were just plain evil. Hilarious.


You must be Joey Cakes A.K.A. Tickets Curtatone's Brother?


Imux - you are a poor excuse for a human being.


Kate, now.... now. I know you don't mean that. Just a while ago I expressed concern for your tate of mind. How can I be a poor excuse for a human being if I did that? I still feel you should avoid light fixtures and rope, but....

Once you start giving tenants "extras" it never stops. They're lucky I had someone slap a coat of paint on the walls last year - I hadn't done a thing to the units for > 20 years. I will say one thing too - they never complain! I don't think it's 'cause they like me, but like I said "F them".


Imux - actually, I don't think that; I just came back in here to retract that statement. I truly don't want to insult you. I don't understand why you feel the need to insult others, uprovoked. Your grammar and spelling are excellent, which shows that you've been educated, so it surprises me that from a humanitarian standpoint you seem to be so unfeeling and uncaring toward your fellow man/woman.

You have every right to keep your parking to yourself, and tenants should paint their own walls, but to me, saying 'F them', is harsh.


If they're raising that much revenue, you'd think that they could maybe keep the parking office open 9-5 all week, or, GASP, maybe even afterhours, when good, hard-working people have the free time to go and get permits, pay tickets, etc.

Oh, and the women who work there, maybe it's just because of the stress the Dept has put them under, but they are about as customer-friendly as Total Bastard Airlines.

Ticket guy

Tickets or not I would like to get some help from the city when people park in front of my driveway. Try calling for a tow on that and see what kind of a response you get.


"how about $100 ticket for one car taking up two spots"

I hate it when people do that. There is a person who lives nearby who parks in such a way that no one else can park in front or behind him. he has a mid-sized car, why can't he pull it up so someone can fit behind him? It just isn't neighborly. The bitch of it is, I asked him once to pull up when he parks his car. He looked at me like I was i had no right to make that request. Some people need to get a clue and some common courtesy.

....i would love to see that guy get a ticket.


People taking up 2 spaces are indeed annoying. However, the more common problem I've noticed is people squeezing 2 cars into a space which only fits 1. This is causing problems because the cars are then too close to the driveways on either side, making it difficult for people to enter and exit. So when you refer to someone 'taking up 2 spaces', remember that just because it looks like 2 cars can fit, doesn't really mean that they can!

Bill Shelton

"It has nothing to do with Joey "tickts" Curtatone caring about us - it's just another hamfisted/backdoor (calm down, Ron) tax."

Whatever criticisms one may have of Imux, no other explanation fits the facts as well as his does. The graph that I would like to see is total revenue from tickets for the last ten years.

I disagree with Imux on a variety of points, but my experience is that genuine conservatives lie to themselves less than self-proclaimed liberals. It would probably take me a whole column to make this point, but if I did, I think that those who will be upset by this statement would have to credit much of my reasoning.

Imux loves to tweak liberals, and he's fond of calling people things like "moon bats." But Imux's barbs usually seem good natured to me, and s/he challenges my own thinking and contributes to the conversation.


well f((en ladeda the strees should be all paved with the tickets they give out on snow emergency 1 inch.


I don't get it. If someone parks illegally they are mad that they get nabbed? So what we have is a tax on people that can't drive or don't care.
Fine with me. That's a tax I can choose not to pay very easily.


this is NOTHING but a money grab. it's the same with the cover-your-barrels farce where the administration claimed it was to prevent rats. RATS?!? you must be kidding me, like rats have to be concerned with covered barrels.

same thing here: parking is a problem everywhere in this city, so while they argue that there are a few more spaces gained by not parking on the even side of the street vs. the odd side during a snow storm, they eliminate parking (no, excuse me, they "revenue enhance") by ticketing for parking close to corners. now, if they were really serious about public safety and pedestrian safety, they would put signs up on corners and even block some of them off with bump outs or what-have-you. but nooooo.... they will give the unuspecting sucker the ticket instead.

and, as to Ald. Roche's bringing Mr. Kotzuba to the table to answer a few questions, it's about time! will he get anywhere, though, is the question.

Solh Zendeh


I really doubt that conservatives "lie to themselves less". In fact, I would like to see that column.

