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August 22, 2007



I would love to go to the Davis Square Farmer's Market, but it closes far too early for a weekday. I think they would get much more traffic if they bumped it back an hour, no?


"(but we applaud the mayor for) making this bold move to go outside for the job"

Bold move? You must be kidding!!! It was a no-brainer.

Hungry Jack

So what time is the Farmer's Market?


Ron Newman

Davis Square farmer's market is Wednesday, noon to 6 pm.

If those hours aren't convenient for you, try the Union Square farmer's market, Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Charles Chisholm

No one represented Somerville better than Tony Fedele, because he always put the interests of SHS students first. He did an outstanding job fundraising for the scholarship fund and certainly deserves this recognition. In his last years he joined us at BHCC to teach history courses, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was my friend and colleague and he is dearly missed by us all, especially those of us who knew him best.

Somerville Resident

Why cannot NSTAR sponsor them? Seriously, instead of wasting money on fireworks they could donate something to the Little Sisters in exchange for an NSTAR banner on their building.

We’re still hoping that if you have any donations in the way of soap, toothpaste and toiletries you can send them to help the Little Sisters of the Poor on Highland Avenue – they’re in desperate need of donations.

Just Pondering

When an off duty State Trooper noticed the blue lights of the Skippers land vehicle he immediately called the SPD to find out whose vehicle was responding to what it appeared to be, an unmarked police vehicle figuring he could help in the response. Once it was found that the Skippers' land vehicle was NOT what it appeared, Acting Police Chief Bradley had all strobes yanked from the Skippers land vehicle and the Mayor handed down a 90 day suspension, without pay we hope.

This is the second time the Skipper used his position to better himself. The first being storing the "Naughty Girl" vessel in the old Homans building using it as a dry dock. This latest incident he tried to wiggle out of his troubles with his Constable status flashing his badge. Frankie, you just never know who is behind you when you exit the Tunnel going north up route 93.

Second Time a Charm

The Feds stall the Orange line going into Assembly Square Mall. What is the Mayor and FRIT to do? What are we the citizens going to do? This is the second blow to Somerville with the Green Line extension being halted by the Governor, a good friend of the Mayor?

Charlie on the MTA

We took your Green Line, we've yanked your Orange Line, an your stuck with a smelly Red Line. Time to take down the Rainbow flags. Good job in Washington by our reps.....suckers

Truth B  Told

How come no news on the princess this week?

Quiet Week

She probably kept her mouth shut and didn't say anything stupid... for once.


I don't know where else to drop this article from today's Herald, so I'm leaving it here.

By Dave Wedge / Exclusive
Boston Herald Chief Enterprise Reporter

Friday, August 24, 2007

A construction worker and community activist running for Somerville mayor has a long history of domestic violence and scrapes with the law, including four restraining orders and once slugging an ex-girlfriend in the eye, court records show.

Richard J. Scirocco, who is challenging incumbent Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, was put on probation for 18 months and ordered to attend batterer’s counseling in 2000 after admitting he hit the mother of his young daughter in the face. The assault, which Scirocco called “self-defense,” left the woman’s eye “puffy, red and swollen,” according to a police report.

The woman took out a restraining order against the 41-year-old Little League president and it remains in effect today.

Scirocco, who has four kids from four ex-girlfriends, has had restraining orders taken out against him by four women, including some of his former lovers. He acknowledged all of the orders but called them “setups.”

“I’m not an abuser,” Scirocco said. “Women use (restraining orders) as a tool to get exactly what they want in the courts.”

Of his controversial past, Scirocco said: “I have thick skin. I knew my past would come up, but people who know me and are pushing me to become mayor know I was set up several times.”

In addition to the restraining orders, Scirocco has been involved in several nasty custody fights, one of which is slated for trial next week. Records show he has fallen behind on child support payments several times, but Scirocco denies ever being a deadbeat dad.

“The only stable home any of my children has ever known is my home,” he said, admitting several relationship “mistakes.”

“I’ve always provided for my children,” he said.

Scirocco was also charged with punching a man in the mouth during a 2000 Little League meeting. Those charges were dismissed.

In 2004, Scirocco made headlines when he was charged with serving alcohol to minors when Somerville police busted up an underage keg party in the Little League hall. The charges were dismissed by a Somerville District Court judge during a jury trial.

Despite his past, Scirocco says he is a “legitimate” candidate to unseat Curtatone in the Sept. 25 primary. A former Teamster and member of the Somerville Democratic Committee, Scirocco said he’s won support from local progressives as well as some ex-Curtatone backers. His only other political foray was a losing bid for alderman.

