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September 17, 2007



So when does Somerville/CLF lawsuit against the state start? Haven't heard of Deval backing down on this yet so is that the only way? Justice delayed (or delayed forever) is justice denied.

Patrick McGloin

Deval is a fraud.

I'm tired of the talk already, when is it going to get done! I the thought the purpose of a binding commitment was that it was binding?

Anna Canna Panna Sana

The Greeen Line extensions .........MUSTbeomoe the "NEW REAITY" as pedie

We all would hope that "Vinny the Deal maker" Piro come out of the woodwork in Mashapee....come on down Vin Piro,the city is in need of a classic scre job and you have the documented talent to be she real ring leader in this process.....

Fa FA fA STILL HS A WAY TO GO BSED ON HER AGE.....Vinny's new cmpaign slogan if he chooses to do so........Run Vinny Run

it *is* funny

Someone *please* have a look at the post above and tell me what it is supposed to say? Is Anna Canna already drunk at 5:15 a.m.? Or maybe still drunk?

mark Blanchard

Why should we have a green line if we can't even require our cabs to be hybrids? NY and other towns that have already helped themselves should get the Federal and State Funding. Not us.

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