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September 15, 2007


Friday Night at the Fights

Was anyone else at the SHS/ Everett football game friday night?

I was late for the game (half time) and as I was entering the main entrance there was a messy scene outside the gates. A bunch of white kids (real tough guys) trying to beat up a lonely black kid, who from my perspective was just trying to walk away. Not a cop insight until it was broken up by bystanders and after the white kids took off from the scene. Then there were at least 15 cops that came out from their detail posts inside tthe stadium. Wouldn't you think that during half time the cops would place at least one officer at the gate while people come in and out or hang out front to stretch their legs or have a smoke? I guess hanging around the food stand was a little more exciting for them.
Then during the fourth quarter a kid, fooling around, went by the band and as a joke hit the cymbals on the drum set. Of course this was seen as a major infraction and a nasty State Cop (another real tough guy)locked him up! Go figure. I think friday night at the, I mean the SHS football game should be played on Saturday Morning before most of these kids can get drunk. I know Thanksgiving games are one big drunk, but at least maybe it would cut the fights down a little.
Also, please don't tell me that the Mayor isn't the head coach of this football team, anyone who knows a lick about football can see what's going on here.

Same old song, different tune

This is an old sad story. Ever been to a high school basketball game? Fights/altercations taking place in the stands while the cops/staff stand safely by the door. The fights in the parking lot are raging, while the cops/staff are making sure everyone leaves the gym.

Another Somerville Kid Dies

The kid,who will remain nameless (I shoudn't call him a kid as he had two tours in Iraq)was killed needlessly in a fight in Texas off of the military base. All of the information hasn't come to light yet. What a freakin' shame.

Our prayers go out to his family at this numbing and difficult time.


Friday Night please do not be like every other idiot that posts on here and not get the facts first. 1. "bunch of white kids" - the fight started when the "black kid"(as you call him) you speak of hit the "white kid" repeatedly and his friends came to help and the "black kid" ran away. (was later caught by the way. 2. 15 detail officers, yet again wrong. There were 4 details 2 Somerville and 2 State. The rest of the officers (4 maybe 6) were Metro Gang Officers who were called in due to some known gang members that were in attendence. 3. The kid "fooling around".. if I were you I would look into what he did outside the stadium as to why the trooper was following him in to start with. He hit the cymbal to be a wise guy back at the trooper. Also, the statement about the Mayor was just asinine and ignorant. You obviously are one of the regular posters. In the future PLEASE get your facts.

To Fact Please

You are absolutely wrong. Simple as that. Why did the white kids run and the black kid stay? Why was the black kid told to go home for his safety by the urging of the police to protect him?

Somerville Police / Two uniformed and two undercover, that I saw.
Staties / Two uniformed
Gang Unit / At least three
Everett / At least three to four
That's the one's I know of.

As for the Mayor.....give it a rest, it's so obvious it's ridiculous.


Listen - First of all read my posting again. The "black kid" ran NOT the white kids. I was standing right there. Also, the black kid was escorted out by the police and came VERY close to being arrested. As far as your listing of the police officers that were present - the comment was that there "15 cops on detail" All but 4 of the officers were on their actual shifts. So if you are going to comment then please pay attention.

Facts Please

I guess you have a different agenda than I do, I don't know any of the kids involved, it looks like you do. You can spread whatever view you want......but it doesn't change the truth. The black kid was pushed outside the gates by a bunch of white kids and wasn't escorted by the police. He did not come close to being arrested and in fact was escorted to his car by a police officer so that he wouldn't get hurt.
Just ask the AD who tried to lock the main gates, which was wrong, while this mess was happening.

You have an agenda in regards to this,whether you are a cop or a parent of one of the kids, I don't. I graduated in the early sixties and thought it might be fun to see my old home team in action. Enough said. Next time, if there is a next time, I'll show up on time and not half time and stay in the stands.


To: 'Another Somerville Kid Dies' - this is indeed a sad and tragic story, another blow to a wonderful family who has seen nothing but heartache the last few years. But let's not remember him here, in the midst of this ugly banter. Perhaps the News will cover the story?


Many of us are very interested in this young man's name. Could you print it please? Thank you.


I agree that we should wait until things are a little clearer and not air it out on this particular blog. The kid was 21 years old. This is a horrible and tragic and senseless loss.


