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August 01, 2007


Ron Newman

The Somerville Arts Council website says thatthe Union Square event will take place on Friday, August 10. Not this coming Friday.


Thank you, Ron; you saved a lot of people from showing up on the wrong date. It's sounds like fun!


Thanks Ron. What a bunch of incompetent lazy bums if they cannot even post the date right!

Time to act re: school committee

When a long-standing member of the school committee and former chair of that committee cannot muster enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, it's time to act! Now is the perfect time to dismantle this board (after all, there are only 6 people officially running for seats, as opposed to 7!!). The only power they have is to hire the Superintendent (done), everyhthing else is window dressing, power, and control.

Ron Newman

I doubt that either Union Square Main Streets or the Arts Council ever announced the wrong date. The News would greatly benefit from a little copy-editing and fact-checking.


Ron, I suggest you be given copy-editing responsibilities for The News! I'd be happy to assist :)

James Norton

wow you assholes are like little kids...seriously. don't bother sending an email to george or me saying its the wrong date - just be assholes about it - that's so very classy of you people.


Ron Newman

A bit thin-skinned, JN? In the past you've disclaimed responsibility for NewsTalk and said that it was written by an anonymous group of people that don't include either George or yourself.


I thought that there was a policy regarding language on this site....I think it's pretty class-less for the editor/owner of the newspaper to have to resort to vulgarity. I would have thought your vocabulary was a wee bit larger than that.


But how do we know that JN really wrote that post? Seriously...

Come on....

If you were the editor/publisher/owner of this site/newspaper, would you let such a comment, using your name, sit for almost 24 hours without addressing it? I know I wouldn't!


Of course not. So, why isn't the owner removing it either way? Perhaps they are on vacation.


I believe Masschusetts Education Reform requires each school district to have and operate under a school board. It can not be just "dismantled" because someone thinks it's a waste of money.
Changes needed? Yes.
Do away with? No.


Can we change the MER then so that each school district does not have etc...?

Boobsy McHugh

I think Ron Newman is cute. Is he single?


I don't know if Ron is single, but I saw him first! He's mine! Ahahahah! :)

Yum Yum Yum

Ron Newman is on wikipedia. My god, I think someone famous blogs with us. Your right, he is pretty cute. Makes Joe Curtone look ugly.

Somerville Resident

I don't like Joe Curtatone's looks. He looks like a mousey on steroids! :)


Joe Curtatone is not mousey.

Ron Newman

The "Big Stakes" event in Union Square, originally scheduled for tonight, has been postponed to Sunday, August 12 due to possible rain.

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