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September 04, 2007



You Massachusetts Morons deserve all that you get. Want a sanctuary State...good; keep your gangs, crime, wetbacks, drugs, decline of schools systems and the financial burden that goes with it. When you get finally get fed up with what this is costing you in quality of life not to mention the financial burden them maybe you can get Ted Kennedy to give the wetbacks diving lessons.

To Sgt.


I just wanted to thank you for helping to build the Big Dig. From your post it doesn't seem that you live in MA. Boy Ted Kennedy and other pols sure know how to bring home the bacon from morons like you! Thanks again.

lifelong res

Thank GOD the Feds aren't bleeding heart liberals like the fools that run this State! It's about time we start doing something about all the "ILLEGAL" immigrants. It is after all a crime to enter this country "illegally".

concerned somerville resident

Keep going Feds... lets send these gang folks back to where they belong. Keep up the raids!!!!!!!!!!!!


About time, this is a very dangerous and ruthless gang that has absolutely the worst intentions. These are bad people and what has to be done to remove them should be done.

Ron Newman

But shouldn't we use proper judicial process? Arrest, indictment, presentation of evidence, public trial, conviction. THEN possibly deportation, if convicted. Disappearing people, the way the Argentine junta did it, is not supposed to be the American way.


Ron, illegal immigrants are not entitled to the same protections under the law as citizens. They are entitled to an immigration hearing where their status can be determined. So the process is detain, hearing and deport or set free. Nothing ICE is doing or has done violates that policy or the law.

Oh.. and some stats for you from LA where the problem of a sanctuary city has grown out of control:

• In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.

• A confidential California Department of Justice study reported in 1995 that 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in southern California is illegal; police officers say the proportion is actually much greater. The bloody gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on complex drug-distribution schemes, extortion, and drive-by assassinations, and commits an assault or robbery every day in L.A. County. The gang has grown dramatically over the last two decades by recruiting recently arrived youngsters, most of them illegal, from Central America and Mexico.

• The leadership of the Columbia Lil’ Cycos gang, which uses murder and racketeering to control the drug market around L.A.’s MacArthur Park, was about 60 percent illegal in 2002, says former assistant U.S. attorney Luis Li. Francisco Martinez, a Mexican Mafia member and an illegal alien, controlled the gang from prison, while serving time for felonious reentry following deportation.


Ron is right - we need to do this the right way - the American way otherwise its further leading us down the wrong path and its not long before Legal citizens are treated this way.

Also I for one don't want to see all those businesses go out of business. If its based on past numbers, legal immigrants are also staying away since they are also afraid (and rightly so since the ICE is not known for subtlety and is very good at harassment)

A lot of this can be taken care of by following the proper protocol and bringing in the local police. I don't want to live in a city where we need to flash an ID card whenever a cop walks by.

Also to Imux - there are a ton of sanctuary cities in the US and most are not dangerous. Oklahoma City would be a good example of that. MI 13 is bad news and if we know that someone is a member - legal or illegal - the POLICE (not the ICE) should be the ones doing the arresting (or if there is a national effort underway (good) then the local police should be heavily involved.


city worker



Allison, first thing you need to remember is that Ron and you libaloons are never right. Ever. His/Your vision of everyone sitting around, smoking weed, holding hands and singing Kumbaya in Davis square is not reality. It clouds his (and your) whole prespective and really tenders your viewpoints mute.

You said "Also to Imux - there are a ton of sanctuary cities in the US and most are not dangerous. Oklahoma City would be a good example of that. MI 13 is bad news and if we know that someone is a member - legal or illegal - the POLICE (not the ICE) should be the ones doing the arresting (or if there is a national effort underway (good) then the local police should be heavily involved."

What part of the cops won't do anything against the illegals in this city are you not aware of? We're a sanctuary city - this translates into the cops having to bend over backwards to avoid looking like they "going after" illegals. Sanctuary city status effectively has tied their hands against the people (illegals) who commit a large % of violent crimes here and around the country. We need ICE.

If you don't think that middle class families have left Everett, Chelsea and East Somerville because of the influx of illegals and the corresponding rise of MS 13 then you need your head examined. I was just speaking to a women (far left moonbat) who said she left because of the gangs (she mentioned MS 13 specifically) that have moved in. She had been > 10 years. Oh... and I didn't bring the subject up.

What will wake you all up is when the illegal immigrant community (and MS 13) grows out of East Somerville and they start going into the Davis and Union square areas. When they figure out that the lefties have that trust fund money and are easy marks -- they'll come for it.

