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September 16, 2007


Born Here

funny, a few months ago the "lite-brite" guys were arrested for putting stuff under that bridge. At least the "art" covers the rusted beams and failing concrete.

Junk under McGrath

I never saw so much junk in my life! If I were to place any items like that garbage under any bridge I would get arrested! Give me a break! Put your outdor energy to something useful!

Curt and Tony

Never seen so much crap in all my life. And we're going to create a whole district in Union Square for these transients? Bunch of Know nothings and Do nothings. Use the money for the kids of this city and low income hard working people instead of wanna be artists who can't even stay inside of the lines in a coloring book.


Were these the same people who came up with that excellent reflective tape the buildings in Union Square a while back? That was AMAZING! Freaking reflective tape on buildings. Oh how that bought the community together. Now it's the I went dumpster diving and look at what I came up with aren't I talented. I guess that's what you come up with when you are unemployable, can't hold down a real job, and can't relate to anyone other than a similar moonbat mindset. At least it isn't a far trip to the waste transfer station where this garbage will end up anyway. I drove by it last week. It looked like the hobo village moved in and did some decorating.

Don't Worry

It will be full of bird excrement, if it isn't already!

Artist Living

Well, I for one plan to do something positive to help these artists. I will be evicting the family of 5 living downstairs and offering a home (subsidized, of course) to as many artists as can squeeze into the apartment. I would encourage other landlords in the city to do the same. We all need to do our part to help our city grow and move forward. Doesn't anyone have an apartment available for that poor performance artist from MIT? Must they all wait until the new Union Square is finished? Tragic.

Born Here

Artists ?? I wouldn't trust these lay-a-bouts to paint my house.


I can't believe how many spiteful and negative comments are turning up on here. What a strange attitude - would you rather everything was ugly and drab? Sure, most of that art is nothing I would want in my living room, but when you consider the efforts of artists to make something for a public space, at no profit to themsleves, and with a very limited budget for materials, how much do any of us need to put that down? I live in East Somerville, and if any of you spend any time in the area trying to get around by bike or on foot, you will notice what a terrible mess the areas under the freeways around here are. Try walking from East Broadway to Assembly Square, or to Union. There is no way to do it without walking through some pretty nasty messes of so called "urban planning". If a community group wants to clean up the broken beer bottles and trash, who am I to complain about the colorful stuff they hang in it's place. Mayor Joe came out for the opening party, if any of these efforts get him to say, install more lighting so these areas are safer to walk alone at night, it is all worth it. If we actually clean up these areas and make them safe public spaces, all the better. I really am shocked and dissapointed that so many people feel the need to denigrate an effort to improve our public space. Like the art or not, there is not denying that what the Union Square arts council is up to is of great benefit to the city we all share.


Andy = Barney


I give up.

For those of you who miss the old McGrath underpass, there is a great spot under 93 near my house where you can all meet up and talk about the good old days, smell the exhaust, and feel superior.


I went by McGrath Highway might as well hang a big sign that says 'Welcome to the ghetto'! Anyone who calls this junk art has a screw loose, and I still can't believe that the mayor wants to completely revamp UNion Square for the sake of these crazies. There's even one traffic sign that they've covered over with one of their creations. Good luck fighting that ticket in traffic court!


I love that, I wish I could go and see it!

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