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September 28, 2007



There is not enough green space in the city, so this is a wise move. The city needs to devote more funding to people-friendly places such as these. The current administration is doing a fine job, but what about fixing up Draw 7 for all the loyal fishermen who are out there day after day? There is a huge field right next to the water which could be renovated as well... imagine the high school soccer team or a little league baseball team playing their games there. It'd really be great. We don't have much flexible space on what little water we have, so we should take advantage while we still can. Hopefully the city will gain control over Foss and rid us of these stupid state officials who obviously could care less that the park is slowly, but steadily, decaying. A new Foss park would revitalize East Somerville and give the people another clean, friendly place to play.
However- with these new parks comes new laws. Being a young man (college student), I find it really saddening that some parks (Conway and Dilboy most notably) have their fields locked up late at night. To the people in charge: look, we know you're trying to keep the fields from getting destroyed, but you have to give the kids a place to play! My friends and I love football, but the only fields we can get on are run down or in another city. The best two fields are locked up. This trend cannot be allowed to continue. We need to keep the gates open and the lights on later, espeically in the summer time. This will keep the kids off of the streets. When we force the kids from the playgrounds at ten or eleven on a hot July night, we're basically asking them to run rampant in the streets, do more drugs, drink more, vandalize property, et cetera. But if we keep the parks open later, we show the youth in this city that we do care about them and we want them to play sports, hang out, and have a good time without causing trouble.


If there aint no back handers then it just won't happen will it HOG
There has to be some thing in for you, them bills in WINCHESTER must be mounting.


Foss park isnt in East Somerville. Draw Seven park is not accessable. Can't walk there. Besides, all those boat owners at the WHYC get mad if you make noise. By the way, was there last deal 1 dollar a year for 99 years? Time to let the PUBLIC use that facility.


The title of this article would be more truthful if it were a story about the mayor's obedience to large campaign contributors.

a somerville developers' victim

instead of sprucing up the current parks,
the city should be buy some of the vacant lots in the city and CREATE NEW PARKS with benches, and playgrounds, community gardens, etc.

in a few years, the developers will have built on all the vacant lots and the opportunity will be gone forever.

of course, this could anger the politicians campaign contributors.

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