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September 04, 2007



Just ignore them and they go away! If you put your head in the sand or up your A?s.
God Bless the U.S.A

Waiting till the next election

Someone stated above that Curtatone is attempting to give illegals the right to vote in Somerville. Is this true? I know other towns are attempting this, but haven't heard of it here. Can someone confirm if this is true, and if so, if our BOA has become that spineless, that they would allow such a proposal to move forward? Especially without media coverage? This policy is an utter hijacking of our constitution, and of the rights of citizens.
By the way, my son and his friends were thrown out of our local park the other night, simply because it was past 10:00. They were sitting on benches talking. How is it that we can throw good kids who aren't bothering anyone out of a neighborhood park, but ignore hundreds of (probable) illegals gathering on a daily basis at Foss Park??


I think the News should do an in-depth article on the sanctuary city status, Foss Park morning gatherings and illegal immigration as a whole and how it affects the city. They should list the positions of each BOA candidate on this issue along with the mayor and any other elected official.

Our elected officials really need to stop bending over for the PDS folks. These PDS moonbats aren't your daddy's democrats that were talking about here. These people are anti-US, anti-business and pro-illegals. They need to be tossed out along with any imbecile who has been supporting them.

And cabbie, GFY!


There are some things we can do locally. First, we can report illegals when we see them. If you know the people living next toy uo are illegally here it is your obligation to report them to ICE. Don't bother with the cops as our sanctuary city has effectively tied their hands. Next we can and should email/call our alderman and tell them we want an end to being a sanctuary city and we want enforcement of our laws. A person here illegally needs to be deported immediately. A hearing on their status and then act - deport or set free.

We should also know the costs and the dire consequences of the sheer numbers of illegals that have been entering. We can all do something about this. We can't wait for the politicians to act as they are in the pockets of businesses that want the cheap labor and the looney PDS crowd.

We also need to send a message to the PDS that they do not represent the majority of people in this city. They represent a small niche of ultra-left, seditious wierdos in and around the davis square area only. A group of people that we've always kind of ignored, but now that we see their sick and twisted agenda -- we need to act and reign in the amount of power they've grabbed/stolen. That ward 6 moonbat (Gerwitz) needs to go.

Yorktown Street

The Patriot has his facts wrong. When that petition was thrown out, it was because ballot fraud was PROVEN. Ask yourself: when was the last time you went down a street with a petition and found every single registered voter at home? Plus, they all signed the petition in alphabetical order! Oddly enough, it was the people opposed to "illegal immigration" who were breaking the law.


Can each of you on this blog guarantee that your parents or grandparents got here legally? I checked the records from Ellis Island. My grandmother is listed as arriving in 1921, my grandfather is nowhere to be found, because he jumped ship at some point and came in on his own. And he ended up an ideal citizen, because he was given a chance! Are you so sure you're pure? Would you be glad to hear that your forebears were given as much of a hard time as you're giving people now? Are you really that nasty?


Yep. Checked. Mine came legally.

Why did your grandfather jump ship? I wonder if this jeapordizes your status as a US citizen? I have no idea what the law would say about this now. You may want to give a ICE a call and confirm things.

No one is giving people a hard time or beist "nasty" to those who come here legally or become legal. The problem is the wave shows no signs of subsiding and the politicians are doing nothing about it. It's a matter of numbers - wages go down when the supply of cheap labor goes up AND where the hell are we going to stick all these millions? Sounds like - with the reasoning you gave - that you're in favor of people coming and staying here illegally.

