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September 27, 2007







Wow, there are fake bloods on Temple street now lol.

Ron Newman

In broad daylight, right along one of my main commuting routes to work ;-(


Cheese'n'rice!! I drive through that intersection almost daily!

Aldrich St

Great 2 blocks from my house and right across the street from where I go to get the Sunday Paper. Glad I wasn't biking home from work at the time.

Its great that "many citizens" were not afraid to help officers in identifying these suspects.


Another pair of losers bites the dust. From Fitchburg? What the hell were they doing here?...

Ron Newman

One from Randolph, one from Fitchburg, but yeah, why here?

How about the Rest of the Story

The question is, Who was the third person the SPD were looking for? The resident at that address, 111 Walnut Street? And did they find them?


Just noticed a typo in the title "in conenction"...

Thank God....

they never made the old Kemp Nuts factory parcel a playground. If they did it would have turned out to be a disaster. The "quality" of people residing in those large apartment buildinds on that corner leave a lot to be desired. Anybody riding by there, which I do frequently, can see the trouble that is always a constant there. I would love to see the Police log for a year in regards to that certain area.

Who the hell owns those buildings and why aren't they held responsible for the scum the landlords allow to live there?

I used to allow my kids to walk down Walnut street to meet up with some friends on a side street down the lower part of Walnut St., near Broadway, but I put a stop to it two years ago knowing what they had to walk by on the corner of Pearl and Walnut. What a shame.

Observer from Cambridge

Notice the 'bats' or people who had the bats were not even mentioned. Very one sided article.

Its so sad to see kids involved in these kinds of things.


Wait they found unrelated weapons at the house? 'Unrelated' to the shots fired. So the people who were shooting are still out there?

This is BS!

You choose to write a comment and all you can say is "Another pair of losers bites the dust"? How long did it take you to come up with that one?

Of course no one wants gun violence in their own neighborhood, but instead of calling these kids "losers" let's try to figure out a solution to the root problems that cause this type of violence to begin with.

And yeah, "how about the rest of the story"? Let's talk about why the white boys with bats (six white boys versus two blacks) weren't charged with anything, and the white boys approached the blacks looking for a fight. The SPD and the media can try to make this look one-sided, but that wasn't the case.

So the real shame here is the ignorant people of Somerville (the people that posted here, not everyone in Somerville is ignorant) running theirs mouths when they don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Ron Newman

The last couple of people who posted comments here (Observer from Cambridge and This is BS!) seem to have information about this event that was not in either the News or the Journal article. Did you see what happened, and if so, can you tell us more?

William Hurst

People, threats were made and guns were shown to back up that threat. For whatever reason these idiots went back to that corner thinking that " a bat is better than a gun". One sided? Get your story straight, ignorance can go both ways.


If you bothered to look at the other rag in town they had pictures of the subjects being arrested. To me it looked like there was one white kid and one black kid being arrested.
So I don't believe the cops were being one sided.

Also, if you also happen to look at the other rag in town and look at who is being arrested on a weekly basis then you will see why , as you call them, the ignorant people of Somerville think the way they do.

There are a lot of bad influences coming to this city from all over the place. I don't know the whole story on this particular incident but past incidents seem to make a case for the "ignorant Somervillians".


"Stupid is as stupid does."

Still Another Area.....

It's everywhere!

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