I agree that we should wait until things are a little clearer and not air it out on this particular blog. The kid was 21 years old. This is a horrible and tragic and senseless loss.


No the Mayor is not the head coach. Marchetti is the head coach, has been for three years. The Mayor has been coaching them for years as an assistant to the head coach. Why??? Whats so obvious its ridiculous.

Former Highlander RB

Boy things haven't changed with Everett since I played 20+ years ago. You see that picture in the other Somerville paper with the Evertt kid face masking a Somerville player about half his size with the kid pinned on the ground? That should be put up on a billboard entering Dilboy just to show what a bunch of s--theads they act like over in Everett and how the coaches encourage this sort of behavior. They're still a bunch of a-holes who arent just happy to beat you.
They used to throw bottles and stuff at us over at the stadium when we were coming out of the locker room so we were always told to have the helmets on at ALL TIMES. They suck. The Everett fans, the coaches and the Everett players. I'd hate to see it if Somerville beats them one of these years. They'll all be jumping off the Tobin bridge and their freakin coaches who encourage juicing by the players will probably protest the game with the MIAA over some stupid rules violation. Crimson Tide is a disgrace and should be tossed out of the GBL.

Former Highlander RB

That, I believe, is called sour grapes. They have been, are, and will continue to be a better team than Somerville.

When baby boys are born in Somerville they are given "binkies" to suck on. In Everett they are given mouthpieces!

Better program, better "feeding system".....just better all around than Somerville. Get over it.


Really??? Have you ever heard of steroids and recruiting, both illegal in the GBL. Rumors have flown for years that Everett players routinely use steroids. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's only a rumor or not. The 'recruiting', however, is absolutely true, and I don't know how or why the MIAA allows them to get away with it! We have people from Somerville who have moved their kids to Everett in 8th Grade, got them held back, then put into Everett High to play football, basketball, whatever. Any prominent Somerville names come to mind????

To Really

That's true. Parents due move to Everett so their child can play on an elite football team. Is that against the rules? It happens in a lot sports and cities not just Everett.'

As for the steroid claim, back it up with some evidence. That is something that you shouldn't point fingers at unless you have some evidence.

When you win all the time nobody is going to like you. So you are going to get people who will try and find fault or an excuse WHY you are winning and not just say that you are good.

Former Highlander RB

It isn't sour grapes at all. Its what I've SEEN and lived and what my kids have seen and lived. And its a lot worse today than it use to be over there. Somerville always has had a strong Pop Warner program with some excellent local residents coaching who work their tails off only to see these kids leave and get recruited (and that's exactly what it is, recruiting) to the parochial high schools and elsewhere. No doubt Everett has a deep program, but thats BS if you think that a city with about half of Somerville's population can somehow year after year after year have enough kids with enough talent in house to keep up the program they have. When a team dominates the way they do year after year like that and then STILL pulls crap like what you saw in the Journal, I think its time for a deep audit and review by the MIAA and the GBL to see what's going on. Maybe Everett should be redistricted to play only with the Xaverians and Brocktons and St. John Preps in as you say an "elite" league with semi-college like scouting and recruiting and complex formations and MUCH more intense scrutiny all the time. At least that would have a little bit of fairness to it. The way it is now is totally out of whack since there's no way of trying to establish any kind of parity between cities in the same district. That way, Somerville or Cambridge or Medford parents can do all they want as far as finageling their kids into Everett's football program and Everett can cherry pick the best of the best and the MIAA can oversee it like a hawk as they should and spank them around if they color outside the lines. Then all the other cities like Somerville and Malden and Medford can at least have a chance at being in a Super Bowl that they can compete in with only an 8-4 record or something like that. Look how for instance Peabody is having an off cycle. Peabody was always a highly competitive program and they go into a drought or at least fall back in line with the pack. That's how it should be according to the law of averages.
And don't try and tell me I'm picking on Everett because their successful. I too have been hearing about these allegations for years and I'm sure that some of it is as you say due to sour grapes but when you hear it over and over from different people and different sources for as long as I have, especially some that are in the know, you have to wonder if Everett's playing strictly by the rules and just blessed with an exceptional gifted group of football players or if there is shenanigans going on that makes the rest of the district suffer.