Right now as long as it isn't in your block/neighborhood it's easy to defend them, but when they come you'll be singing a different tune. It may be too late by then.

Waiting for Ron to Get Robbed

The judicial process you described is inapplicable here because these people are not facing jail, just deportation. As such, there is no need to spend an average of $50,000 per illegal that we want to deport. Allison implores us to do it the right way and I agree... a ome way ticket back to wherever you began to violate the laws of this country.

I have noticed that you can never answer any questions put to you. Let me try one more time:

Ron, are you in favor of getting rid of all of our currrent immigration laws and having an open immigration policy? Allison can answer that as well.


Imux - This is America jerkwad - No one's viewpoint is "mute" just because you disagree.

I disagree with damn near everything you say on this site. But it's your right as an American to have an opinion that differs from mine, from Hillary Clinton, hell...from every other American for that matter.

In your world do these RIGHTS only apply to those on the RIGHT?

And Allison - ICE gets involved in gang matters when it comes to MS 13 for a reason. Most of that gang is made up of illegal aliens AND it's much easier to prove someone is here illegally than to prove the same person committed a specific crime. In the case of MS13 I'm all for a "whatever it takes" approach. They're here illegally after all. And believe me they'd do the same thing or worse to you or me in their own country or in the streets East Somerville.

Ron Says:

"shouldn't we use proper judicial process? Arrest, indictment, presentation of evidence, public trial, conviction"

Ron, if you are illegal the American justice system is not something you should be able to partake in. If you are illegal you should be on the first flight to wherever you came from.


Cabbie (nickel chaser), you're a fool and your opinions mean nothing to me. To be candid, I have yet to see you take a stance on any subject. You just stay in the middle of the road and piss your panties, so go drive your cab and shutup. Yeah... and I'm that guy cutting you off and giving you the finger. Deal with it. K?

The Patriot

To Imux and Company, why are you arguing with Mr. Newman and his disciples...they don't care if their political adversaries leave Somerville, that's their plan to take over City Hall and use tax monies for their own patronage. They know studies show these illegal immigeration influx drives out voters who are moderate to conservative. There's a $150,000,000 pot of gold waiting for their takeover...all they have to do is to get MS-13 to wield their machetes and scare us all out of here. It's a cold calculated plan...anywhere else in the world, it would be called a violent take over. Here it's "changing demographics."

Ron Newman

I don't have "disciples" and I don't represent anyone other than myself.

Yorktown Street

Wow, there are some weird fantasies going on about Somerville on this site. If you believed everything you read, you'd think lots of trust fund babies lived here. In fact, the higher-income Somervillians make their money the old-fashioned way: they work for it. Their computer programming jobs may pay more than your job or mine, but that's their good fortune. It doesn't mean they live on a different planet.


Imux -

How's this for taking a stand - Shut up you illiterate moron!

If you CANNOT acknowledge that this is America and we're all entitled to our opinions then you're part of a problem much larger then MS 13.

And by the way jackass - I call myself Cabbie as a homage to the great Ernest Borgnine and my favorite role of his, Cabbie in Escape From New York - not because I drive a cab.

And "Patriot", now I've seen it all. Claiming MS 13 is some sort of liberal plot. Though I think that's a bat shit crazy claim, unlike Imux I strongly believe you have every right to your opinion. You're wrong - but you have every right.

Next Election

The worst part of this situation (and this article) are the quotes from politicians who are pro-ILLEGAL immigrant. These politicians are paid by US, they work for US. I will vote against every politician who makes a public statement, or proposes a law, etc., which is for the benefit of ILLEGAL aliens. I would encourage everyone to do the same!


to Waiting,

I'm not for open immigration, the only people that benefits is big business. What I am for is not making legal immigrants feel like second (or third) class citizens. What I am for is ICE working with local law enforcement. I am for local law enforcement working with just cause. I am not for people being forced to prove, at the drop of a hat, that they are legal. I have no qualms with ICE working *with* the police force (heck even state police are better then nothing) I do have qualms with them working alone as they have proven, time and again, that, well, they kinda suck.

I'm also against the guest worker program and for more H1-B visas just for the record. If we (and by we I mean the US) had better hardship laws I'd be against sanctuary city status anywhere in the US - and in general I think sanctuary city status isn't all that important to this discussion - what is more important is that people who may be criminals are caught with due process and treated just like we'd expect American Citizens to be treated - until its proven that they aren't citizens (and not the other way around).

