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August 18, 2007



Mr. Mayor,

I don't know how this will play out but I'm giving you a little golf clap right now - well not RIGHT NOW since I'm typing -

This is everything you needed to say.

NOW - Go DO what you just said and you may just get me to vote for you this time around. And frankly right now I'm not planning on voting for you. But the politician who will fight for the Green Line and indeed for Somerville - well that would be amazing. And a very smooth move bringing our former Mayor and current Congressman into the mix. He's an asset to this City. The fact that he's a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee should mean something. Don't be afraid to tap that asset, as it were.


Consider me another foot soldier in the streets awaiting orders. Go get em, Joe.


Don't wait too long. Curtatone needs Deval in the future more than he needs our votes in the municipal election in November. Read very carefully what the Mayor has said.

Don't look for him to "rock" the boat too much. Lot's of posturing, not much action.

Triple Speak

Stop the BS. You and your boy Coupe Deval can't come through. Deval because he knows he has the area by the balls and will always get the votes from this area. You and the rest of the pols from this area because you all lack clout among people in power.

Paging Mike Capuano, Mike Capuano please come back to run this city.


I'm behind you Joe, bringing the green line to Somerville will be a defining accomplishment of your administration which will lay the foundation for Somerville pride and accomplishment for years to come. This should be one of your highest priorities. Don't let them delay it because a 2 year delay will turn in to more than 2 years (we just had a 3 year delay, wasn't that enough time to seek extra money). We need this to start being built in 2011, as promised. Everyone, please contact the governor's office to complain (see previous message boards posts from Fat Citizen for more info.)


My vote for Mr/ Curtatone will depend on how he ACTS on this. A post here is not enough.

Somerville Reader

Dear Mr. Curtatone,

Please, please, please go do what you just wrote about. We cannot afford another delay on the Green Line. The traffic on McGrath Highway gets worse every day and the Red Line is packed during the AM & PM commutes.

Your constituents are passionate about this issue. Everyone wants to see the Green Line come to Somerville. Please make it happen.


Im sorry to say but pat has tunnels and bridges to fixx and that cost money,tax money.sueing the state will not work,praying maybe.


Somerville has been Screwed again! Today the Journal is reporting No Orange Line. Add this to: A delayed Green Line. A Sludge Plant. A Soccer Stadium. A Jail. Increased Auto Insurance.

At some point- one has to ask- not if we can do better- But who do we elect to get better results? We should expect and demand more from our leaders including the Mayor and the State House delegation.


No Orange line stop at Assembly.

No Green line to Union or the rest of the City.

No massive build out of Assembly Square in the near future.

No tax relief for the property owners in Somerville.

Are you getting the message yet Somerville?


Get these lazy and corrupt bums out of office. Only way.

Go Figure

I agree with both of you completely.

I love how the announcement about the Green Line is made AFTER the deadline to file papers for Mayor.

Ignatius J. Reilly

The fault lies with the imbeciles who vote democratic NO MATTER WHAT! Joey "Tickets" Curtatone and Deval know they already have your votes, so why the hell should they care about bringing much needed relief? I told you all that voting for the democrats was a vote for career politicians (read: lying thiefs) who could give a rat's ass about the residents of Somerville.

The democrats have delivered: no T expansion.... Assembly Sq. stays the dump that it is.... no property tax relief.... parking fines through the roof...water bills that make no sense...crime rising... sanctuarary city so all the illegals come flocking in...sludge plant...prison...and our auto insurance is about to go through thr roof.

Hey, but at least Joey gave us fireworks!


Iggy you may have a point about not always just blindly pulling the D lever in the voting booth (or the D marker if you will since we're on an OCR system for our elections)


How did all those years of Republican leadership on Beacon Hill change a damn thing with how Somerville is treated by the Commonwealth. Talk about your years, in fact decades of being unfairly treated...if we were a race instead of a city they'd be saying we can build casinos or deserve reparations. And not Mitt, not Weld, not Cellucci did a damn thing to change that.

Yet I'll still say - though I'm an Independent leaning towards the left I don't see how the Dem. domination has any positive effect for the Commonwealth. The two party system is such that when either party dominates such as this it seems to work against the best interest of the people. And working against the best interest of its citizenry seems to be the only thing our government does well anymore. Considering the majority of voters in Mass. are registered as "Unenrolled" aka Independent why can't our State Legislature resemble Germany for example. By that I'm reffering to the fact that at any one time they may have 100 different political parties in their legislature and those parties seem to come and go like Fox TV shows.

Ignatius J. Reilly

Cabbie, I'm an independent. I just NEVER vote for the democrats anymore. The democrats have broken too many promises and too much asskissing to special interests for my tastes. The GOP - at least you know what you're getting with them.


"The GOP - at least you know what you're getting with them"

Right, a hot poker up my behind and the tax laws re-written to favor the rich. Sure, that's a plan.

The way I see it at least the Dems throw us little guys a frickin' bone. Well, at this point when it comes to Somerville and Deval I'd just say bone.

Go Figure

I think the point he's getting at is that you give your vote to the person who brings the most to your community. If candidates know you'll blindly vote for them, they're not going to go out of their way to help you. If Kerry Healey promised to bring the Green Line to Somerville on schedulae she would have gotten my vote.

I'll remeber that next time.


So much of what really goes on behind the scenes never makes the news. Somerville's winning the Green Line commitment really had nothing to do with any influence from Joe Curtatone. If you understand the decision makers, you will understand that Curtatone had no influence with them.

The victory came from many years of work, week in and week out, by the Somerville Trasportation Equity Partnership and the reviled Mystic View Task Force. In the last few years of the fight, the city's legislative delegation came together and worked hard. The community groups made an alliance with the Conservation Law Foundation, and their lawsuit promised to be as effective as Mystic View's legal actions have been. The Congressman's interventions behind the scene didn't hurt either.

When victory was close, Curtaone used their work to score public relations victories for himslef, posturing as the young mayor, leading the fight for justice.

Since he took underserved credit for the victory, will he now take the blame? More likely, the other players will just keep working as hard as they always have. If they succeed. Joe will pimp off that vicotry too.


There's no need to move to the right if all you want to do is threaten incumbent politicians with the loss of votes. If you truly want to vote for the GOP, fine, but if you're just looking to threaten the Democrats there's plenty of other choices.

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