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September 25, 2007



NONE OF THE ABOVE, and may God help us. Thank you Ken Burns

The Mole

What a waste of City Funds. Why don't we just go down to the Independent and enjoy the Mayor's company, before he becomes legless.

The Mole

Bert G

I'll drink to that

Ron Newman

As of 9 am, 75 people had voted at the Dllboy Post VFW.


Covering Your Bases Department:

Red pickup driving through Magoun Square around 9:00 this morning had a Mayor Joe sign on a post sticking out the driver's window, and a Scirroco sign on a post out the passenger window.


Turnout = 6234
Curtatone wins 83% of vote.

Southern Boy

Hey Moley, What's up with the rumor that one of our Illustrious Elected Officials was playing pool down at the Cambridge Hospital. The problem was they couldn't find the 8-Ball?

Fool on the Hill

Driving around the city to complete my errands this morning, I've noticed about half a dozen city workers holding "Joe" signs who have privately told me that they despise the mayor. Could someone explain to me how this works?

I get that they do it because they want to hold onto their jobs. But how does the process actually work? Does someone come to them and ask them to volunteer?


Because they are phonies

Ron Newman

At Dilboy this morning, one of the people with a Joe sign said he was a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Another was a member of the Licensing Commission.


I hear Rick Scirocco is cleaning up with the female and little league vote. It could be an upset in the making.


I must say that the Skipper was looking quite dapper in his civvies holding a sign for Mayor Joe this morning!

Get Over It

Joe Curtatone will be the Mayor of this city for as long as he likes.
There is not one viable candidate on the horizon to challenge him for the Mayor's office. If you think there is, please name him or her.

We might as well make the Mayor's tenure a four year term and save the citizens of this city some money.

Also, all those posters caring about who holds signs for the Mayor...get a life. This stuff goes on in every city in the country not just in Somerville, we are not special.


Just voted. For Bremer.

Voter Awareness

You know, I get the journal and keep my ear to the ground in this city and I know nothing about the three candidates coming into today. I do know the debate was canceled TWICE and TBH voting for two of ,a librarian, a wife beater or a mayor who has done me fine for the last few terms, seems easy enough. But really I'd like to hear more from Bremer and Scirocco to see what they are saying.


Maybe every city in Massachusetts; I'd never seen a standout before moving to Somerville in 1992.

I really could care less about who's holding signs, but I'm still curious as to who all the apparently able-bodied guys were outside the Brown School two years ago holding O'Donovan signs.

I don't know if they're out there today (or saving their ammo for the general election), but given the level of shenanigans that pass for politics in this town, I'm tempted to swing by certain city departments to see who's around today...

Ron Newman

If you click on my name at the bottom of this comment, it links to a LiveJournal post with all the links I could find related to today's election. I include all of the candidates' web sites, as well as answers to questionnaires from PDS, Somerville Dog Owners' Group, and anti-poverty organizations. Hope this is helpful.


"I'm tempted to swing by certain city departments to see who's around today..."

Who cares? What's that going to prove? Are you the the "I Spy" of Somerville elections? Is anybody going to get in trouble because of, as you say, their "shenanigans"?

I'm sure that people are shaking in their boots because Tricky, Ron Mewman and Fool on the Hill are checking out who's holding signs and who is at their assigned departments. What a joke!

I meant.....To Tricky


Ron Newman

I wasn't checking out anything. I was holding another candidate's sign and just talked to the folks holding the Joe signs next to me.


Clearly Curtatone will win this year. But I doubt this is a long term gig for him. The newcomers and immigrant population will eventually swamp the old guard Irish/ Italian dynasty. We have already seen that happen in all of the Leglistative seats ....

My guess is Joe will be on his way to a judgeship or a state post by July, 2008.

As for who can beat him? I dont know have a name... because we probably dont know him or her... But since he needs to make a living... he wont hang around to find out who the next Pat Jehlen, Rebbeca G, Denise P, or other might be lurking to knock him off...

BTW to keep things honest I too voted for Bremer today... though I expect Joe to win with 70%+ .... and anything less will be considered an upset.

To Ron

Who are you holding a sign for?

Ron Newman

I was holding a sign for Rebekah Gewirtz this morning.


Someone asked how city workers end up holding signs. What happens is that they get told they're going to take a vacation day today, and then they do, and this is how they spend it.
I drove past a polling place where a prominent member of the licensing board was holding a sign for Joe.


Answers my question, thanks.

Ron Newman

But I think members of the Licensing Commission, ZBA, Planning Board, and the like are citizens who are paid a stipend, not city employees.

The Mole

O'Drinkvan signs were prevalent around Ward 5 today. Not that many people voted you see but for the elderly I spoke with it confused the hell out of them.

Since they saw the O'Drinkivan signs they are looking for Lynchs' name on the ballot sheet to vote for him.

Boy is Sean boy in trouble. "GO JOE L". FL zip code will be visited early this year.

The Mole

Correct Ron

As Ron says, the people on the Zoning Board,Planning Board etc. are paid a stipend for their time and usually work full time jobs elsewhere. As a matter of fact if you look on the City's website they are looking for people to join a whole host of "Boards".

Carl Williams

another crappy turnout at the polls. Mayor Joe had the donut van out all day with coffee to keep everyone awake. I hear in Ward Two that the "powdered" donut was the most popular.


As far as low turnout, how about some closely contested races next time? Bob Adams was practically invisible in Ward Six during the campaign season, which I assume bodes well for Charlie Chisholm.

