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August 16, 2007


I guess Brickbottom was right!

It looks like Brickbottom was right on the money with this one.

Bradley was never qualified to hold that office and was just a patsy until the mayor made his decision.

How to be used!


If true, that's a point for Curtatone. Not a vote, yet, a point.

Anthony Holloway

FRom 2003


Clearwater Police Lieutenant Anthony Holloway, a 17-year veteran of the Clearwater Police Department, was promoted to the rank of Police Captain at a department staff meeting this afternoon, Chief Sid Klein announced. Additional department promotions and assignments were also announced today.

Captain Holloway's effective date-of-rank is June 14, when he assumes command of the Patrol Division, which includes all uniformed Patrol Officers and operations citywide.

Captain Holloway joined the Clearwater Police Department in 1986. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Business Management) from Eckerd College, was graduated from the University of Phoenix with an MBA, and is an Adjunct Professor at Florida Metropolitan University, teaching business and international management.

During his career with the Clearwater Police Department, Captain Holloway served as a Patrol Officer, a Community Policing specialist, an undercover Vice & Narcotics Detective, a Patrol Sergeant, a Detective Sergeant (Economic Crimes Unit), as the Support Services Assistant Division Commander, and as the District II Patrol Commander.

Until his promotion to Captain, Lieutenant Holloway was the Commander of all Patrol Officers, projects, programs and operations on the west side of Clearwater (Patrol District II stretches from Highland Avenue westward to the Intracoastal Waterway).

Captain Holloway, who grew up in the Tampa Bay area, attended both Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg Junior College, and has been trained in career-related specialties ranging from Narcotics Interdiction and Enforcement to Code Enforcement and Instructor Techniques.

Captain Holloway was presented the Chief's Unit Citation and was a recipient of the Clearwater Bar Association's Allen Moore Memorial Gold Badge Award, both in recognition of his exceptional work with the North Greenwood Neighborhood Community Policing Patrol Team in 1993. In 1989 he was celebrated with the Joseph F. Cornelius Family Foundation's Outstanding Police Officer of the Year Award, the department's highest honor.

Captain Holloway will assume command of the Patrol Division tomorrow.

No Cop Comments?

Where are all the Bradley supporters? Are they all stunned into silence?
I can here the Bradley rats running to cover their asses as I speak!

The new phrase coming from the department, Bobby who?


joe proved how loyal he is, should we be surprised. he will cut your b---s in a second. don't trust him just ask the master bobby he got f-----, by the little want to be. I WISH TONY LUCK, HE WILL NEED IT. TONY, be careful of the guy that blinks when talks to you and the one who speaks loud.

Somerville Resident

"Loyal"? I applaud the Mayor for resisting nepotistic corruption this time. How can that be bad? If true, I have to admit there may be a tiny bit of hope here.

Token Please

It's official. The Curtatone Admninistration now has more tokens than the MBTA.


Congratulations Chief Holloway!

Ignatius J Reilly

So we get the guy LEAST recommended - only one (1) out of fourtenn (14) wanted this guy. Figures that Curtatone would pick him. He os going to be weak coming in the door and easily manipulated.

From an earlier article:

Out of the 14 public comments submitted to Curtatone in July, 10 residents feel Curtatone should hire Galindo for the job. Three citizens suggested he hire Acting Police Chief Robert R. Bradley and one recommended the other finalist, Capt. Anthony Holloway, of Clearwater, Fla.. Curtatone said the responses are a testimony to the transparency and effectiveness of his method of selecting a permanent chief and the remarks will be part of his final decision.


Somerville Resident - I agree with your assessment. Might Bradley even be somewhat relieved, due to all the negative press he received?


how was brickbottom right? he said jc would pick bradley because he was a bootlicker. he said ever post that jc would pick bradley. is he right by having two opinions. one that bradley wasnt right for the job and one that he would pick bradley?? he covered all the bases.

One last post from brickbottom

From very reliable sources that I had Bradley was a shoo in to be appointed, up until this past week. The Mayor even publicly stated when the Chief's position was taken out of civil service that Bobby was his man.......remember?

