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September 25, 2007



That's a shame...on my way home from voting tonight I saw the Scirocco Election SUV make a spectacular *left turn on red* through the light at Central & Summer, barely beating out oncoming traffic with the green. I was hoping that a) Scirocco would be our next mayor, and b) he'd make it legal for all of us to make lefts on red! Just think of how much time we'd all save!


Why is it necessary to have this headline? Why is Bremer's gender at the forefront of her political persona? This headline makes it seem as if a teenage girl is beating up a male bully in the schoolyard. Can we please focus on what really matters in these campaigns please? Is it really that remarkable that women are finally entering the political arena? Women have proven that they are just as capable of governing as men. Let gender go, and let your headlines represent what's really important to Somerville. Thank you.

Ron Newman

It was an allusion to Scirocco's history of women taking out restraining orders against him...

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