Also, the quality of the mayoral challengers was, um, somewhat south of the epic Curtatone-Lafuente-Kelly Gay tilt four years ago. BTW - didn't each of the three get more than 30% of the vote in the primary? Neither Bremer nor Scirocco's going to beat Curtatone in November, unless all hell breaks loose, and then it's probably still a toss-up.


Lets not forget the jolly dealings in Ward 7 today...I was out there and saw the challenger and her people out there all day....Bobby may be in trouble...especially if the pod people smell blood in the form of bobby boy. Daddy Joe will have his own race to worry about and Odonovan...remember last cycle when one of Joes smucks was in trouble...poor jack was left to fend for himself and ....then it was....Good Evening, ALderman Gewirtz! The Trainiac is going down!


Well done, Bremer!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


What if there is a big scandal involving money and the Federal Government, and Joe is caught in it? That would be an interesting scenario!


The numbers as usual tell us that we get what we deserve. A dismal display of voter enthusiasm once again. The numbers do show a few cracks, small, but telling. How can a librarian who campaigned not at all in ward five get almost thirty percent of the vote? and why so little turnout from ward two, the home base of the Mayor's biggest pom-pom waving cheerleader, Ald. Heuston?

Watch for the Mayor's kool aid drinking loyalists to pull a fast one while nobody's looking on the at large candidates this time and perform their vote pull for Connolly in ward two.

Snowflake wants to hire Lenny for his annual Halloween Party as a Vampire corpse Doorman!

Now that the primary is over, maybe Lenny the Vampire look-a-like can crawl back into his box filled with a mixture of cleaning and embalming fluid and disappear with his singing Muppet Doll Fran until Halloween! Rick can go back to usual business as a Deadbeat Dad and shackled to the stairway post outside the courtroom on Thursday, "Contempt Day",at the Probate Court and continue to be the every day criminal that he is! Good Riddins!!!!!!!

Just like Shit-on-a-Stick

Hey give Lenny and Rick a brake! If it wasn't for Arsholes like them, Cops wouldn't have jobs and the Sheriff DiPauola won't have to spend $357,000,000 to build a new jail at the Tauro tow yard! You got to look at the big picture! Lenny and Rick keep the economy moving along with some other items that fall off trucks!


As for the members of certain Boards who are 'citizens receiving a stipend'. While this may not make them technically city employees, they are, in effect, the same. They were appointed by the mayor, or by an alderman, and owe their allegiance accordingly. You can see this very easily in some of the votes taken by these 'Boards'! Also, there are lots of relatives of city employees, elected officials, and former elected officials. It's probably one of the main reason some of these boards exist at all!
As for having contested races, some races in recent years have made me extremely cynical. The newspapers do not cover them well, or even honestly, and the pod people who are living on trust funds can outspend any hardworking candidate in both time and money!

Ward 7 resident

Who is this woman that was standing on the sidewalk right in front of the polls in Teele Sq handing out her campaign literature. I thought that you could not do that. I find that so obnoxious that I would never vote for a candidate that does that sort of thing.

Ron Newman

The law definitely prohibits electioneering within N feet of the polls for candidates who are on the day's ballot.

But I'm not sure whether it prohibits campaigning by candidates who are NOT on the day's ballot, or whether it prohibits circulation of petitions. Anyone know for sure?

Truth B  Told

That was Rachel Heller a new resident of the city that is running for alderman in ward 7 against Bob Trane. I hear she has been here a little over a year and like her progrssive friends she thinks we Somervillians are dumb and she is going to save us from our selves. She couldn't give you directions to any place in the city but she thinks she would be a good alderman. Rumor has it that Pat Jehlen and Marty Martinez put her in the race.

Lies R Told

Your feeble attempt to spread lies and rumors is transparent.

Truth B Told

I decided to take up your feeble challenge. I did some checking and I was correct. Heller just moved here. I also checked her voting record, seems for a Progressive she does not vote very often. She must have just finished getting her programing at moonbat camp. It's all public record so check it out yourself. Feeble my A@#

Snowflake's theory of this fine city!

A lesson was learned from the recent primary election this past week! Even though Rick Scirocco got 460 votes within the city. It proves that there are 460 criminals at large in the city today! (Build a new jail in
Love Snowflake's Eleven!


Same old stuff. Will they do their jobs any better? What if all those not interested people went and cast a blank ballot, would none of the above win by a landslide?


I did some checking too. Truth B Told does NOT appear to live in Somerville.


Wow! You did some real indepth research, Truth B Told. I've known Rachel for the more than 3 years she has lived here. I was around when she bought her current home in the ward more than a couple years ago. And, I've also seen her at the polls EVERY election since including Tuesday. Good thing you don't do fact-checking for a career.

Old Somerviller

I'm pretty sure Bob "Choo-choo" Trane lives in Somerville, but what he did on Tuesday made sure I'm not voting for him November. I came out to hold a sign for Joe. So, here comes Choo-choo and just presses one of his signs into my other hand and says "hold this." What is that crap? Can't he get his own people? I'm thinking he must have gotten scared seeing so many people out holding Rachel Heller signs. Thanks for making my decision easier, Choo-choo!

Truth B  Told

I was born and raised right here in Somerville but in the eyes of the so called progressives that makes me incapable of making a decision on my own.

I want to make some easy money, I'll take Trane in 7 and give you 5-1 odds. Any takers. How about you old Somerville, I mean Nancy

Old Somerviller

Guess again Truth B Told... I mean, Choo-choo.

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