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September 28, 2007


Ron Newman

Perhaps someone should alter that graphic to say " a place for fiends"


Good one!


Wow - that is some great investigative work on the part of the victim, and great work by our Somerville Police! I'm very impressed.


Excellent! Nice work! Stupid criminals think they have everything figured out. Don't drop the soap, Homey...

gerard tobin

Does the Somerville News have archived photos from the early days of the City newspaper? I'm particularly wondering about the early 1930s.

My maternal grandmother lived at 15 Fiske Ave as a child beginning in 1882. She ran for Alderman in 1927. The family moved out of Somerville in the late 1950s.

Ron Newman

This newspaper goes back only to the 1970s, so you're probably better off asking at the Journal, which is much older.


this dude is one bad azz mother plucker..


this dude is one bad azz mother plucker..

A.J.  Brignolio

I personally Know the mastermind Casey R. Kalenda. On May 1, 2008 the same group of three headed by Kolenda proceeded to Break and Enter a fellow friends home in Watertown, Ma.stealing 5,000 dollars worth of jewelery,clothing,Ps3,Xbox360 and expensive water bongs loading the loot into a grey honda that belonged to an unknowing female driver. This heist was observed by the entire street's residents. The subjects apparently became lost and led the police from three surrounding towns in a game of follow the criminals. Eventually running out of gas and coming to a halt in Arlington, Ma. Upon being arrested and booked Kolenda proceeded to make a call to a friend informing him that someone had snitched. Police then used the recorded conversation in court at his arraignment. Police also found 24 grams of cocaine in Kolenda's pants pocket but he was able to dive and flush them in the toilet when the officer placed them on a bench briefly while continuing the search. Kolenda is being held at cambridge jail on no bond status. The judge was reluctant to grant bail when it was known to the court Kolenda had 5 open cases not including the bike path robbery.

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