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August 19, 2007



Come on guys, how can you be so f*ing gullible? It's an obvious hoax. Bidder is not going to pay. It happens frequently for these kinds of BS items.


Beer bottle collectors do exist!

First Somerville Police Journal

Talking about antiques and history, I have the first Somerville Police "log" ever written that dates from 1870 to 1874. What a peek into Somerville's history this book is.


Yes, sure, they probably exist. But it's much more likely somebody played a prank upon seeing a stupid alcohol bottle being originally prices at 150K! I've seen this for many items of this kind.

Beer bottle collectors do exist!


Here is "v00d004sc0re"'s profile. New member, 23 items bought, all records at about ~$10 each or less. No trace of a $500K bid win occurring last week. Please, check your facts before reporting.


let sleeping dogs lie


Obviously, the bidder is not paying. Sorry you got your hopes up:


Still waiting to see collectordan's positive (or negative) feedback on v00d004sc0re's feedback list for the winning bid on 08/12/07...


It's not a hoax. There are a dozen unique bids at a half million or higher, some 150+ bids in total. If the top bidder doesn't pay, the seller will proceed down the list, odds are he won't have to contact too many people.


The winning bid is a hoax. Does not fit the pattern of the buyer at all. Have not checked the other ones.


hoax, scam, fluke, pansy
call it what you want
fit your patterns


Nope. Simple logic.
The only people who would bid $500K on an old beer bottle are alcohol addicts who are, ahem, DRUNK when bidding.
Good luck cashing in on your item, pal.

Born Here

A real Somerville person would buy it, then DRINK IT !!

Fits his pattern!

Did Bert G buy it?


Who's Bert G?

Born Here

if you don't know, then your NOT from here....carpetbagger!!


I'm from here, but I have no idea who Bert G is.


A nice little yarn, but take a closer look at the eBay listing. The clues are there as to why this item is NOT as advertised. Who knew it's so easy to put one over on Antiques Weekly?


Yup. MANY bids retracted because of that. And the rest are from jokers. There are gangs of them on e-bay. When they see these kinds of phony items they jump on them for fun.


This idiot brings shame to Somerville or makes me ashamed to live here. We need more rich yuppies to swing the balance away from criminal dirty types.


Seller is quoted elsewhere online that the winning bidder "absconded" -- whatever the heck that means -- and the deal will not go through. And what about all those underbidders? Don't any of them still want the item? Definitely something funny here ....


What is Tony L up to he's not running for Mayor this year.


The bidders profile may not 'fit', but that is not unusual. Many celebrities and other well known people have someone do their bidding--to remain anonymous. The bidding certainly seems legit--at this level of collecting there wouldn't be much a person would want or need that was available on ebay.


Hoax it was a fake bid see interview with collectordan You will read that the buyer called to tell him it was a fake bid.


I have bierbottle from 19 century ( dobble stout london )

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