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September 22, 2007


The Skipper

Jimmy Del-Pont-Face!


Nice to see you Pal.


Wasn't Del Ponte hassled by a
Somerville cop a few years ago
for doing that Somerville High soap opera bit?

And didn't he reply, "I can say
those things 'cause I'm from Somerville!"

Jimmy Del Ponte

Actually, Somerville 02144 which ran on The MAtty Show never caused any trouble. It never made fun of Somerville. And why would I get in trouble with a cop ?? This is speech and all that stuff !!

The Pie Man Loves Jimmy D

Great move Somerville News!!! We love this guy! Humor mixed with news? Now I can read and weep with a smile! Fantastic! With all the shit we have to deal with in the Ville, having Jimmy D on board to mix it up even more is a welcome!!!!!!

Gibson Goddess

Jimmy Del is the Voice of the Ville!!!We love you Jimmy and your articles are just the right ingredient to make the Somerville News sweet to the palate!!!
Keep on writing's good for Somervillian's heart and soul!!!!


Great righting...go Jimmy go!!!!
I'm feel bad about about the passing of Bobby Boris Picket..I bet you could tell some great stories about him and Ron Deltorto..

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