To Imux, I live right next door to east somerville (winter hill). I've been in this area since 1993 (minus a few years). I've seen huge gentrification on this side of 28. With all the issues still on the other side, and on my side, the means do not justify the ends - ever. We have laws in this nation for a reason and I'm all for using them. Have Somerville police turned a blind eye? Yes at times (it seems a habit see the Irish Mob - and hey were you calling for repatriation of the illegal Irish immigrants as well? If memory serves, back in the day the illegal Irish immigrants were "the problem"). If someone is illegal and breaks the law, then yes ICE and the Somerville Police should be involved. We should also know where the person is being taken to, especially if a family is involved - its the right thing to do.

As for the liberal pot smoking - perhaps your O'Rielly listening, FOX watching butt needs some alternative information sites?



Allsion, you blurted out "If someone is illegal and breaks the law...". What part of illegally entering this country and staying is not breaking the law? How stupid can you possibly be?

Cabbie, at least you're starting to grow some nuts. They're the size of cashews, but hey...
Oh and when people are so stupid as to be advocating supporting people breaking the law (illegal immigrants) then they -- like you -- just need to STFU. K? Good boy. Now go get my groceries and deliver them for me. I'll throw you a dime for a tip.

Ron Newman

Telling people to shut up is rude, and you don't own this site.


For the record Imux - my nuts are the size of bowling balls. And BTW - I've never stated anyplace that I'm pro-illegal. In fact, I think our immigration laws should be enforced at every level of law enforcement, local on up. I have no sympathy or understanding for the "they're just trying to make a better life" set. Though I think we should have zero tolerance for illegal immigration I also believe we need a complete overhaul of our legal immigration process. Simply put - We need to let MORE people in legally and no one should be allowed to stay here illegally.

As for MS 13 - if the only reason an MS 13 member can be snagged is their immigration status I'm fine with that. If I went to Germany illegally and was part of an American gang you can bet your red white and blue ass they'd bounce me in a Düsseldorf minute.


Imux, here's a number you should keep handy:

Psychiatric Hot-line.
If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 4.
If you have multiple personalities, please press 1, 4, 5, and 6.
If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.
If you are delusional and occasionally hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.


Cabbie, agreed.

Ron, who were directing that hissy little fit at? You know I have an older 2 door car... it has real long and heavy doors...and I'm really lazy about looking before I swing that baby open when I park around Davis square.

Ron Newman

If you're publicly threatening to assault me, I'm not sure what makes you any better than an MS-13 member.


Ron, me no hablo inlges!!! Mee gooood amigo to yu libaloons. mE lika yo stoooopid lefties! We takea alll a yuuuu monies. Me goo boom boom long time! Yu leftie, sooo i knooos yu lika a boom-boom in assss. Mee needa to breeeng entirefucking family heeeere noooow. tank yu, dumb ass.

Ron Why?

Ron, why do you even bother to converse with these plants? Why stoop to their level?
It makes no sense to even try to have a coherent debate with these morons.

Take my advice, advice from somebody who doesn't agree with you more than 50% of the time!


He can't help himself. He's a psychotic moon-bat who hates America and wants it changed
via "any means necessary" including demographic change. An illegal alien invasion and illegal alien gang rapes and murders are acceptable to the loons on the left.

Keep it up. It helps in sidelining you people to the fringe and helps defeat your agendas.
It's great to see the radical left self-destruct. Keep defending the illegal alien gangs. It's what you believe. Don't hide it...embrace it.

It seems that many of the posters here know their stuff on illegal aliens. It's encouraging to read. The tide is turning in places like Somerville.

It's great to have ICE aroud to spped up the process of removal. Don't give the moon-bat
organizations names or other information. They want to use it to hype up sob stories and
the media wants to print stories made up by the criminals themselves. There is no law that says you need to give up the raid strategies and arrests information. ICE is the
EXPRESS DEPORT COURT and we are lucky to have them.

Keep uyp the good work. The VAST MAJORITY of REAL AMERICANS support the round-ups and quick deportations. That showed last June with the crash and burning of the "comprehensive (surrender to illegals) immigration reform bill". It's now the 3rd rail
in politics and the politicians know it.


Does anyone know the process to force our politicians to put a question on the ballot to rescind the sanctuary city crap? Thanks.


Contact your City Alderman and Alerman-At-Large and tell them to
put it up for a vote at the next Board of Alderman meeting.

Tell him/her that ending the illegal alien sanctuary policy in Somerville is inevitable
either through elections or though the city getting sued into bankruptsy by victims of crime
committed by illegal aliens who were arrested in Somerville and purposefully were never asked about their immigration status and then were released. If that illegal commits another crime ANYWHERE...Somerville is liable.