“I’m just a guy who grew up in Somerville,” he said outside his Ball Square headquarters, which is located directly across the street from Curtatone’s campaign office. “I love my city and I’m in this to let people know there’s a viable candidate to stand up for them.”

But Scirocco’s bid for public office isn’t sitting well with one of his ex-girlfriends. “She’s sick about it,” said a friend of the woman, who requested anonymity. “She thinks it’s deplorable that a guy like that could seek that kind of position.”

Ron Newman

The week may be a little less quiet after the Dave Wedge article on Rick Scirocco in today's Herald.

Ron Newman

Oh well, we posted at the same time. Unfortunately there's no way to delete a comment after posting it.


"Oh well, we posted at the same time. Unfortunately there's no way to delete a comment after posting it."

Ron - people will always want to read your comments and, therefore, will see the Herald's article, it's good that you posted something.

Ron Newman

Perhaps there are "local progressives" supporting Scirocco, but if so, I'd like to know they are. I believe Scirocco was the only candidate for any office to receive zero (0) votes at last month's PDS endorsement meeting. He certainly did not impress anyone by claiming that a casino in Revere would bring tourists to Davis and Union squares.

To answer "IS THIS OUR ALTERNATIVE?" -- not necessarily. A third candidate, Suzanne Bremer, is also running for Mayor.

Minor Candidate

Scirocco is a minor candidate who, in the best scenario for him, will garner 5% of the vote. He's no alternative.

With that said, why would the Herald go out of their way to research a candidate like that and how did they get the information? Clearly, someone at City Hall called one of their friends at the Herald and gave them the story.

I find it disgraceful to attack a challenger who really isn't a challenge at all.

Just plain Bill

I read the article this morning in the Herald. I know the person in question a little bit from when we had kids on the same teams before I moved out of Somerville. I don't know about all these retraining orders and stuff but I will say that he seemed to take care of his kids and was there for them from what I saw of it and most of the time the childs mother was there as well so theres nothing bad that I would say. I don't know if I'd want him as the mayor of Somerville though but like everything else theres two sides to every story and there were a lot of other shady characters around at that time. And also he was exonerated about the nightclub thing with suposedly selling the drinks to kids.


He may currently be a minor challenger, but we deserve to know the background of someone who wants to lead our city.

it *is* funny

Glad someone posted this here. I don't always see the buried blogs over on "the other paper"s website. This Sciracco guy has huge stones to be running with a background like that. What is he nuts?


I know, can you believe it! I mean, how many iccidents like those can one person have and still call them all 'set-ups'!


“I’m not an abuser,” Scirocco said. “Women use (restraining orders) as a tool to get exactly what they want in the courts.”

Are you F-ing kidding me???

This guy not only has zero chance of winning this election...he just pissed off a lot of women(and hopefully men, too) in this city. He better stay out of site for a while otherwise he might get embarassed in public....even more than he is now.

SmokinJoe Somerville Edition

A Casino in Revere, Bwaaa Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa. This guy has to be running as a joke candidate, you can't be serious.

Somone call Menino up and tell him that his lost son is running for mayor.

Philip Fitzgerald

Surprised to see Neil McCabe become a victim of the Somerville News' typical pettiness. I thought you guys were all one bunch of scumbags, but apparently you've broken off into to seperate groups. Good to see old Neil get some of his own medicine.

And thanks for the running updates on what does and doesn't go into your coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. Looking forward to next week's expose entitled, "Waiter, There is a Fly in My Soup."

Keep elevating the craft.


If Scirocco said that, then he's toast. Not that he has a chance anyway. I'm just waiting for a similar gaffe by Curtatone when debating Suzanne. They can try to hold it in and hold it in, but eventually the sexism and bigotry come out!

James Ford

I'm ignorant on the issue so I'll ask you: What did Neil McCabe do to others (his own medicine) and what did he do to cause the news to hammer him like that?

Ricky Scirocco's brain

Democracy, you're going to vote for Bremer based on the notion that the other candidates are sexist and/or racist?

Philip Fitzgerald

James Ford -

Neil McCabe just perpetuated the pettiness and vindictiveness that are the hallmarks of the Somerville News. He trashed people in the News Talk section and hid behind their threadbare defense that it was authored by "anonymous" Somerville residents.

Not sure why he had a falling out with the Somerville News gang but it seems as though he did. Funny how they called his new crap-rag The Alewife a "newsletter." Takes one to know one I guess.

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