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September 17, 2007



Maybe the Police should investigate the where-abouts of one Dr. Mrs. McCarthy. The grand ole gal of the Somerville news has gone missing right before the primary. The police should question the other canidates on the missing frontrunner. Word out of the LSOP is she has missed the daily Mass too.

not funny

This is not a story which needs supposedly "humorous" comments R.I.P. This was a very serious assault and the police need help to find this violent criminal, not jokes from you.

Have respect for the victim by not making a joke about it.


Who was it that had the gun at the som -eve game fridat nite.


Somerville Police put a recorded message call out to area residents (I'm one) informing them of this and asking them to keep and eye out. Their message, I think, used the term "sexually assaulted", which I don't see here. Any more information on this, or any updates on the case?

RIP, my wife walks this area alone all the time. I really don't think your comments are at all funny.

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