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August 10, 2007


Bagged by the EX

I guess it is whom you know to keep the lid on happening within this Administrations own people. Especially since there are no reports of any kind, police blotter or Ambulance service.

A certain individual has been found sleeping in a back office of the High School nursing force blunt trauma injuries. No wait, it was “HIS” office where he was found sound asleep for the past several days. I guess having your feet up on the desk and a little tilt to the chair does wonders for counting sheep. Huh little boy?

Evidently, the word around town is, this appointee was frolicking with another individual, who also works closely with him, things came to a head, literally, when the ex hubby found out. So, behind Trum Field one starry Friday night came a bashing like no one has seen in 30 years. Now this appointee is being tossed to the curb by his now estranged wife and the rest of the family CLAN.

If you can’t keep it in your pants Miguel, there is always someone there to lend a bat or two.

specks okeefe

Hey....Does anyone out there in Somerville News land know anything about the rumor that joe carpinito aka Dr Carp was a resident of the "TENT CITY OF SOMERVILLE USA" luxury resort? It is a known fact that there have been some recent Dr Carp and Fat Al sightings in the city......

lock your doors and hide your jewlery and keep the kids in the kitchen for there own good


No comment.


I thought there would have been more response to this. My own lack of a response was due to feeling ashamed of my initial reaction to the story, which was, 'if I lived close to this site, I would be pushing to get these people removed' (but, removed to where), instead of 'how can we help the homeless'.

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