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September 02, 2007


Go Figure

I think this is terrific and I think these kids are doing a great job! Thanks for your volunteerism, it's making the city a better place.

Ron Newman

And also, my congratulations to S.O.S. and everyone else who worked to reconfigure the Lexington Park basketball area from two half-courts to one full court.


S.O.S. is a grassroots group that gives a
real damn about the future of this city, and the
future of the kids of this city.

If you honestly care about Somerville, give them your support!


Congrats to all of the young people who organized and attended this successful event. You all make us "old" Somerville youth proud!!


Everyone forgets about the boys, ages 14 to 17. They have many programs for the girls. My hats off to the people who organized this event. Next time advertise it, I would love to have helped!!


Oh Brother, these homophobic tough guys are all about 'unity' Right.... tell me another??

Oh, Borther

I love when people who do nothing complain about people who are doing something. I just find it funny that you would make criticisms, groundless ones at that, at these upstanding you men doing what they can to make this city a better place. Thanks for contributing, chief, we all appreciate the hard work you are doing sitting behind your computer insulting young people trying to do good. Bravo!

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