Economic Impact

(From: Bears and Stearns)

Illegal immigrants constitute a large and growing force in the political, economic, and
investment spheres in The United States. The size of this extra-legal segment of the
population is significantly understated because the official U.S.Census does not capture
the total number of illegal immigrants. In turn, the growth of the underground work force
is increasingly concealing the economic impact of this below-market labor supply. Our
research has identified significant evidence that the census estimates of undocumented
immigrants may be capturing as little as half of the total undocumented population. This
gross undercounting is a serious accounting issue, which could ultimately lead to
government policy errors in the future.
Though we cannot conduct an independent census of the United States population, as
investors, we need not accept the accuracy of the official census immigration statistics,
which are widely recognized as incomplete. There are many ancillary sources of data
that provide evidence that the rate of growth in the immigrant population is much greater
than the Census Bureau statistics. School enrollments, foreign remittances, border
crossings, and housing permits are some of the statistics that point to a far greater rate of change in the immigrant population than the census numbers. At the risk of appearing dogmatic or taking a leap of faith, we have applied the rate of growth from these other areas and have drawn several conclusions about the current immigration population:

1. The number of illegal immigrants in the United States may be as high as 20
million people, more than double the official 9 million people estimated by the
Census Bureau.
2. The total number of legalized immigrants entering The United States since 1990
has averaged 962,000 per year. Several credible studies indicate that the
number of illegal entries has recently crept up to 3 million per year, triple the
authorized figure.
3. Undocumented immigrants are gaining a larger share of the job market, and
hold approximately 12 to 15 million jobs in the United States (8% of the

Asset Management
4. Four to six million jobs have shifted to the underground market, as small
businesses take advantage of the vulnerability of illegal residents.
5. In addition to circumventing the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986,
many employers of illegal workers have taken to using unrecorded revenue
receipts. Employer enforcement has succumbed to political pressure.
6. Cell phones, internet and low-cost travel have allowed immigrants easier illegal
access to the United States and increased their ability to find employment and
circumvent immigration laws.


1)What's your point about the number of immigrants? These are the people who are picking the fruit you eat, slaughtering the chickens, mowing lawns, making food in restaurants, cleaning those restaurants and your workplace, painting your house, etc., etc., etc. People born here are not applying to do those jobs because the pay is so lousy.
2) One big question is why the unions are not reaching out to include these workers? It would benefit everyone -- the unions would be strengthened, the workers would have protection. In the meantime, if these workers leave, there will be no one doing these jobs.
3) Most of the people you see doing these low-paying jobs are legal! Just because they have brown skin or accents doesn't mean they're "illegal immigrants"! A lot of them have a legal right to be here.

To Old Timer

"What's your point about the number of immigrants?"

Please re-read the is talking about "illegal" immigrants.

INA (2006)

(Please read the last sentence of this article) From: Wikipedia

Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) was made law in 2006 as a result of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). Section 287(g) authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies, permitting designated officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions, pursuant to a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), provided that the local law enforcement officers receive appropriate training and function under the supervision of sworn U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. Under 287(g), ICE provides state and local law enforcement with the training and subsequent authorization to identify, process, and when appropriate, detain immigration offenders they encounter during their regular, daily law-enforcement activity.

1 Excerpt of INA 287(g)
2 List of Agencies with Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) with ICE for 287(g) Authority
2.1 Sheriff's Departments and Jails
2.2 State Law Enforcement Agencies
2.3 List of Agencies considering 287(g) Authority or pending MOA
2.4 References