It's why NYC terminated their policy. Too many LAWSUITS.


"An illegal alien invasion and illegal alien gang rapes and murders are acceptable to the loons on the left."

Grog, what the hell is that? Yeah and Cheney eats two live babies every morning for breakfast, Michael Moore actually controls the world banking system and Paris Hilton is a closet Mensa member. Seriously, your statement is as untrue as it is counterproductive. NO ONE finds rape or murder acceptable. I agree, it's long past time that our immigration laws are enforced (and overhauled). However are you really of the opinion that your fellow citizens find rape, murder and gang violence acceptable...while implying it's a means to a political end? Or do you just feel conserv-o-cool when your pour it on like your Michael Savage?


I think the looney left finds that "An illegal alien invasion and illegal alien gang rapes and murders are acceptable..." for their political gain. They're rooting for us to be defeated in Iraq (we've already won - troops home soon, so F them) just for political reasons. I think we all now realize that the looney left (Ron and company) are seditious pricks and ought to be lined up against a wall, shot, burnt and then put on trial (due process and all).


Yeah Beckham -

Remember - we're fightin' 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em over here.

Was that a gnat farting or did I just hear the entire contents of your brain spilling out on your keyboard in that ill informed juvenile tyraid?


I just grabbed a Brazilain today, everything seemed ok

I just grabbed a Brazilian today, and everything look fine. lol

A What

Whar's a tyraid?


That would be a typo. Guess nobody else ever made on on the Somerville News. That would be tirade...not tyraid.

Now, what's a Whar's?


on on the Somerville News ---- argh -

Yeah, ironic I should typo when mentioning a typo. Guess that means sleep is a good idea about now.

Ron Newman

Haven't heard of any raids on Thais ...



I think you are my hero.

Imux - the and part of that is as long as we are a sanctuary city the and is needed. Change immigration laws to let more people in and then get rid of sanctuary (for me, aside from more h1b's and easier green cards I'd like to see an expansion on the if we send you back you die policy). We can't lock the borders but we should be able to have at least some better controls. And oh yeah, like I stated somewhere enforce the laws where it matters - the business owners.

On a how to fix things, I am curious how Canada's point system works and if something like that applied to the US might make sense (rather then a quota system). Streamlines the process to some degree. Combine that with holding employers (and shippers) of illegal immigrants accountable and maybe we might have something that works.

The Patriot

The last time someone ---a nice older lady on Shore Drive -- tried to get petitions signed to repeal "sanctuary City", the progressives
infiltrated her campaign and planted forged signatures
into her efforts--even Mickey Mouse signed. Then they tried to have her charged with submitting forgeries. This is the way they play the game because they want power, and they'll do anything to achieve their goals.


I don't feel sorry for anyone who is illegal in this country. If they are afraid that they are going to be busted by immigration, or ICE, and deported, that is too bad. That is the risk they took to come to this country here illegally, or when they chose to stay here illegally when their visas ran out. If they don't like it, too bad.

They are criminals and the government should be able to step in and arrest and deport them. They are not legal to be in this country. That means this is against the law and they can be arrested for it. What do they not understand?

I am sick of the whole lot of them. They demand rights and try to brow beat our government into giving them blanketed amnesty and green cards. I don't think so! Who do these people think they are? Furthermore, anyone who is in support of illegals as far as the Mayor's Office, our alderman or State Rep. Denise Provost need to be sent a strong message on election day. I won't vote for any one of them that supports the illegals. Does it even occur to them that technically they do not represent the illegals because they are not legal citizens of Somerville? They need to get with the program and support the people who are legal to be here, or who are U.S. Citizens. The taxpayers who pay their salaries.

Personally, I don't think enough is being done about the illegals in Somerville. I would like to see Immigration really crack down and remove the lot of them from Foss Park. It is a disgrace that this has been allowed to continue and the numbers of illegal aliens over there seems to increase by the day. They should have a major bust over there, arrest them and deport their butts!


I agree with "Somerville Spy", the previous individual who commented on this story and the situation with the illegal immigrants in this country. Is is disgraceful that our government has failed us, first to allow the illegals in this country, and last but not least, not to do more to seek them out, arrest them and deport them. The search for illegals should not be limited to MS-13 gang members, but to all illegals. More effort should be made to arrest and deport as many of them as possible. "Spy" is correct that if they are living in fear of getting arrested and deported by U.S. Immigration, too bad. What do you think would happen to us if we lived in another country and lived there illegally? I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty and we would be subject to arrest and deportation fast. Our government has failed us miserably here and our elected officials are a bunch of wimps not to stand up to the illegals. They absolutely are a bunch of criminals and I am also disgusted that business as usual is conducted at Foss Park every day. The illegals and the employers who hire them should all be arrested. It's time they faced the music. What really gets my goat is that they are all so blatant out there on Foss Park, out in the open, and no action has been taken. It is appalling and unacceptable.


