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September 19, 2007


Ron Newman

The Sanctuary City resolution had a fixed term which expired, but it was then replaced by a similar "City of Hope and Opportunity" resolution which remains in effect.

It was really.....

replaced by:

"City of Dope and Criminal Opportunity"


"The Somerville News Web site has now reached over 1,100 daily visitors"

Well, TWO of them are me: at work and at home. In fact, since you're in both computer's RSS feeds, you'll get hits even if I don't click through to read anything on the site on a particular day.


politicians are like diapers, They are soon full of crap and they need to be changed frequently.


I visit this site occasionally and would like to know what all the controversy is with the Employees Union in Somerville. It seems that many of you have an opinion on it. Do tell!!


Is it not true that the use of the City seal is not to be used for POLITICLE use or GAIN? come on Joey Cakes not even CLEAN Genie pulled that one.

Ron Newman

What misuse of the city seal are you referring to?

Curt and Tony

Came through ball square. Strangest thing. Curtatone's headquarters is lit up like Koty on a Friday nite payday, but Sirocco's joint is darker than Koty's heart(and lungs).

Has this guy finally realized that even his last Tuesday night girlfriend will not vote for him?

Speaking of not voting for someone, does anyone know if O'Drinkivan is using the same office space in Ball Square as the mayor is? I thought that was a no go with the state elections people. We'll check with them in the morning.

Proud SMEA Member


The controversy with the Somerville Municipal Employees Association is summed up in one sentence. The SMEA has 12 Miserable Whine bags!

There are a dozen or so disgruntled employees who were on easy street under Mayor Capuano and Mayor Gay. They played the game and got anything they wanted. Now, Mayor Curtatone comes in and see’s through their bullshit and makes them accountable to the taxpayers for their paycheck and all hell breaks loose. This small group of misfits will do anything they can to start rumors, get people worked up, distort the facts and play both sides of the fence. The SMEA was moving in the right direction and the 12 whine bags couldn’t stand to see it succeed. There was a master plan in place. It may have hit a few bumps in the road; it may have involved some mistakes along the way. It was not moving as fast as some wanted but it was moving. The biggest flaw in the plan was it didn’t benefit certain people right away. Certain individuals only cared about themselves. So the 12 Whine bags decided to start a civil war. They didn’t allow the plan to succeed because the end result would have proved them wrong.

Deep inside the hearts of the faithful SMEA rank and file is a feeling that the SMEA has done many good things for them. They know the Teamsters (or any other organization) cannot give them the personal touch they deserve. They know they control their destiny and don’t want to lose that and be lumped in with 10,000 other people.

The Teamsters will tell you what you want to hear just to get your $$$$$$.
Once they get your $$$$$$ you will just be a number to them. I know, I was a Teamster!

I had to laugh at the latest letter they sent. They are having members from Cambridge, Chelsea, and Everett attend some meeting to tell the SMEA members how great the teamsters are. Are these speakers from the rank and file? Or are they on the teamster payroll.

Of course they are going to speak highly of the Teamsters. Wouldn’t you if your job depended on it?

The SMEA ( A NON PROFIT GROUP)is, has, and always will be the sole representation for The Somerville Municipal Employees regardless of the 12 Whine bags who are trying to sabotage all the things that can be fixed and all the things we have achieved as members of the SMEA. I like to refer to these disgruntled employees as the dizzy dozen.

Oh how I wish I could name names but I will respect JN’s rules and spare the whine bags the embarrassment.

The SMEA has been representing Somerville workers for over 50 years and will remain here forever. The teamsters (Vultures) have tried to take over in the past and failed. THEY WILL FAIL AGAIN!



The SMEA is useless and a typical union. All they want is the money they get from people's union dues. But, if push comes to shove and any of their so called "members" need help from the union, they are no where to be found.

I agree, with another individual in this forum who referred to them as "vultures". I couldn't describe them better!

By the way, too bad Somerville can't get rid of "dead wood" employees who collect a paycheck for doing nothing. I understand the person responsible for janitorial services at the Police station is one such person.

Mad SMEA member

Hey Proud SMEA Member, if only 12 "Whine bags" are trying to sabotage everything, then why have so many of my coworkers sent in Teamsters Local 25 authorization cards? I think you are living in a fantasy world if you think that the SMEA is anything more than a criminal organization! The E-board and bargaining team has broken every bylaw that we have, they cannot answer any of our questions, they have negotiated dirty deals(D) with the mayor, and they sell us out for their own self gain. If this is the "personal touch" that you say we deserve, you can keep it. P.S. There are many eyes on your organization, you should be very concerned, bylaws are not the only laws that you have broken. Who will resign next to avoid prosecution????


I see people who held signs for the mayor last time are now holding signs for scirocco


The use of the City Seal on CAMPAIGN Lit. to give the appearence of Official Paper

Ron Newman

Which campaign literature has the city seal on it? (I haven't seen much literature from any candidate yet.)


Ron Newman - last week, the voters were treated to the first of very expensive campaign pieces(paid for by contributions to the Curtatone campaign from every big developer to ever enter the city limits)from the sitting Mayor.

On one side of this very expensive and self glorifying piece of fluff, is the map of the city and its wards. This map displays very prominently the seal of the city of Somerville. It does give the appearance of an official document from the City. Once again the Mayor and his crew are on thin ice.

The state ethics phone lines should be burning up on this one.

The Mole

Well, he must be spending his contributions on something other than his yard signs. First you see the old Curtabaloney for Mayor, not re-elect for Mayor, then you see one side half Curtabaloney and on the other side of the same sign you see Kim Hirsh-Foster for Alderman.