Excerpt of INA 287(g)
(1) 1/ Notwithstanding section 1342 of title 31, United States Code, the Attorney General may enter into a written agreement with a State, or any political subdivision of a State, pursuant to which an officer or employee of the State or subdivision, who is determined by the Attorney General to be qualified to perform a function of an immigration officer in relation to the investigation, apprehension or detention of aliens in the United States (including the transportation of such aliens across State line s to detention centers), may carry out such function at the expense of the State or political subdivision and to extent consistent with State and local law.
(2) An agreement under this subsection shall require that an officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State performing a function under the agreement shall have knowledge of, and adhere to, Federal law relating to the function, and shall contain a written certification that the officers or employees performing the function under the agreement have received adequate training regarding the enforcement of relevant Federal immigration laws.
(3) In performing a function under this subsection, an officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State shall be subject to the direction and supervision of the Attorney General.
(4) In performing a function under this subsection, an officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State may use Federal property or facilities, as provided in a written agreement between the Attorney General and the State or subdivision.
(5) With respect to each officer or employee of a State or political subdivision who is authorized to perform a function under this subsection, the specific powers and duties that may be, or are required to be, exercised or performed by the individual, the duration of the authority of the individual, and the position of the agency of the Attorney General who is required to supervise and direct the individual, shall be set forth in a written agreement between the Attorney General and the State or po litical subdivision.
(6) The Attorney General may not accept a service under this subsection if the service will be used to displace any Federal employee.
(7) Except as provided in paragraph (8), an officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State performing functions under this subsection shall not be treated as a Federal employee for any purpose other than for purposes of chapter 81 of title 5, United States Code, (relating to compensation for injury) and sections 2671 through 2680 of title 28, United States Code (relating to tort claims).
(8) An officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State acting under color of authority under this subsection, or any agreement entered into under this subsection, shall be considered to be acting under color of Federal authority for purposes of determining the liability, and immunity from suit, of the officer or employee in a civil action brought under Federal or State law.
(9) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require any State or political subdivision of a State to enter into an agreement with the Attorney General under this subsection.
(10) Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require an agreement under this subsection in order for any officer or employee of a State or political subdivision of a State-

(A) to communicate with the Attorney General regarding the immigration status of any individual, including reporting knowledge that a particular alien is not lawfully present in the United States; or

(B) otherwise to cooperate with the Attorney General in the identification, apprehension, detention, or removal of aliens not lawfully present in the United States.

[edit] List of Agencies with Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) with ICE for 287(g) Authority
The ICE maintains a Fact Sheet listing all agencies with MOAs. Most are listed below:
Sheriff's Departments and Jails
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (CA) 12 Custody Assistants[1]
Orange County Sheriff's Department (CA) [2]
Almance County (NC) [3]
Mecklenburg County Sheriff (Charlotte, NC) [4]
Gaston County Sheriff (NC) [5]
Davidson County Sheriff (Nashville TN) [6]
Costa Mesa Police Department (CA) requested authority and was given one Immigration Enforcement Agent to work its city jail in lieu of 287(g)
Maricopa County Sheriff's Department (AZ) [7]
Phoenix Police Department (AZ)
State Law Enforcement Agencies
Alabama State Police 46 Officers
Arizona Department of Corrections [9]
Arizona Department of Public Safety DPS/Highway Patrol [10]
Florida Department of Law Enforcement 62 Officers
Massachusetts entered into an agreeement under Governor Mitt Romney, but incoming Governor said he intends to cancel agreement.


Yes, I know. Which of the people doing all those jobs are illegal? What if they all are? Are you willing to do without fruit and chicken? Are you going to scrub the hallway at your work? Do you think they should all be checked to see if they have paperwork, if the end result will be that you'll be deprived of fruit, chickens and clean hallways? Are you willing to go that far?
Or are you able to stretch your mind around the fact that even if some of these folks don't have paperwork, (and some do)they're here. Like my paperwork-free grandfather. They're working -- you can see them working and you consume the results of their labor. They're paying their rent. They are trying to take part in the American Dream, as so many have. Unless you're Native American, someone in your past did exactly the same thing.


Somervilleoldtimer, the point is someone in my past did not come here illegally. Illegally being the key word. No one is in favor of stopping legal immigration - up to 1 million a year come here legally. That works - brings new blood into our country and allows for economic expansion. I'm good with that.

We're only talking about throwing the people out who came here illegally and are staying here illegally. Oh... and there are people here legally that are willing to pick fruit and clean houses. It's an insult for you to demean those who do those tasks, but it does show that you are another modern slave supporter. sounds like - with the reasoning you gave - that you're in favor of people coming and staying here illegally. Is that your stance? We should have completely open borders, so you can hire people on the cheap and not pay prevailing wages/taxes?


