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September 21, 2007


Roll the dice for local aid!

This governor is a nightmare and has been so since day one! It's too bad more people couldn't see through his 'folksy charm', one liners and sound bites - 'Yes we can' gamble away our childrens' futures! Thanks Denise for pointing out what noone else has yet said....that the Wampanoag casino would be the 4th in the state and not one of the 3 as Patrick has inferred. Casinos are not drugstores you don't need one on every corner. Oh and by the way, by Western Mass, the governor is proposing Springfield. How about the Berkshires where he spends his summers? One look at Atlantic City tells you that all of the supposed benefits are pie in the sky, and don't come to fruition? Who exactly has Patrick sold out to to even propose such a plan? And by the way, we already pay excise tax and gas tax and tolls to pay for upkeep of the roads, where is that money going? It's time that Democrats started looking at making some much needed cuts, instead of always looking for these bizarre schemes to continue to fund their waste!

Somerville Taxes

I know this blog does not like links to other websites. But this website is a government website that will inform any Somerville resident that wants to know about Taxes in Somerville.

If it is deleted, then I think a lot of people will remain clueless.

Sal's Pals

Well well well, it seems like our state delagation of representatives has figured it out after tripping over each other to back Deval Patrick. The person they need to Really be friends with is Sal DeMasi, the house speaker. Sal is lukewarm at best to this whole casino thing, which is going to be a major boondoggle for the state if it happens. Denise knows which side her bread is buttered on. If she was to take sides with the governor and go against the speaker, she would be consigned to the same broom closet office under the stairs in the cellar that her predecessor was. Same goes for Scortino and Toomey. I hear CLT or some organization is trying to get the question on the ballot again to eliminate the state income tax. It almost passed last time. This most recent spate of raising pikes tolls and bridge tolls and gas taxes will probably get people to vote the thing in this time. Then there will be a Real crisis and they'll have to cut spending.

Hasnt Ben Sober

Somerville Reps need to do a "Reality Check" and open their minds to the fact that people are always going to gamble and now the opportunity to unite as elected officials and totally support the " Coupe deVal" proposal and watch all that Mass Gamble money fill the commonwealth's coffers and let the infastructure upgrades (roads and bridges) begin also earmark a large number to property tax relief which is long over due....and so on ans on and on

jehlen misses votes!  Read yesterdays boston herald

I wish the Somerville News would do some research into yesterday's Boston Herald article that mentioned our local State Senator "Patricia Jehlen" as missing the most amount of VOTES as a State Senator. If the Senators from the South Shore, North Shore, and the Western part of the state can attend meeting to vote, WHY CAN'T JEHLEN! What a waste of a vote! This should be a serious issue to research.

Jehlen=nice+useless Which gets you Nowhere!

I am suprised that nobody has mentiond the article thus far! Lets face the facts; Pat Jehlen is a nice lady, but outright USELESS!


I agree with the 'outright useless' part, but not the first part!!

voting for jehlen was a mistake

Voting for pat was a mistake! There's no excuse for missing that many Senate votes. I am suprised this hasn't hit the local papers. I voted for pat, but never again!

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