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August 29, 2007



where is Osgood Park ?

Ron Newman

A list of city parks and playgrounds


Newbie, that would be located on Osgood St. off of Somerville Ave. Or to give you a better idea, it is in Fire Engine 4's area. Engine 4 is out of service, so i'm sure there was a delay putting out the fire. Thank the Mayor and Fire Chief.

smoke and mirrors

I think it's funny that a firefighter keeps trying to post about Engine 4. Hmmm overtime getting low? Oh wait Jim you are out right now. The ONLY benefit, and I use that term loosely, that 4 brings is OT for the department. Somerville has one of the best response times in the nation. If that were not true then there would be an issue. Why don't you get over the issue and start taking pride in how INCREDIBLE the department really is.


ouch, I guess City Hall has internet access. Engine 4 aside, the department is at an all-time low. Crumbling buildings, shortage of manpower, poor equipment. Our new truck is a nice start to a multitude of internal problems. But, have a nice day. I'm sure City Hall will be empty friday for the long weekend people.

Get Over It

If asking someone if they are going out to vote for them is the worst thing a progressive has ever done, I think Somerville is in pretty good shape. I attribute it less to progressives getting pushy, but the candidate having an accident with their verbal communication. It happens- we all slip. That is when you don't do it again. Its called learning. Newstalk slips all the time. Thats why no one has been called Princess in two weeks- because Newstalk learned that people will call them out on it. They've learned. Or so I thought.

How come you never write anything good about Progressives? I've had a wonderful candidate knock on my door who was a self-identified progressive who was absolutely wonderful- considerate of my needs and listening to what I wanted for my community.

Oh, and Jeff Ross describes himself as Progressive, but so does Gallucio and a few of the others.

I say we classify a different group of people so you can pick on them instead. I mean, I guess it is so much easier to give everyone you don't care for a name so when you disrespect one you can just say it was all of them.

This is the type of thing that is tearing Somerville apart. Cambrivillians (aka taxpaying Somerville residents), students who might call Somerville home after graduation, paying taxes and bringing their drive and ambition to the community, if they were only asked, and progressives who really are just people who believe in a political ideology that they don't always agree with each other on, but do want to come together to discuss it- are all examples of where our community is falling short- we should be inviting discussion, recognizing our neighbors, and working together to make the community better.

But the Somerville Newstalk section week after week seems to just want to classify people so they can tear them down. You can't judge an entire group by the actions of a few- and if you think you should, why not focus on the positive things progressives have done? Rep. Sciortino, Sen. Jehlen, Rep. Provost really are all progressives. I mean you can go on a witch hunt if you want, but you're just hurting Somerville.

I agree!

I agree with Get Over It. It may be just a little mess up like all candidates make. What I want to know is of anyone has gotten a door knock from Rick Sirocco yet? Now there's a story I want to hear about.


Rick doesn't knock. He kicks in the door or climbs through the window.

Gangs are not Good

Yorktown Street,
When you start your post by saying "Look..." you sound just like Newt Gingrich. That's the way he started nearly every comment. It didn't amke his arguments any more persuasive and it doesn't do it for yours either. When you talk like that, you lose all credibility.


Heh. Geeze, "Gangs," how'd you manage to post your comment to the wrong blog topic?

Ron Newman

For the record, Progressive Democrats of Cambridge endorsed Galluccio. PDS did not endorse, but I believe a majority of votes were for Galluccio there as well.


Forgot to take meds, apparently.

Heh. Geeze, "Gangs," how'd you manage to post your comment to the wrong blog topic?

Fool on the Hill

Thank you, Get Over It. All of this hate mongering around the term "progressive" is stupid, mean spirited, and tedious. I don't consider myself to be a progressive, but I'm not even sure what it means, or if you should capitalize it when you write it.

I've read the statement of principles on the PDS website, and I believe that they are good. Some of the people who say that they are progressives who I've talked to have an understanding of Somerville that is not so good.

The way that News Talk and a lot of the people who post here use the term, progressive seems to include yuppie newcomers, left-wing activists, anybody who objects to how the mayor and the old guard are managing the city, and anyone who is dislikeable for any reason. Many of these progressive-haters seem to think that the mayor is one of them. But news sources outside Somerville describe the mayor as "progressive," and a lot of newcomers seem to think its true.

So what's really going on? What is a progressive? Is the mayor progressive? Is he really taking care of old Somerville? Who's interests are served by this hate mongering? And why does News Talk promote it?

Somerville Reader

Dear Get Over It,

Amen and well said.

Somerville Reader


Is the Mayor progressive? Yeah, progressivly retreating back to the 70's way of politics in this city, under the cloak of darkness. The Mayor knows that the so called progressives have got the upper hand in Somerville right now, so to survive he has gone with the flow to get re-elected.


Curtatone is not progressive at all. He's just faking it. Poorly.