I'm not demeaning anyone -- I'm the one who pointed out that you and I value the product of these jobs. (Between the two of us, I'm the only one who values the person as well.) I'm also the one who pointed out that lots of the people doing these jobs do have valid paperwork. "Modern slave supporter" -- whoa, you totally went off the deep end there . . . If you're so concerned about the well-being of these people and worried about them being "slaves" then make sure there are protections available instead of throwing them under the bus like you're doing.
Yes, I'm in favor of people coming here who are "yearning to be free" as the good old Statue of Liberty says. I would far prefer they get here safely and not on top of trains, dying of thirst crossing the desert, etc. I would throw open the doors the way they used to be thrown open, which is how most of the rest of the old time somervillians got here, i.e. the Mayor's mother who still doesn't speak English, etc. Anyone asked her for her paperwork lately? Has anyone told her she ought to learn English or get out of the country? For goodness sakes, people are doing the very best they can!
If you are someone who has never, ever, even the least little bit, broken the law, including never, ever going through a yellow or red light, never ever doing the slightest thing in violation of the law (i.e. never ever anything "illegal"), I will allow you to throw the first stone. If not, it's just fearful hypocrisy.
I'll bring up the Winter Hill gang again. How come there wasn't the same hysteria as there is now? Talk about hypocrisy . . .


somervilleoldtimer, are you going to answer this simple question: It sounds like - with the reasoning you gave - that you're in favor of people coming and staying here illegally. Is that your stance? We should have completely open borders, so you can hire people on the cheap and not pay prevailing wages/taxes?

The rest of what you said means nothing as my position is LEGAL immigration is good (the way the mayor's family got here). No one cares if someone here speaks the king's english or not. It behooves a person to learn english as that is the language of America and world finance, but if someone is here legally and chooses not to speak english that is their business.

Value the person? HA. You value hiring people illegally to pick fruit and clean your house so as to avoid paying real wages and taxes. You don't value the person... you value the $$$ you're saving by exploiting these people.

And they wouldn't have to come here ".. on top of trains, dying of thirst crossing the desert, etc" if people like you and unscrupulous employers did not want to hire them as modern day slaves. The line runs right from 17th century slave traders right to the people who bring in these people today and then to you. You are what you support and it is what it is.

Immigration’s Silent Invasion

From: The Rutherford Institute,

Efforts to protect American borders, especially at the Mexican line, have increasingly become lax over the last several presidential administrations. The Bush Administration, for example, has been lax on its stewardship of the southern border because of its close relationship with Mexican President Vicente Fox. There is the sad, continuing story, writes George Putnam (, “particularly in those states that border Mexico, where there is a steady, silent, pervasive invasion of the United States by an unarmed army carrying an assembly line of diseases into the heart of America.” Further details can be found in a report entitled “Immigration’s Silent Invasion, Deadly Consequences” where the authors state: “The invasion of illegal aliens pouring over the borders of the United States is taking an ominous turn. They are not alone! Their bodies may carry Hepatitis A, B & C, tuberculosis, leprosy and Chagas Disease. Chagas is a nasty parasitic bug common in Latin America where 18 million people are infected and 50,000 deaths occur annually.”

Illegal aliens, by avoiding health screenings at U.S. borders, carry TB, the most serious being MDR, a multi-drug resistant tuberculosis with a higher death rate than cancer. According to the New York Academy of Sciences, Update, January 2002, “TB bacteria readily fly through the air, as when an afflicted person coughs. It’s estimated that each victim will infect 10, 20 or more people—in whom the disease will likely remain latent, creating the potential ‘time bomb’ effect.”

To make matters worse, in excess of 7,000 new cases of leprosy have been diagnosed in the U.S. in the past three years. As the “Silent Invasion” report concludes, “illegal alien immigrants from India, Brazil, the Caribbean and up through Mexico have fueled the resurgence into the United States.”

