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September 12, 2007


Ron Newman

What will she be writing about in Serbia? Tell us more, please.


OOOOweee, when Lynch puts the video on the website does that mean we get to see some of the two legged dpw rats in action?

The ward race here is gonna be fun. O'Donovan better think of some better ways of winning besides trying to intimidate his opponents supporters.

SMEA Election Night

The elections for the new president and vice president were held tonight at the mt vernon and guess what. none of the jerks that like to run their mouths decided to run for office. we all knew they didnt have the sack to stand up and take charge. We all expected big mouth charlie and water boy joe to raise hell but what is the Highway yard foremans problem? Why does TB have such a problem with the deal the mayor made with the smea. What is your problem TB? Maybe you should explain to the mayor why you have a problem.
You should think before you speak up about things that dont concern you. maybe you should have something to worry about. Perhaps you should be concerned with what you get away with already. dont bite the hand that feeds you skidmark. eyes are watching all the time. even the ones you least suspect.

Another sad member of S.M.E.A.

The problem is that deals are being made without anyone knowing. It' not the mayors job to tell us what is going on. It's the Executive Board's job to tell us. And if it's such a good deal, why didn't we get to vote on it?

Mad SMEA member

Why don't you show your big sack and admit that you negotiated "UNIT D". You couldn't keep a straight face at the Dante Club when you said "I don't know who negotiated UNIT D, I will look into it". It is funny that you have told people in your litte crime syndicate that you did indeed negotiate that contract for your son and all of the other prostitutes in that clique. You should try sticking to one lie, you constantly contradict yourself. Give my best to Stan !! Also, nice birds!!

harry paratestes

wow, the asylum ready to crack,,let's look at why , in one word Koty,and because of his actions and special deal making will be the cause of teamsters taking over as the union of the worker not the politican, lets see Koty try to control the teamsters I think not, maybe any complaint will be processed with proper actions under the teamsters and not be ignored because of special deals. keep the Doctor ready for Biggy ,heart may weaken from lack of control and also the ward 5 aldermans race.

retired worker

hey harry you may be right, the teamsters would be a better fit for the workers, look at what goes on at the yard with special deals, what will be the next deal I hear one of the group is going to be a fireman,what insider gets his job I bet it won't be a current employee at the yard


Hey Mole, whats up with the BIG rumor in the City. Seems a well known Somervillian left a personal item in a public place. When the locals checked inside for some ID they found some "curious" stuff in there....hmmm any info ?

The Mole

File a Complaint With The State Ethics Commission:

Call the Ethics Commission’s "investigator-of-the-day" at (617) 371-9500 or for those outside the 617 area, call (888) 485-4766

Write a letter, include all the relevant facts, address to: Enforcement Division, State Ethics Commission, Room 619, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108.

Complainants’ names are kept confidential.

I guess one could make a complaint against Boss Hog and his "Gal on a Rope", Carlene C. Monday and Tuesday hand in hand both traveled the route of T & P and the DPW to solicit, recruit, demand, threaten, call it what it is, to hold signs for the Mayor for the Primary Race. While it may have only been a few selected within the two facilities, it is in violation to solicit or campaign in a public building; especially when the one of the candidates is a sitting Mayor.

What does it cost now a day, forty-one cents to mail a complaint? I like the acronym, A Forever Stamp. Sounds more fitting.

The Mole

PS... To: Hey Mole, Who told you it was a rumor?

Go Figure

Well Mole,
What is the Rumour/Non Rumour?

Curt and Tony

As proud union members of 25, we just hope that the Commish's boys who were taking phots at lynch's party were gettin overtime. It was on a Saturday afterall.

City Hall

The word all around city hall tonight confirmed the rumor that the Ex President of the SMEA (Mikey B) has been given the position as the head of the Mass Labor Relations Commission. How did he pull that off? dont you need to be a lawyer to be in that position? Nothing surprises me anymore. Does this mean he will see who signed the cards and report back to his buddies?

Additional information from the mayors office says he will start the new job November 5th. Who do they have lined up to take his job at DPW?
I wonder if Michelle has any more relatives that need a job.

Don't underestimate the Boller Familia!