What type of flipping is Joeycakes doing now? What are you saving the $$$ for Joeycakes? Are you still paying back to your campaign all the money it owes you from past donations you made to the Postmaster General?

Let’s go back a little further in your younger days of first running for Mayor. Did you settle out that botched lease car deal with Sentry Lincoln Mercury? Or did you let your title to the office help you out there buddy boy?

The Mole

Mole Madness


Some of us are curious. Why are you so angry at everyone?
What went wrong in your life that you must spend so much of your time on this site trashing everyone?

Curious minds want to know.

Truth Fan

Mole Madness,

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. The Mole is paying attention. The information that he provides always checks out. So what went wrong in your life that you feel the need to deny the evidence that is all around you?

The Mole

Truth Fan, thanks for the vote of confidence BUT, I have been known to slip up with some force fed facts that were not so true. In finding those feeding facts not true, I have commented with an apology and tried to find the true facts.

In the 2003 campaign finance reporting from Curtabaloney, where in Gods' world would he ever come up with Thousands of dollars to donate to his campaign to pay for postage to the Postmaster General? At the time he was an Alderman at Large and a faltering Attorney. "My Cousin Vinnie" had a better cliental than he did, NO WAY did he have that in the bank. And yes, he did get out of a lease with Sentry Lincoln Ford in Medford on his leased vehicle 4 months early in 2005. I personally gave the Leasing Manager Curtabaloneys’ campaign sheets indicating how much money his campaign paid BACK to Joeycakes four months later for his so called personal loans he made.

Mole Madness can also see that Joeycakes paid back almost $60,000 to himself in June/July of 2005. It's a public document.

The Mole



If for one minute you think that people would jump "Ship Curtatone" to hold signs for Scirocco, then whatever you are on I want some! A few of LD friends maybe, but that's it. There are a lot of disheartened former Curtatone supporters from 1995 until he became Mayor and screwed over a lot of supporters but they wouldn't lower themselves to hold signs for this "candidate".Scirocco should stop making a fool of himself, a third place finish is a certainty.

As for those wondering about the Mayor's finances and how he was financed since 1995 up until the last election then you haven't done your homework. Think real hard and maybe the answer will come to you.
He doesn't need the financial backing from the source he was getting it from before. As an entrenched sitting Mayor with close ties to the governor people are falling over themselves to donate to his campaign.

Go Figure

And this is different from the past three times you posted it, how?

getting boring....

yeah, get over it, will ya? sheesh. no one cares.

Ron Newman

Speaking of "boring" ... next Tuesday's preliminary election doesn't seem to be stimulating much conversation here.

it *is* funny

I'll bite. Although I think it's been said ... Scirocco should stop embarrasing himself. I know you read those candidate statements, Ron, on the other paper's website. I think they speak for themselves. I support Mayor Joe and he shouldn't have much to worry about this time.

it *is* funny

What exactly is your beef, though? I mean it's not illegal or even unethical to have many members of the family working in municipal jobs. Would you feel the same way if there were a couple of generations of Bowlers who were cops or firefighters?

Ron Newman

Stop spamming!

getting boring....

i guess if ranting about a family you obviously don't like on a public blog helps you sleep better at night, then so be it. it is a free country. Me, i say sh#t to people's faces if i have a problem. i wouldnt hide behind some anonymous blog. but that's just me. if you can't do that yourself(and obviously you can't) and you really think there is something funny going on at your workplace, then bring it to the attention of the powers that be there. because really, i serioulsy doubt if anyone cares here.


Why is Scirocco wasting his money? I would love to know the answer to that. He does not seem to be able to put together a sentence in english. how does anyone(even him) think he can run a city?


"He does not seem to be able to put together a sentence in english. how does anyone(even him) think he can run a city?"

Yeah, like that's stopped Menino from being re-elected as Mayor of Boston around 15 minutes after dirt was invented.

Not that I'm a Scirocco supporter. I saw all three of those guys riding in a car down Broadway a couple of days back.


At least Menino doesn't abuse women and then deny it.

and what 3 guys are you talking about?

Happy member of the SMEA

I would think the health inspector would get more money, our health inspectors have to inspect these rat and bug infested dwellings in this City, you couldn't pay me enough money for that job.

Maybe I can get a job at the brothel, it would be better than working for the City with you backstabbing low lifes.

Ron Newman

Menino may have trouble with public speaking, but he seems able to write coherently -- or at least able to find someone to write well on his behalf.

James Norton

Oh my lord you people just can't stop with the full names and crazy ass accusations. Knock it off or I will start being a jerk when I enforce my rules. Not only did it pass being annoying a long long time ago, it is now just really boring. It's OK to hate someone, just don't keep hammering this blog with the same old crap, and start using initials - the people you want to make squirm will squirm anyways, trust me.

Everyone else - enjoy this beautiful day!


Ron Newman

There must have been 30 or more people holding signs for Joe when I passed through Davis Square around 11 this morning.


I saw them all being picked up in white vans this morning at Foss and driven down to Davis. I'm glad he's doing something to keep the illegals occupied.


Talking about signholders for the Mayor, I saw the standout too. I did not recognize one face in that crowd that used to hold signs for him when he was running for alderman or the first time he ran for Mayor.

I wonder why?


They're all hired extras from the talent agency "Bootlickers Movie Extras" out of Revere.

Go figure.

See Sean Run

I was just about to go off to bed and was flipping throught the channels when I caught the replay of Thursdays Board of Aldermen meeting.

Looks like Lynchie has O'Donovan really rolling this month. He put in more orders on Thursday than he has in the last five years. What's wrong Sean? The Mayor tired of carrying you on his back? Gotta start rowing the boat yourself?

Sooner or later Sean your act was bound to get stale.

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