Chagas, called the kissing bug disease because the parasite favors the face as a route of infection, comes in acute and chronic forms, which can damage your heart and intestines. This parasite now threatens our blood supply, yet no means to test the blood is currently available. Ironically, the public health community has been aware of this danger for years. “Hundreds of blood recipients may be silently infected,” writes Donald G. McNeil, Jr. in the New York Times (November 18, 2003), “and there is no effective treatment for them. After a decade, 10 to 30 percent of them will die when their hearts or intestines, weakened by the disease, explode.” Three people received Chagas infected organs in 2001, the first such cases ever reported in the United States. Two of those three died. Moreover, “Dengue Fever, reports of polio, and now, the first case of malaria in Texas trickle into the United States as the invasion of illegal aliens increases in numbers.”

Undiagnosed disease due to uncontrolled illegal immigration is not merely confined to the border states. This health care crisis spreads daily across the nation. In 2002, Northern Virginia reported a 17% increase in tuberculosis cases. Prince William County alone reported a staggering 188% increase over the previous year. Health officials link immigrants to this outbreak and credit them with introducing the drug resistant strains. And in Queens, N.Y., the health department found that “immigrants” made up 81% of new TB cases in 2001.

What does this mean for American citizens? As the “Silent Invasion” report concludes: “It means your children are at risk when attending school or going to the movies. It means that when a classmate from a foreign country sneezes or coughs, your child may be at risk for any number of diseases. If you eat at a fast food restaurant, a person infected with hepatitis could prepare your food. If you need a blood transfusion, the blood could be infected with Chagas Disease.”


For goodness sakes, why not let them in properly and make sure they're healthy?

Census Bureau

Because this country cannot afford what the future holds for us.

Real Population Numbers
The U.S. population passed 300 million in year 2000. The current U.S population is approximately 327 million.

The latest year for which vital statistics are reported, 2004, saw approximately 1.7 million more total births than deaths. Of the approximately 4.1 million total births, 945,000 or nearly one quarter were Hispanic births (17). Additionally, the data suggest that between 2 and 3 million illegal aliens stay in the United States and more than 1 million legal immigrants arrive in the United States annually.

These numbers indicate a faster rate of population growth and a shorter doubling time than either the annual rate calculated over a 30-year rate interval by Andrew Ferguson [1.06 percent annually, projecting 66 years to double] or the CB rate reported for the 1990s [1.2 percent annual growth, projecting 58 years to double] (18).

Summing annual growth figures [1.7 million natural increase, 1 million legal immigrants, and 2 or 3 million illegal aliens who stay], one sees that, each year, the population grows by 4.7 to 5.7 million. The annual growth rate is between 1.4 and 1.7 percent. If 1.4 percent, the population doubling time is 50 years.

The rate of growth has itself been growing. If acceleration of the growth rate continues, we are on trend to pass the 1 billion mark in approximately 70 years.

Is today's 327 million "many"? Consider that the United States fought and won World War II with a population of 135 million --- less than half!


How about the fact that in the 1920s and 1930sSomerville was the most dense city in the entire US, with a population of 120,000, a third again as dense as it is now. And who was breeding like rabbits then? Not the hispanics -- they weren't here. It was folks like you and me, with families of 13 and 14 kids. Would you have been so hysterical then, or am I right that it all comes down to skin color and accent (i.e. Irish and Italian okay, Spanish not okay.) Back then, large families were seen as blessings, not a burden. No one told those folks to go back home. And that's your family I'm talking about, your uncles and aunts. Should they have all been told to stop breeding like rabbits because it was going to ruin our country? No. So just calm down about the new wave. It's the same as what happened before.

Old Timer

We needed a growing population then.....we don't now. Different times, different needs.

It has nothing to do about skin color. It has to do with healthcare, social security, jobs, housing, crime etc..


