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September 20, 2007


Ron Newman

That's an impressive rap sheet.



Bob Lothrope

"Police said Robinson and Ross handed stolen merchandise to Ross’ four-year-old daughter who would then hide it in a stroller..."

Um, it wasn't stolen merchandise yet.


LOL to Bob Lothrope's comment. But this crime was awful! How can a MOTHER make her child steal?? This is crazy! Both "women" deserve whatever punsihment they got coming to them. This whole situation is embarassing and just plain dumb!! You mean to tell me that these 2 dummies didn't know they would get caught??? Hilarious! They should be on the show " America's Dumbest Criminals". I feel bad for the little girl.

It's all about the kids.....

"Family members picked up the two young children from the custody of police after officers made the decision to arrest Robinson and Ross."
I hope this doesn't mean that those kids will return to live with these women. You know they'll post bond, or get a suspended sentence or whatever and be home before you know it. Too often this is the case. The kids should be removed immediately and placed somewhere where they can learn values and legal behavior. Imagine what this 4 year old will be doing when she's 14, if this is what she's being taught now?


These are the kind of people who should not have or be able to have any more children in the future.This is the typical case where the children are the ones to suffer from an adults crimes, and the state tax-payers get to fit the bill.

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