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September 02, 2007



What a brilliant idea by ICE staff! Get all the illegal immigrants (Brazilians, Guatas, etc) in one place, raid the place - check everyone's papers - and toss the ones who aren't here legally out! I love it! Finally, our tax dollars doing some good.

I mean this has to be an illegal immigrant setup, right? Why the hell else would our tax dollars (police details, cleanup, etc) be going to support films catered to non-US citizens who don't speak english and don't seem to want to learn?! Wait a minute... this is the new PDS infested Somervile!!! We're soooooooo screwed in this city now!!

Ron Newman

Excuuuuuse me, but plenty of English-speakers like to watch foreign films. Cinema Paradiso received an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, and was immensely popular. I'm just curious which version will be shown: the Italian-release 155-minute, the US-release 123-minute, or the director's cut 170-minute.

Did you object to the Mayor's earlier series of outdoor summer films, or do you just hate to read subtitles?


Imux's comments are infused with hate - no sense in trying to reason with that.


I for one am quite happy about this celebration and bringing together of community. Maybe Imux can learn a little something about love thy neighbor even.



On Sept. 14, moviegoers will be transported to Brazil as "Auto Da Compadecida" shows on the silver screen. It was not hard to make this selection given it is Brazil’s highest-grossing movie and a favorite among the Brazilians now living in Somerville.

and El Silencio de Neto - is a film from GUATEMALA.

Ron and fellow moonbats, I actually like foreign films, but tell me how showing those movies is not catering to the illegal immigrant community is East Somerville? How about an African or Polish film? Why Brazilian and Guatemalan? Note that ESMS is not supposed to be an illegal immigrant supporting organization - it's just turned into it. They're funded from tax dollars (National Historic Preservation Fund) and their non-profit status just means they need to piss away more of our tax $$$.

The good news is that I have heard that ICE will be there in force -- they will be using these movie nights as a "honeypot" to lure in illegals and then toss them out. If that is true, then I whole heartedly support this event.

Carrie Dancy

East Somerville Main Streets’ mission is to help build East Somerville as a thriving, safe, friendly neighborhood and commercial district that welcomes cultural diversity and offers a variety of businesses, which both serve and employ residents. East Somerville Main Streets works in collaboration with business owners, residents, agencies, and neighborhood groups to make East Somerville a great place to live, work & socialize.

Our International Movie Night is intended to be a fun, free celebration for Somerville residents to enjoy and learn about each other’s cultures. All are welcome.


It will be nice to see the real Somerville out. The City's summer movie series is great, but how much cutesy Disney can one adult take? The international movies seem more like a real Somerville event. And i know a lot of old timers who enjoy trying out things from the new cultures around town. Being around a lot of diverse cultures and experiences is part of living in the big city, isn't it? Otherwise, we should all just move to rural Nebraska, where it would be a lot cheaper.

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