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September 22, 2007


Crazy like a fox

I wonder if the governor is sly like a fox? Perhaps it's a classic bait and switch. I'll propose 3 casinos, which certainly won't get legislative approval, and I'll allow my plan to get whittled down to 1 casino. Then everyone's (somewhat)happy. Both sides of the issue will feel like they've won.

Carey Theil

The statement that slot machines at racetracks would generate new revenue "without hurting our effective state lottery" is complete nonsense.

Legalizing slot machines at dog and horse tracks would only redirect money that is already in our economy, and being spent locally by Massachusetts residents on other activities and products, including lottery tickets. That is one reason why Treasurer Tim Cahill is opposed to slot machines at racetracks.

Perhaps the author can provide some documentation for this claim? Or is the truth simply that he is a fan of the racetracks?

Carey Theil
President, GREY2K USA
Board Member, National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion


Isn't it funny that when stores like IKEA and Christmas Tree Shop are proposed at Assembly Square, everyone cries that the jobs which will be created will be low-paying jobs. Where is the outcry when Patrick continally states that casinos will 'create jobs'? The construction jobs will be temporary, and the permanent jobs will be....hotel/restaurant workers, blackjack dealers, etc. How is this a good thing for anyone?

it *is* funny

I'm not a fan of the Casino proposal but I would argue that hotel/restaurant worker and table dealer jobs are better than no jobs at all. Construction jobs drive the economy. I can buy the argument that this will create jobs, I just don't think the social toll is worth it.


Bring casinos in. Why whould CN (with Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun) and other states get all the tax revenue from MA gamblers? Use your heads here folks. People will gamble, so MA can either get some of that money back through casino taxes or continue to lose out completely. Pretty simple.

I get a kick out of the libtards who don't want casinos because they all know what's best for us. According to the moonbats casinos are bad, smoking is bad, drinking is bad... what next do they want to control? Sex? If we want to gamble, smoke, drink and %$#@ - LET US! You libaloons needs to stop telling everyone what to do.

Carey Theil


We live in a democratic system with a shared sense of what is appropriate and what is not.

If we follow your line of thinking to its logical conclusion, we couldn't prohibit anything.

Do you agree that dogfighting should be illegal? Or how about child labor? I am not comparing these activities to casino gambling, but instead pointing out that we prohibit activities all the time because we view them as unacceptable.

Regarding the CT argument, you are never going to fully recover that revenue. The CT casinos are going to continue marketing to MA residents. Instead, legalizing casinos here is only going to create more addicts.

Carey Theil

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