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August 08, 2007


Bricks a Cop

Hey Brickbottom, how'd the vote go on your contract?
Did you vote for, or against it? Thanks


It was a disaster. I need some time to recover from it. Just leave me alone.


I can only assume that wasn't really you.


What aspect of the "Just leave me alone" you don't understand? I'm sick of people. People can go to hell!


Now I know you're an imposter...


From the other paper:

After years of negotiating and picketing, Somerville's cops have a contract.

On Wednesday, policemen voted 60 to 15 to approve a contract, which includes an increase in health care costs, agreeing to a reorganization of the department, and incremental raises.

Patrolman's Union presdient Jack Leutcher said it was a "fair contract."

Where's brickbottom?

Where have you gone brickbottom?

Acity turns itslonely eyes to you...


I'm here, you big idiot.


poor brickbottom, im afraid to say he, she or he/she may have hit rockbottom.but wait! not yet, wait till the new chief, and i dont mean bradley, is put in place. brickbottom and the others will have what they wanted...but wait !does this mean they will be held accountable for their actions and time. most wont mind but there are always the few who want a change and at the same time want for the good old days, which right now they dont want.confusing isnt it? some people are just never happy.

Oh Yeah

It may be confusing, but you are right on target. The unaccountable few are about to get a heavy dose of reality very soon. No more failing to answer calls, diappearing during the workday, or tending to side businesses on company time.


I was told by someone who reads this blog that people have been using my name again and that bloggers in here still think I'm a cop.

Whether you believe it or not.....I AM NOT A COP, for the last time!

I have also decided not to post on here anymore (not that JN gives two shits), this blog has run it's course. I miss some of the old bloggers who made some sense, which are few and far between now.

So if someone uses the name "brickbottom" it is not I.

"brickbottom over and out."


Nooooo, please don't go; just take a break.

Ron Newman

Please stay!

Barney Fife

OK, see you later "Copper". Now that you police officers got your contract, no need to blog and bash the Mayor, huh.
Whats next, "Sabot" isn't blogging either ? By the way, where is the Mole ???


I agree with Ron Newman. I hope brickbottom, and I mean the REAL brickbottom, stays on. I have always enjoyed his commentaries and particular slant on things and we seem to have a lot of the same experiences and memories of things. Please reconsider.


I hope he/she stays as well. At time he/she can be annoying, but that keeps us honest. Also, to the clown who keeps spoofing usernames: Don't you have anything else to do?

Ignatius J Reilly

Democracy (or should I call you Somerville Resident?), most of us have assumed it was you spoofing names!


As it turns out, my name was spoofed too!

miss brick

Brickbottom - I am going to miss your blogs (seriously). However, I believe that many of the "usual" bloggers are gone because they now need to admit that Curtatone is doing a good job. I am not an employee of the city or a friend of the Mayors. I am telling the truth on that - believe me. I am just stating what is obvious to many.


Dear all, I'm the Pope and I approve of Mr. Curtatone's job. I'm really Pope Ratzinger, I'm telling the truth on that - believe me.

Good Luck

Good luck to everyone who doesn't like this site and bad mouths it and the people who post here. If you don't like it then leave.

Good riddance to brickbottom, but he'll be back. He can't keep his opinions to himself. I laugh when I think of all the bad things he said about the Chief of Police and now he's got hurt feelings and runs away. People didn't buy his load of crap. He got beaten by the facts:

The Mayor is doing a good job
The Chief is a good cop and well-qualified

Better luck with the next smear campaign, music-lover.

Good Riddance

"Whether you believe it or not.....I AM NOT A COP, for the last time!" Well brickbottom, we don't believe it. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that on the very day the police approved their great new contract, you had your nervous breakdown.

On the day your nemeses Chief Bradley and Mayor Curtatone reigned supreme, you had a meltdown. Coincidence? I think not. I think you just went over the edge because your lies caught ran their course and not enough people believed them.

You're washed up. Good riddance. Now we can speak the truth on this site.

See Ya

Bye bye brick, "you big idiot." Are you coming to Bradley's swearing in? People might see you and give you one of the jobs you really want but have never been able to get during your entire career. Bradley's the man and you're a quitter.

I guess Brickbottom was right!

It looks like Brickbottom gets the last laugh.

A couple examples from the above posts:

"The Chief is a good cop and well-qualified"

"Chief Bradley reigned supreme?"

"Are you coming to Bradley's swearing in?"

The Silence is Deafening

Where are all of Bradleys mouthpieces now???????

See Ya

I'm here. Bradley has a lot to be proud of. A great career and hid integrity. No matter what you think, he didn't sell out to anyone. Brickbottom is a sell out fraud. Good riddance to him and good luck to the SPD.

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