From what I've seen, the big difference between conservatives and liberals is the idea of private vs social. Conservatives will be sure to talk your ear off about "personal responsibility" - something that roughly equates to allowing for natural selection in most human interactions.

However, if you address:

- limited liability
- religion
- guns/bombs

All of these represent ways to externalize a measure of responsibility, and all are extremely (more) popular with the conservative crowd.

I'm not saying that the above listed are lies, I'm saying that they are in complete conflict with the philosophy of "personal responsibility". And the fact that they cover a pretty broad spectrum of the human experience (economic, spiritual, conflict), tells you how shallow that philosophy is rooted. It is their big lie, and one I challenge you to match on the liberal side.


Solh, all I can say is "Oy vey!". You said "I really doubt that conservatives "lie to themselves less". In fact, I would like to see that column...". Have you ever met a liberal who is not exclusionary? Go to Davis square and try and open a business that caters to white, middle class men. You'll get tar and feathered. Trust me that you better be anti-bush, pro-abortion, pro-illegal-alien, pro-terrorist, anti-God, anti-US and a raving libaloon when walking through Davis and Union squares now.

However, if you address:

- limited liability
- religion
- guns/bombs

Limited liability: Come on now. Someone drinking a cup of coffee and spills it (hot) and then gets millions. That makes sense? Why would any entrepreneur want to start a business knowing some slob is going to sue for the slightest transgression?

Religion:"Today... is Christmas! There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty! Chaplain Charlie will tell you about how the free world will conquer Communism with the aid of God and a few marines! God has a hard-on for marines because we kill everything we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh souls! God was here before the Marine Corps! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the Corps! Do you ladies understand?" Gawd, I loved that movie.

Buns/bombs: I respect the 2nd ammendment enough that my kids know how to safely own, fire and maintain weapons. As some federalist (forget the name now) so eloquently said "Tyranny is the exercise of some power over a man, which is not warranted by law, or necessary for the public safety. A people can never be deprived of their liberties, while they retain in their own hands, a power sufficient to any other power in the state." I couldn't agree more. If the local moonbats continue on their way to socialism then we all may need to break out the cannons (and scaffolding).

Ron Newman (SF)

> Go to Davis square and try and open a business that caters to white, middle class men. You'll get tar and feathered.

You mean like a shoe store? I'd love to see one. The economics don't seem to support it, though.

Solh Zendeh


hey, I never said liberals did not have as many faults as conservatives. We're all a bunch of hypocrites.

I wouldn't know about Davis since I haven't been able to afford to go there since the $20-a-cupcake place opened up.

Limited liability has nothing to do with the hot coffee McDonalds case. I could not possibly do the subject justice, but I strongly recommend you research exactly what limited liability is. If you believe in personal responsibility you, like me, could not possibly condone society providing free insurance to investors. The cost of the stock should include the cost of insuring the investors against being sued by the creditors of the corporation. Instead this cost is passed along to society in general - that would be you and me as taxpayers, Imux. As an aside, that McDonalds case was settled in the old woman's favor because McDonalds had been *ordered* by a judge to stop making their coffee as hot as they had. It was against the law and they broke the law - should they not have been punished?

Religion: I loved it too.

Buns/Bombs: "a power sufficient to any other power in the state". Welll, I guess that means we should all be packing nukes. My general point is merely that guns and projectile weapons are a way of externalizing responsibility. There is plenty of research that shows that humans ability to judge right from wrong becomes very confused when they do not have person to person contact with someone they kill. We're hard-wired to experience revulsion and distress when killing another human with our hands. These symptoms mysteriously disappear when an indirect method is used. The more indirect, the less trauma.

It's all well and good to advocate personal responsibility, as long as you attempt to live by that code. If you can't or won't live by it, well, you are living a lie - just like the rest of us.


In the McDonald's case, wouldn't it be more fitting to have the monetary award go to a charity, or something like that? I mean, hey, the coffee shouldn't be that hot, but who's stupid enough to crotch a cup of coffee, even if it's not at 185 degrees? You're still going to burn the hell out of your (CENSORED SO AS NOT TO OFFEND DR. MRS. McCARTHY'S SENSIBILITIES) if it's at 150 degrees, or whatever temperature is "safe" for ot beverages to be served at.