It's no different today than it was back then -- I talked to my family about what it was about. The only big difference is that you could buy a house on one person's income. Now, you need two people, and they have to be good paying jobs, too. Minimum wage used to be enough. Now an hour's work buys two loaves of bread, that's all. that's what you should be fighting about. And people used to not be able to pay the doctor then too. Talk about tuberculosis -- it was everywhere! So, no, it isn't really different now, except that people were more open then, and they were better to each other then. And I think it does come down to skin color -- people were poor back then and didn't have a doctor and people would die and be waked in their living rooms, but no one hated them the way people are hated now. It makes me sad to live in Somerville with the hatred that people are showing, after their ancesters were allowed to be here without any trouble. Is that what they came over for, so their grandchildren could be full of hate for others? Sad.

Old Timer

It has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do about survival. I don't want my grandchildren or great grandchildren fighting for healthcare, jobs, housing and the like.

You like to talk about skin color, well back then the skin color was white and the Italians and Irish were treated like garbage. So don't play the race card, it's not working.

Look at China and India with populations at the billion mark.......would you like to live in either of those places?


People are already griping about how much houses cost in somerville and how their grandchildren can't live here, but that has more to do with how much old timers like me are selling their houses for than anything else -- only peole with lotsof money can buy them. And they're laughing all the way to the bank in Billerica. Can't have it both ways. If you make a killing selling your house, someone is going to get killed. So tell your aunts and uncles not to sell for top dollar! Sell it for a low price to a family that can't afford to pay much.

About skin color -- was it right that Italians and Irish were treated like garbage? Do you think it was a good thing? I don't. But maybe you do, because you're talking the same line right here right now (No Spanish Need Apply.) Same damn thing. Can't deny it.

lifelong res

To Oldtimer:
I found both my grandparents' name on the Ellis Island site. They both came here legally. And no, we couldn't afford doctors, dentists, etc. but we MADE PAYMENTS if you were lucky enough to get to the doctors! We did not look for free care, food stamps, rental assistance . . . This has nothing to do with skin color (for me anyway). Just come here legally, learn English (like my grandparents HAD to), work hard, pay taxes, & pay bills, including medical.

Old Timer

Billerica? You can do better than that!

It has nothing to do with selling existing homes for top dollar, it's about having any decent housing at all. We are not on the same page with this discussion.

Why do you keep bringing up race and Spanish? I don't care where you are from or what color you illegal is an illegal is an illegal, simple as that. I don't want this country to be crippled by illegal immigrants or by overpopulation. There has to be a certain cap on how many "legal" people are allowed into this country on a yearly basis.

BTW: Great post lifelong res!


somervilleoldtimer, cut the hate crap. It doesn't matter if someone comes illegally from south/central America, Africa, China or Europe - if they come illegally they need to go.

Please answer the following: Are in favor of people coming and staying here illegally? Is that your stance? We should have completely open borders, so you can hire people on the cheap and not pay prevailing wages/taxes?

Ron Newman

I'm in favor of legalizing the people who came here (by whatever means), so that there is no longer an incentive to pay them under the table.


Ron squeals "I'm in favor of legalizing the people who came here (by whatever means), so that there is no longer an incentive to pay them under the table.". Of course you are, Ron. So... amnesty for everyone here. How would rewarding the ones who came here illegally do anything but INCREASE the flow of people coming here illegally?

Go Figure

If we made all illegals legal, wouldn't that set a precedent to do it every time we amassed a large illegal population.

The fall of Rome began when Roman citizenship was given to everyone and in so doing, the citizenship meant nothing.

Figure This

The fall of Rome began when Roman citizenship was given to everyone and in so doing, the citizenship meant nothing.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that "Go Figure" is not tenured faculty at Harvard. That may be the single most laughable statement I've ever heard on this website.

Go Figure

Luckily I don't need to be a tenured faculty member at Harvard to read history. Give it a try some time.

Don't Figure

Go Figure,
You can't educate some of these idiots. Your statement is historically accurate but now, the PC Police are trying to re-write that history. No matter how hard they try, they can't erase the truth.