NOT sour grapes

"Parents due move to Everett so their child can play on an elite football team. Is that against the rules?" - Yes, as a matter of fact it is against the rules. It is against the MIAA rules which are supposed to regulate high school sports in the state of Massachusetts. Moving to a new city in order to play a sport is definitely not allowed, and the MIAA has restricted the play of some students who have done this, but somehow they never look at Everett. It is also against the rules to retain an 8th grader in order to give them an advantage (age/development) when they reach high school. Again, happens routinely with people 'recruited' to Everett. I'm not sure if the MIAA ever considered a rule barring locating apartments for 'recruited' players, but, again, something Everett does routinely. I'd bet if you look at their football team stats, you'll find that many players lived in another city before high school. Again, a well-known local city employee moved to Everett to take advantage of this 'program' - ooops, forgot to give the city the new address, though!!


Last time i looked this was America and you can move anywhere you want. So what if they moved to Everett to take advantage of the football program. Its outstanding!! Maybe if we had a program like theirs kids would be moving here too. Then you wouldn't be complaining!!!

Former Highlander RB

Yes thats exactly what my point is. Everett red shirts their Varsity football teams using a number of cagy methods. I was not aware of the apartment locating that the other posting mentioned, but I can see how all of this could be done under the disguise of being a "family friendly city" where Somerville seems to have become a college student friendly city. The point is when a program such as Everett's flouts the rules using such means to stack a high school football team year after year it is the MIAA's job to look into whether there's something going on that shouldn't be and everything I've seen, and I've seen a lot over the years, tells me there is something wrong there.
Mayor Curtatone does work hard with the high school kids on the football team and he knows a lot about football but unless he can recruit the same way Everett does, how would we ever be able to build a strong competitive program here. Another thing thats really hurt us I think is the elimination of the Junior highs and their football programs since kids unless they play Pop Warner don't get introduced to the sport early enough. I still say Everett operates outside the lines though.


I dated a woman for a couple of years who specifically moved to Everett 'cause her sons were good football players. I don't know if there is anything wrong with or not, but that is an elite program from Pop Warner on up. Everyone knows it and has for years.


There's nothing wrong with moving to Everett to play Pop Warner. There IS something wrong with moving to Everett to play high school football. Everett tries to get around it by getting the kids in the 8th grade. However, they often retain them for a year so they're bigger and stronger. This is also against HS MIAA rules. If you're retained in 8th grade without a valid reason, you're supposed to lose a year of high school eligibility. However, since the MIAA is mostly incompetent and the rest of the time overly political, they look the other way when it comes to Everett. The only question I can't answer is 'how does Everett continue to get away with it'?


Jessica Fargen wrote an article in today's Herald regarding the young man from Somerville who died in Texas a few days ago. This is an absolutely terrible loss.

Everett Football

Tell me. If you had a kid that had the talent to have a chance to get a college football scholorship through football, I don't think there would be any hesitation for anyone to make the move to Everett.

To Everett Football

Do you happen to know how many Everett football players typically get full college scholarships? I know there is one kid from there who got a free 4-year pass to BC next year. There is also a kid from Somerville who is getting one and these two have already met on the field at Everett since accepting their letters from BC. What other schools are Everett kids going to? Somerville had another kid go to BC on scholarship a few years ago as well as Temple and Arizona I believe. Bottom line is if your kid is that talented and has decent academics he could be playing for the worst program in the state and still end up being recruited by a top school's football program.


first of all the "black kid" was the one who stepped up to all the "white boys". two kids were talking trash about each other and the "black kid" came in screaming and sayin he would fight anyone outside. no one forced the "black kid" outside. he went willingly to fight one of the "white boys". the other "whiteboys" went out to make sure his friend didn't get jumped. whoever is saying the ridiculous comments about the "lonely black kid" have no idea what happened and probably heard it from another moron. peace.

current somerville highlander d-linemen

this year we highlanders are taking over, were playing teams like bc highschool, mattinghon high, and more and now this everitt does'nt have that play issac johnson so we are taking over and coach m is deff ready for what ever they through at us

current somerville highlander d-linemen

this year we highlanders are taking over, were playing teams like bc highschool, mattinghon high, and more and now this everitt does'nt have that play issac johnson so we are taking over and coach m is deff ready for what ever they through at us

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