See, me, I'm smart. Iced, iced baby, and it's keeps the swelling down as well.

Solh Zendeh

Tricky - agreed. I think there is a need for very high awards in order to punish and dissuade corporations (after all, you can't put them in jail... one reason I am not a big fan of corporations in general - that whole personal responsibility thing simply doesn't apply to them). However it doesn't seem right that the plaintive collect anything beyond whatever costs they incurred from the incident. Not sure about a charity - a refund to all tax filers seems like a fair way to put the money back in the market.

Solh Zendeh

PS I wasn't really defending the lawsuit specifically. Simply pointing out that a) it had nothing to do with limited liability and b) there was a legal order that they ignored and that advocating not punishing them for ignoring the order seems weird.


I though i seen one of those street sweeper cleaning dcr streets at assembly sq our tax dollars at work mass rocks


Welll, I guess that means we should all be packing nukes...

Nukes. That would be way cool. With the amount I pay in taxes I ought to have a pile stacked in the basement.


I was getting a haircut when the bar was asking if someone owned a BMW M3 and I told him I did and he said I was getting ticketed then. In my head I told myself this could not possibly be my vehicle because I inserted a quarter and wasnt even inside the bar shop for 15minutes yet and to my amazement I had a ticket and I checked the meter and there was about 10 minutes left. you better believe i'm going to challenge this ticket.

Saturday Cleaning?

How much overtime did we pay doing street cleaning this past saturday? Especially since EVERYONE was home, so the sweeper mostly did just the middle of the street!


Who gives a shy*e! I'm all for ticketing people who park like crap or fail to move their car on street sweeper days. Lesson learned...move on!
On my street, there are always a few schmucks who don't move their cars. As a result, my street *never* gets cleaned properly. I say ticket those fools. They'll eventually learn their lesson.

And the same goes for people who put their garbage bags out on the street and fail to use a trash barrel. They started ticketing those people when they rolled out the ticketing for trash initiative several months ago but it seems they no longer go around checking for this.
I for one am sick of seeing huge rats scurrying around my neighborhood. When you see rats cruising around in the middle of the day, it means there's a serious problem.

Now if only we can do something about the people who toss their scratch tickets on the street. They're impossible to sweep up.


I did notice that the first person to comment mentioned Cambridge...not only do they ticket aggressively in Cambridge, they are ridiculous about it. Don't like how Somerville does it? Move to Cambridge, you'll be back in a week.

William Hurst

Does anyone here believe that blocking access to a fire hydrant is not a problem. Or illegally parking in a handicap parking space should be acceptable. Is it ok to park in the crosswalk perhaps also blocking the handicap access ramp. What about parking your car on the corner of an intersection so that the vehicle is partly on the other street. We live in a city of 80000 plus people with a square footage that should truly support half that number. Safety vehicles have to have access to streets the size of driveways in other communities. Cambridge and Boston ticket then tow vehicles that violate certain traffic laws. Park your car in front of a hydrant in Cambridge it will be ticketed and towed. Here, you might get a ticket if you are caught and a comment from the Fire Chief saying "You can't get water from a ticket"

Halll Ave resident

To Saturday Cleaning
Just to let you know the sweeping was due to all the tree's that fell when you were sleeping.Even a telephone pole got blown down!Thanks to the DPW they had all the roads cleared and open before most people got out of bed.Thanks DPW


It's about time that someone woke up and smelled the coffee.

There has been a problem with parking tickets for some time. Talk about an abuse of power.

Can't tell you how many times myself and my neighbors have received a ticket and we have the proper parking permits on our vehicles.

There is also a problem when guests have the guest permit in their cars and they get a ticket. This has happened an excessive amount of times.

I have also observed Parking Control Officers in Somerville pre-timing tickets, which is writing a ticket out before a meter has expired.

I hope an investigation is conducted to look into these problems and put a stop to this. It looks to me like the people issuing tickets are trying to meet some sort of a quota on how many tickets they issue per day.

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