I was just wondering if the sanctuary in Somerville is in effect on Foss Park, which is state and not city property? Maybe this is the loop hole we need to get immigration over there, bust and arrest all the illegals.

Would also like to suggest to everyone out there that feels as strongly about this issue as I do to contact your congressman, senators and even the old Bushwacker at the White House. If enough people raise the riot act about this issue, they will have to take action. I would also recommend that we all call ICE and complain about the illegals at Foss Park and get them out of here.

Aside from illegals at Foss Park, what about this club in Union Square called "Choices" that I hear scans their patrons for weapons before entering the premises. Does it occur to anyone that this club could possibly be attracting
these MS-13 gang members? That place is bad news and should be closed up for good.


Does anyone know where all of the people running for office in Somerville feel about the illegal immigrant issue? I think it is important that we know this and vote accordingly. I am not voting for anyone that is pro-illegal. No way.

Another thing. Wonder if anyone out there knows about this "Somerville Community Corporation" here in our city. They have been hounding me to join their group (they obviously want me to pay a fee or dues to join and that's what they are looking for), but one of the members of this group let it slip to me that they have quite a few illegals who are members of their group. I am not interested in joining any group or organization that is pro-illegal. Forget about it!


Not only do we need to know where all the candidates in Somerville running for office stand on the illegal issue, but we need to know where they stand on this sanctuary issue too. I don't want to vote for anybody who is pro-illegal or pro-sanctuary for the illegals.

The Somerville Journal has an obligation to print this information in the paper. Tell us who the candidates are running for office and where they stand of different issues, especially this one which is a heated topic. It would be nice to have this info before the election in November, which will be here before you know it.


Very good point made by "Spy" about the Somerville Journal giving us the 411 on the people running for office and their stand on the illegal and sanctary issues.

How about it Journal? Get with the program!


What a dumb heading for this article, "As raids spread fear, feds stay silent".

Now, come on now. Would the Feds let their strategy leak out if they were trying to make a drug bust? Certainly not. So why would they let the public know where they are to bust illegals? Doesn't make sense. Of course they are going to be silent in their investigation and bust of illegals. Good! Maybe they will make a clean sweep and get rid of a lot of them. If they illegals don't see it coming, all the better. It has been a long time coming.

I would like to see ICE or Immigration be more aggressive in their efforts to bust, arrest and deport illegals. I think they are moving too slow. And, I still think they should have a mass arrest and round up at Foss Park.

As for the sanctuary business, why don't they put this on the election ballot and let the people vote on it? Bet the sanctuary would get voted right out of here.

That is, providing that Mayor Curtatone doesn't get his way and give illegals the right to vote in local Somerville elections, which is truly a travesty and should not be allowed. The illegals should have no priviledges or rights given to them at all.


I think we should hear it from the top first. I think we should know how the current elected officials feel about the sanctuary city stuff and how to deal with illegal residents.

How about it Mr. Mayor? You're great at issuing statements telling us how great you are, how about writing a piece for the News and Journal and tell us your position on the santuary city ordinance and how to deal with illegal residents?

William Hurst

It was said in one of the Somerville News blogs concerning "Illegal Immigrants" that they are an asset to our econmy. One of my neighbors who is here illegally pays their rent in cash, allowing that property owner to pocket this money and not pay taxes on it. The owner can now state that this unit is not being rented and claim a "loss" when filing his taxes. Has anyone been to Somerville Hospital recently? Why is it that everyone except illegal immigrants has to have the state mandated health insurance plan? When people recieve healthcare and do not have to pay for it the cost is passed along to us. We pay for this through higher taxes and the cost our healthcare plans go up. The premiums that we have to pay in order to have healthcare rise. The cost of educating one child in this city is approximately 9000 dollars a year. We are paying to educate the children of people who work here, live here and the majority of these people do not pay taxes. I can go on about what it costs us but I will stop here.
I understand that we can cannot "throw" them all out of the country. But, making these people "legal" also has its drawbacks. You may end up with 15 million people who are now unemployable thus becoming eligible for welfare, housing etc.
I asked this before and I will ask it again. When do we close the door?

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