Facts are...the Kennedy Amnesty went down in flames last June and the crackpots like
"Coo-coo" somervilleoldtimer (and who even knows whether that's what he/she is; he/she may even be an illegal squatter him/herself) LOST. They lost BIGTIME. So-called oldtimersomerville is ignoring the definitions of certain terms. Time to buy a dictionary cretin. Words have definitions, culturally and legally. Illegal aliens are not "immigrants", they are foreign squatters. Some even sold driver's licences to at least 2 of the 9/11 hijackers! You're a suicidal fool if thing fake document peddling and document fraid is not a threat to America. Do some research. And if you are a somervilleoldtimer and you are renting to illegals on're time in the sun is gonna end. Don't compare them to legal immigrants who came to America. You insult "legal immigrants" when you do that. Amnesty is DEAD for at least 16 months and politicians now see the issue as another 3rd Social Security "reform'.


They saw the passion, outrage, and grassroots action on the part of everyday Americans.
McCain admitted recently that he has never seen anything like it before in his political career. So you loons are in the minority defending illegal aliens. YOU are now the fringe and the extreme radicals.

Don't Figure

Good point Grog. One of the 9/11 hijackers had a Somerville address at one time. I'm sure the Sanctuary City had nothing to do with it ;). But still, a vocal few will tell you we have nothing to fear from illegal immigrants.

It's interesting to note that McCain was viewed at the favorite to win the Republican nomination until he sided with the Kennedy fringe element. It ruined his chances of being elected President. For all intents and purposes, McCain is a lame duck Senator with members of both parties just waiting for him to go away.


Someone said we should report illegals to ICE. Does anyone have their phone number? I'd be glad to call and demand that they do something about the illegals at Foss Park. If more people complained to them, maybe they would finally take some action over there and bust all the illegals over there. The numbers of illegals at Foss Park grows by the day. It is a disgrace and makes Somerville look bad. These guys look like they were dropped off by the Pine Street Inn over there. It is hurting the Mom and Pop businesses on Winter Hill. No one wants to go there because of the illegals. They need to get arrested and deported. End of story. No one will convince me that people who live here illegally have a right to be here. They don't. They are criminals and have no repect for our laws--immigration or employment. The government has failed us all by letting them get into this country and then not doing anything about getting rid of them. They do not belong here.

As for my relatives, they came here legally through immigration. The illegals at Foss Park did not.


Report by telephone:

(866) DHS-2ICE to “report suspicious activity”—(866) 347-2423

(800) BE-ALERT (former Customs And Border Protection) (800) 232-5378

Report online:

DHS contact form for “immigration” or “security threats” -

FBI online TIPS form for criminal activity -

Ron Newman

Informing on one's neighbors was a very popular activity in East Germany.

Get It Right

It would have been great if more people in this country did it pre-9/11, don't you think? That way we could have avoided the 9/11 strikes and the costly war that has ensued in Iraq.

Ron, do you think it's ever appropriate to call the police when you neighbor is breaking the law? Domestic disturbance... child abuse... drug dealing... murder... vioation of federal law?

When people challenge you with facts, Ron, you respond (if at all) with rhetoric. Surely there must be some substance to your arguments.

Ron Newman

Call the police if my neighbors are committing a violent crime? Sure. Call them because they speak a different language and aren't white like me? No way.

Ron Newman

(Also, what does the war in Iraq have to do with 9/11? Other than GW Bush using 9/11 as an excuse to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11)

Get It Right

I don't pick and choose the laws that I am going to follow Ron. If they were white Italians I would do the same thing. People have spoke to you about your race-baiting so please knock it off.

You like to pit the rich against the poor; the whites against everyone else; the Catholics against the Protestants; and so on when those situations are not part of the issue. Please move on, Ron. Nobody needs you to fan the racial fires. Race has nothing to do with it but you refuse to believe it. If ever there was a racist, Ron, it is you.

Get It Right

Please wake up! The Liberal (Progressive) Handbook, the New York Times, agreed with the Bush administration's attack on Iraq. It did so as a result of the 'evidence' that the NYT uncovered linking 9/11 and Iraq, no matter how tenuously.