Does that make him an "acting mayor"?


Ahahahahah! Finally some good humor. With so many drunk wannabes (ahem, for example, Go Figure and the other 5 identities he/she has assumed over the last week) taking themselves so seriously around here, that is really welcome :)

Does that make him an "acting mayor"?


The Progressive's whent out the door when John beat Marty


He beat Marty only in one Ward, if I remember correctly. That's the ward Progressives need to work on.

Get Over It

Yeah, Marty got crushed in Ward 1. I don't think we can judge this Alderman at Large race based on that special election, particularly because if the campaigns are smart, they'll focus more on that Ward if they want to win.

Get Over It

What I mean by that is, I think they've learned since then so we can't expect the same outcome for progressive candidates this time.

Ron Newman

Here are the election results from the city website. Jack won wards 1, 2, and 4. Marty won wards 3, 5, 6, and 7. Only a handful of votes separated the two candidates in wards 2, 3, and 6. The ward 1 results stand out for their lopsidedness.

Get Over It

Thanks, Ron. He didn't lose 2 and 4 by much, did he? Marty got squashed in Ward 1.

Ron Newman

Take a second look. Ward 4 was a pretty convincing win for Jack, though not the total rout he accomplished in ward 1.

Roche can't stand progressives

Bill Roch will stomp the sh!t out of any progressive who tries to f--k w/ him in his neighborhood, got it you hippie liberal freaks? Good.

Who's BIll Roach?

Who the hell is Bill Roach? Whomever he is, he will be squashed like a bug.


You can always count on NewsTalk to slam 'progressives.' I'd bet on it every time and die rich. You cannot, however, bet on NewsTalk to report anything vaguely resembling news. NewsTalk is a joke.

Ron Newman

Bill Roche is the alderman for Ward 1, He is unopposed for re-election.


Speaking of alderman, a friend just pointed me to the pds site. Can it be that the progressives have actually started to get their shit together? I see that they endorsed Lynch for alderman in ward five.

The group should change their name from progressive to impressive.

Good pick.

Anna Canna Panna San

Who "REALLY" cares >

Somervilles real Kredo:

Every man,woman and child FEND FOR YOURSELF thats all the pols are about....Lining their own proactive pockets with the Taxpayers footing the bills

"Apparently the Board of Aldermen voted back in 2006 for an ordinance which absolutely forbids, in particular, the renaming of City Hall, the High School and the Concourse - Sec. 2-309.5 of the Veterans Commission on monuments, memorials and dedication"

Too bad they couldn't make that law retroactive and include all schools within the city.

I can name you a ton of people that should have had their name on the "fieldhouse" up at the High School instead of Brune ( One name, Alibrandi comes to mind ). As for the Capuano School and the new Argenziano School.......pure politics! Not people who put their life on the line for this city like the firefighters killed in the line of duty and the Somerville Policeman killed in the line of duty.

History Buff

I agree about naming city property. It should be reserved for people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for Somerville or our nation. I on the other hand don't know of any somerville police or firemen that have lost their lives in the line of duty. I'm not saying there is'nt anyone. I just dont know of any. Who are they? and lets do something about it.

Go Figure

History Buff,
I remember Somerville Firemen Robert Brickley and Joseph Reilly were killed in the line of duty in 1974. I was reminded of it when I picked up the paper this morning and read of the tradjedy that ahppend in Boston last night.

For a list of others, try these sites for more info:

Capt. Mike Devereaux

There have been 2 Somerville Police Officers killed in the line of duty and one who died while serving in the US Navy during WW2.
Patrolman Michael Dowd was shot and killed on June 12, 1947. Quoting from the actual police log of that night:
"2:34 AM Report Officer Dowd is at Box 123 and has been shot. All cars sent also spare car with off Mahood and Ryan, J.P. Ambulance with Cronin and Quinlan sent. Brosnahan and Kilmartin took officer Dowd to the Somerville Hospital where Dowd stated that he had been shot by a man, tall and slim, wearing a khaki jacket, no hat. ...radioed to all cars...Captain Kilhoury notified. Officer Burns detailed to Somerville Hospital to assist in any way possible. Brosnahan and Kilmartin report that Officer Dowd pulled box 123 at 2:32AM and then went behind the Highland Ave. liquor store, 349 Highland Ave. to try the doors and windows where he saw a man who appeared to be in drunken condition. This man was covering his face with his arm. Officer Dowd asked him what he was doing and he said "Stick em up!" and immediately fired a shot into his abdomen on the left side. Officer Dowd grappled with him and hit him with his flashlight on the head. The man stepped back and pointed his gun at Dowd again and turned and ran down Willow Ave. toward Lexington Ave."
This historical piece speaks not only to the drama of the moment , but is also a commentary on Policemen of the day- pretty much an Irish profession. Unfortunately, Officer Dowd died on June 24th from complications and infection (he also had a rare blood type). A funeral was held from the home of his sister, Mrs. Martin J. Callahan of Oxford St. Officer Dowd's name appears on the National Police Memorial wall in Washington , D.C.
Patrolman Timothy F. Donovan , 43, was killed by an automobile on the Northern Artery Bridge Friday November 13, 1942. He had been a member of the department since 1936. An effort led by Captain John O'connor of this department is currently under way to get Off. Donovan's name added to the Police Memorial wall next May during Police week.
Patrolman Henry A. Lord joined the force in December of 1937 and enlisted in the US Navy after the start of World War 2 in 1942. He was killed in action on July 25th , 1945 while serving aboard the USS Underhill on convoy duty in the Phillipines.
There are plaques in the lobby of the police station dedicated to Officer Dowd and Officer Lord, but we will be working to secure funds for a similar memorial to Officer Donovan.

