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August 27, 2007


Stale, very, very Stale

Is this trend of re-treading old stories going to continue? Have things gotten so bad at the News since Neil McCabe left that you have to re-hash old stories that were terrible when originally published? Has the news been so slow that you need to kick Neil in the stones in Newstalk? He must be excited to be out of that hell-hole before he had a mental breakdown as well.

Ron Newman

It's summer rerun time on TV and also at the News ....


ohhhh staley staley or should i say neil hisself.......did you even read the number the chronicle did on you and you want to cry sour grapes with these guys cuz they said a couple of lines???? they should have done a story about your infamous office antics so youre lucky these guys are nice and didnt expose you for the no talent scumbag you really are hahahahahaha i heard jn fired your ass but you like telling people you left because you couldnt take the nortons anymore thats the best one yet hahahahahaha no wait the best of the best ones yet is that i heard through the grapevine that you still owe papa norton 5 or 6Gs for when he bailed your ass out of jail once or twice......booyah!!!! so go walk cuz you sure as hell cant drive hahahahahaha back to your little newsletter/ragsheet because the news is so much better since u were thrown out on your ass, u no talent piece of trash

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