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September 13, 2007



I would like to know who owns that truck on hollan st in front of the senior tuffts house with the mayors signs ? Has it ever been ticketed for street cleaning or 48 hours,I would like to see the records the last three years on tickets.If no tickets were issue than someone should be fired.


I agree. It looks campy and ridiculous. I thought the parking rules meant that a vehicle was to remain active for use even if its parked in a place for a period of time. That thing looks like an abandoned building with bills posted all over it. Usually, whoevers name or sign I see on it I make sure to not vote if they're a Ward 6 candidate. I don't like to encourage that sort of thing. We got enough billboards and signs as it is.

Solh Zendeh

Can someone tell me where to find the current layout or plans for this development online? I know I've seen them before, but I cannot find them now.


Bill Shelton

Person Davis,

I'm guessing that most of our readers think that you are a person who lives near Davis Square. Would you edify them with an explanation of who the original Person Davis was?


The broad plans for development at Assembly Square are at
The more recent and more specific plans for IKEA have not yet been posted. You can look at them at the 3rd floor of city hall.


Davis was than,not now.The times they are a changing .


Wow, I live around the corner from Assembly Square. The thought of being able to walk over to IKEA and finding house stuff beyond my favorite Bed Bath and Beyond over there is very appealing, however, the thought of traffic jams and people from out of the area crowding up our streets...
This is going to be insane if the MBTA ever finalizes its plans to put another T station on the Orange Line there. Especially, during the years long construction that will take.

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