Ron Newman

I'd like to see more things named after writers, artists, musicians, and the like who have lived in Somerville. Foss Park sort of qualifies, except that (I think) it's really named after the writer's son.


Isn't one of the firehouses named after Robert Brickley?

Go Figure

Capt. Devereaux,
Thanks for that infomration, it was great! I was wondering if you know what liquor store Officer Dowd was checking on (was it in Ball Sq.)? Where is/was Box 123? And where was the Northern Artery Bridge ? Thanks for helping us to remember these brave souls.


Ron, you're killimg me here. Please, please stop. Stop now.

Name things after writers, artists, musicians, and the like? What have they done for the public good? You ever think that some of us don't give a rat's ass about writers, artists, musicians, and the like. We're too busy paying taxes to support the bums with their Art Councils and other such wastes. Also, has carpal tunnel syndrome all of a sudden become fatal?


Ron said "I'd like to see more things named after writers, artists, musicians, and the like who have lived in Somerville."


"I'd like to see more things named after writers, artists, musicians, and the like who have lived in Somerville. Foss Park sort of qualifies, except that (I think) it's really named after the writer's son."

Now Ron, I haven't jumped on the bandwagon picking apart what your thoughts are and I haven't been insulting you. But do you really believe your above post? After what the Captain just wrote and all the other Somervillians in the past that made this city what it is today you really want to name buildings etc. after writers, artists and musicians?

Please Ron don't insult our intelligence.Writers, artists and musicians are an important part of our lives but they haven't made the ultimate sacrifice that many in Somerville made one way or another.

Go Figure

Highland Ave. liquor store, 349 Highland Ave is what the Capatain wrote.

Ron Newman

"Northern Artery" is an old name for what is now called McGrath Highway.



Foss Park was not named for Samuel Walter Foss, but rather for another Foss whose first name escapes me (Saxton?). If you go to the main entry of the High School, there is a large placque on the right side with the names of those Somerville residents who lost their lives in "The World War" (WWI). You will see his name there, as well as a number of other names that will seem quite familiar as they relate to latter-day post WWI Somerville parks, schools, etc. That said, I agree that SW Foss should receive some sort of memorial tribute.

Capt. Deveraux:

The Northern Artery Bridge is generally considered to be the McGrath Hwy. Bridge over the tracks by the Sunoco Station. There is, however, another possibility, and that would be the ORIGINAL bridge--a steel through truss structure--which used to cross the tracks adjacent to the A&P Bakery (now Brickbottom Artist colony). If you drive on the current-day overpass going northbound from Lechmere, you can see where the roadway jogs to the left as it climbs to the bridge over the tracks above Fitchburg Street. The original bridge went straight across there. Part of the old Squires Plant was right next to it. I'm not sure of the exact year the current overpass was built, but believe it was in the mid-50s.


To Capt.

Officer Timothy Donovan was killed in the line of duty, but a family member must be found before his name can be honored on the state's memorial.

Have you found any family members yet???????


Capt. Deveraux:

If you go to this link below, you will see a picture of the through truss bridge I wrote about (albeit from the railroad below)...

My apologies to JN for posting the link as I know he generally frowns on this sort of thing, but it is just a single photo and not a site per se (and is, I'm sure you will agree, of some interest).


Ron Newman

It is Saxton Foss Park, and I think Saxton was Sam Walter's son, but I'm not 100% sure about this. It would be nice if the park had an explanatory sign. See which appears to confirm this.

See, here's the problem with naming things after people. After a while, everyone forgets why the name was applied. We all drive on the McGrath Highway, but how many living people now know who McGrath was or why this particular road was named for him?


By the way, Bill Tauro...

Pat's Tow's office is loctaed JUST to the right and out of view of that photo.


To Ron

The McGrath and O'Brien Highway were named after the two first priests that had the first churches in Somerville and Cambridge. O'Brien was from Cambridge and McGrath from Somerville.

That must really hurt you Ron!


Check this out:

Ron Newman

But if you asked 10 random people in Union Square, how many would know that?

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