Don't back away from the NYT now, Ron.


Folks, the numbers again are:
(866) DHS-2ICE to “report suspicious activity”—(866) 347-2423

(800) BE-ALERT (former Customs And Border Protection) (800) 232-5378

You can and should ignore Ron and the PDS'ers. They'll never post facts or argue points - they'll just repeat their pipedream that Somerville will become an illegal alien, gay/lesbian/gender unkown and socialist haven.

Years ago we mostly ignored these fools, but now they've gotten out of hand and we need to reign them in politically. Just be aware that Ron's opinions (pro-illegals, anti-US, race baiting, higher taxes for residents/businesses, free housing for "artists" on taxpayer $$$$, drive-thru abortions) are the opinions and stances of the PDS.

Any candidate who the PDS supports needs to be voted out of office and quickly. We just can't afford these fools any longer. When Somerville becomes like Chelsea - it already happened in East Somerville - they'll move on and say "I wasn't born here - it isn't my hometown anyway! C-YA!".

Any decent thinking person in Ward 6 must vote AGAINST Gerwitz. She and the gang that supports her (PDS) are a cancer in this city. We need to dig them out and fling them into the trash bin of our city's history.


So everyone is clear that our current politicans continue to support illegals and giving them FREE benefits:

Jan 11, 2006:Allowing in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants
Sciortino and Jehlen vote: YES

Email them and tell enough is enough. and Rep.CarlSciortino@Hou.State.MA.US and

Get It Right

Please don't perpetuate the lies:

There is no such thing as an "undocumented immigrant" in this country. To be an immigrant one must first meet the immigration requirements of the country to which they seek to gain entry. These illegal aliens have not met the criteria in our country.

Another fallacy that they seek to pass on us is that the problem will go away in we legalize all the current illegal immigrants. All that will do is create another 20 million votes for an open immigration policy. Thanks but no thanks.


You're right. Undocumented = illegal. Should have said:
Jan 11, 2006:Allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants
Sciortino and Jehlen vote: YES

FBI alerted

Done. Hypocrisy is disgusting. The FBI has been notified about that certain illegal vice Imux has been struggling with (the same vice he accuses other of having). Also, don't forget: Your number/name will be placed in the "persons of interest" database the moment you call one of those immigration numbers. I warned you, don't complain if your house is searched in the middle of the night without explanation. If you know about it, probably you are implicated.

Get It Right

We're petrified. Is that the best you've got? The FBI is going to search our houses? What vice does Imux have? If anybody is hiding something, it is certainly you.


FBI alerted (and fellow dumbass moonbats), no vices here... unless of course drinking large amounts of guinness is a vice.

You're barking up the tree with that one on me. I actually welcome the FBI into our homes. If you have nothing to hide then one has nothing to worry about. Can you say the same? I have been sending emails to congress requesting more and more wireless taps and a suspension of habeas corpus while we're fighting these terrorists. We're at war and need to do whatever to defeat the terrorists and their sympathizers (you moonbats).

The main reason I want the FBI more involved locally is that I know you libaloon leftists (Ron and friends) have been supporting Al Queda all along. I believe that certain organizations/people (you) that support illegal entry into our country and are active in rooting for the enemy ought to be monitored and rounded up.

I forgot to ask you moonbats if you got OBL's message last week? He was a little disappointed with you morons for not bringing him his victory... though he did applaud your efforts. I truly hope Osama finds you, throws a dirty blanket over your filthy head and makes you his 43rd wife. Do you think he'd even have your raggedity ass? I mean there are camels out there he likes to hump.


Great post imux.

I believe it's more obvious to most real Americans that those people who support illegal aliens are the same people that cheer on Alqaeda, giggle at their beheading videos, and want America to be defeated.

They are now the enemy within.

On this 9/11/01 anniversary (when the illegal alien community sold fake documents and driver's licenses to the 9/11 hijackers)...
I pray for these traitor's blackened gargoyle souls.

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