I guess the Mayor saw the light (election time you know) and realized that with all the negative publicity that Bradley was receiving, that he became a liability. When you become a liability in this administration then no matter how close and tight you think you are with the Mayor he will dump you in the sewer. This should be a lesson for all those in this administration, that you better stay under the radar or your number maybe up next.

I just hope the now demoted "Captain Bradley" doesn't try to undermine the new Chief. If I was the new Chief I would put him in charge of the "evidence room" until he retired, where he wouldn't be able to taint this department even more than he already has,isolate him as far away from the rank and file that I could.

Politics in Somerville.......don't you just love it!

Congratulations "Chief" Holloway.........but watch you back down on Washington Street, people will do everything in their power to try and make your new job a living hell.

( To those posters who want to take a shot at me while I wasn't posting here, you are complete cowards........good luck removing your lips from one arse and trying to plant them on a new one )


Chief Holloway will serve the people of Somerville well. Excellent choice!


I hope the new Chief will be happy with his own decision to be Somerville's Police Chief. I imagine that the officers will welcome him; they have the opportunity to create a cohesive, harmonius group and leave the 'baggage' at the front door. I hope it happens that way; I'd like the men and women to whom we turn in times of crisis to be happy in their job (same said for our firefighters). I stand firm in the belief that our police officers enter the force with the intent to serve and help the community in which they work. I hope that the biggest hurdle for Chief Holloway, and his family, will be dealing with our Winter weather.


Congratulations Chief Holloway!
Clearwater's loss is Somerville's gain.

it *is* funny

Where are all the folks who said this was a bag job? I'm surprised it didn't go Galindo's way, but I'm really happy the Mayor realized how many people were watching this process. Loyalty schmoyalty ... Joe made the right choice. And if Holloway is as qualified as he seems, he'll deal effectively with Bradley's bullsh*t and build alliances with the good eggs in the department. There are some, right?


No kidding, it *is* funny. Alot of people said that the Mayor was running this search as cover, but it really looks like he evaluated his options and made a choice that will bring in new blood. I'm actually quite happy about this. The naysayers certainly are quiet. . .


No kidding, it *is* funny. Alot of people said that the Mayor was running this search as cover, but it really looks like he evaluated his options and made a choice that will bring in new blood. I'm actually quite happy about this. The naysayers certainly are quiet. . .


I'm happy too. I was afraid the job would go to Bradley in the end.


And there will always be the truth which may never really be known. \

Think: Galindo was offered the job. Curtatone told Bradley he(Bradley) was not chosen. Galindo turns down the offer(for his own reasons). Curtatone is screwed. Offers job to Holloway. Does not tell Holloway he's the second choice. Holloway accepts.

The truth may never be known.


who are the other tokens in city government?

Go Figure

Did that happen? Give us more, please.


Yes Somerspeak is correct


Galindo withdrew last week

Go Figure

So the guy the Mayor said was his choice all along wasn't even second? Sounds pretty disingenuous to me.

What goes around comes around!
I dont feel bad for bradley one bit!

Bradley got what he deserved. He spent a career screwing people left and right. Maybe he got a taste of his own medicine. Its ironic that he never became chief! Why do people feel bad for Bradley? He's had a plush career screwing people for over 30 yrs.


OK brick,
You're sitting there with your palms sweating, greedy to jump back into the fray. I told people you couldn't stay away. You've got a big mouth.
You said "( To those posters who want to take a shot at me while I wasn't posting here, you are complete cowards........good luck removing your lips from one arse and trying to plant them on a new one )."

Yeah, punk, everyone here is so scared of you. We're little cowards. You're right. But you were the one taking anonymous pot-shots at Bradley with no proof to back them up. I know, I know. He didn't get picked for chief. It doesn't mean what you said was true.

Why don't you call 311 and let the Mayor know who you are and what you're problems with him are? Now that you're not posting anymore you have to get rid of some that hot air somewhere.

With love,
You Favorite Coward

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