The Head of the Boller family is lead by Mish. I am sure she'll find a realative that fits the position. All the smiles and hugs are fake!

The Mole

You mean that Brownie is going to be in charge and implement all the policie of the MLR? He won't even know what the word quasi-judicial means, let alone to ensure prompt, peaceful and fair practices. All BUT...

Opps, he would have to administerthe Employee Collective Bargining LAW!!! Hell he broke every rule in the SMEA book. Thug tatics, ballot stuffing, behind closed door deals, this should be great for Patricks' Administration.

The Labor Relations Commission is a quasi-judicial agency whose mission is to ensure the prompt, peaceful, and fair resolution of labor disputes by enforcing the Commonwealth's labor laws. As the state counterpart to the National Labor Relations Board, the Commission administers the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law and the Private Sector Collective Bargaining Law, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 150E and Chapter 150A, respectively.


Mole, its the talk of the town. Funny thing is NOBODY is shocked. I guess some people like to "party all the time" !! LOL

Mad SMEA member

Mike Browne DID NOT get a job at the Ma Labor Relations Commission. The person that got the job is named Mike Byrnes. That is another MB lie!!! And again, it is against the law for the Labor Relations Commission to show the Teamsters Authorization Cards to anyone. If you want to verify this info call the MLRC for yourself. Do not let a few criminals scare you out of your rights! Let's educate ourselves, and let's get rid of this joke of a union(SMEA)!!!!!!

Whitey sighting in Somerville

There has been another Whitey Bulger sighting! This time closer to home right here in Somerville! Some suspect that he has a part time writers job at the Somerville News and another part time gig at the DPW as a truck driver! Ummmmmmmm!

DPW worker

Hey! That's not Whitey driving that truck! It's only Treasa!

City Hall Nose


The DPW yard will be closed from 10 AM - Noon time on Saturday, September 15th because all new hires, Unit D SMEA personnel and Inspectors who received a $100 adjustment to base salary are to report to the Davis Square Headquaters to Re-Elect Mayor Curtabaloney for the mother of all standouts. No overtime during these hours for the DPW yard personnel is being authorized.


And if that's true GOOD... they should pay back for the jobs they got.


mole it appears it is the talk of the town but hey mole-the eddie murphy reference is pretty good i would prefer to go with a NASA reference as the challenger was about to explode "HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM"


I think you are all a bunch of scared, classless morons. Unemployment soon.... hahahahhahahaha


speaking of DPW overtime, if we have a bad winter will the workers be plowing alot ?? The City might be getting alot of SNOW !


Great, a lot of overtine!


When people leave their things in public places, they should take the drugs out.


Was that a non union member working the trash sat and sun. hope he don.t fall and sue

retired worker

Ask the right questions, what happens to our present retirement money. What is the difference between a stewart and a smea rep. How much are union dues per month. Any added benefits of being a teamster. Take a good look and you will see the teamsters are for the worker not the politian and deal making. biggy biggy worried all the time, no more deals to make, no more names to take, only your power to break.

Mad SMEA member

Does everyone notice that the only people that are speaking out against us getting out of the SMEA are the whores that have sold their souls to the devils in this corrupt city. We all know who they are, with their cushy jobs and their backroom deals. They are not fighting for the SMEA, they are fighting for their own deals and dollars. I have no respect for the former or current leadership. The Teamsters will raid the whorehouse and put it out of business FOR GOOD!! Then the whores will have to work for a living like the rest of us!! I'm ready for change "NOW"!!!!!!!!

another sad member

The real name is Anguilo, that's why.

The Mole

To "Hey Mole"; sorry I could not find anything in the jar regarding your question last week of someone having left their wallet in a public place and someone else finding something they shouldn't have had in it.

Can you elaborate for me?

The Mole


here's a hint, it was a pocketbook. I guess the old "do you know who I am" was used !

Another Hint

It happend at the Cambridge City Hospital.

No officer, someone else must have put that item in my purse!

It's getting old now1

Ok mike cut the crap!What is it slow at the barrecks?

Go Figure

Now that we have the spelling, why do you let them consume you?


what do you hear about the Kemps Nut site ??
Should be a great place for the children to play safely.......right ?

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