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August 07, 2007



Don't like it here in Somerville? Get the hell out and please feel free to let the door hit you in the a** on your way.

Princess Kate

This last post just reminded me that Newman never responded to the comment about MS-13 being formed in LA in the 70's. Remeber Ron tried to blame MS-13 on Reagan. Just another exmaple of Ron misusing information to service his own political agenda.


Ron - just so you know, the Princess Kate is not me.


Princess - I guess you're having a slow day, bringing up this 14-day-old post, with your lame comment? Some people just refuse to acknowledge the ramifications, the trickle-down effects, if you will, of our (the U.S.A.'s) actions in other countries. You need to study harder.

Princess Kate

You little Herbert Hoover! Reagan was President in the 80's and the "trickle down" theory you espouse goes back to 1970's LA and mystically transefers itself into the 1980's El Salvador through the machinations of the Reagan Administration. That would be "trickle back," not "trickle down." Did you also come up with the Magic Bullet Theory in the JFK assasination, ostensibly caused by the Reagan as well?

You are an idiot so don't preach to me about studying. Learn how to read a timeline.

You and Ron show up unarmed to this daily battle of wits.


Ooh, somebody doesn't like to be challenged!

Same Racist Punk

Same racist idiot who keeps spoofing other people's names.

Go Figure

Posting the facts of MS-13's beginnings makes him a racist?

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