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August 20, 2007


it *is* funny

I'd be interested in the Cambridge stats too -- this weekend the sign outside of the Cambridge PD said "GPS -- safe and out of sight" or something like that making me think they are probably seeing a rash of car break-ins too. It would be nice if the SPD could raise public awareness somehow.

A friend who lives on Beacon Street had her window and door smashed on Friday night. The crooks tried to remove the center console. She didn't have anything of value in the car besides the pretty nice stereo the thieves were trying to lift. She'll be fine but it's such a hassle taking care of the aftermath.


We need to beef up respect for others' property. Decent people need to stand up to the forces of disorder and lazy greed. No loitering. Graffiti and littering felony charges. Theft and vandalism; deduct welfare benefits from parents and put a lien on future earnings record until debt is paid. No drunks, weirdos and homeless lying around. Restrict bad behaviour and respect for the law will follow.

Anna Canna Panna San

Let it be Known.... Let it be Said.......SOMERVILLE will always have a "Serious Car Theft" problem as long as it is in close proxemity to CHARLESTOWN. The Crazy boys from the Bunker Hill Housing projects have contests amoungst themselves to see who can steal the most cars in a day, in a week. There are some really "SICK YOUNG WHITE TRASH" living on the streets over there in the city's most violent neighborhood......and the demand for good dependable cars for use as getaway cars in bank jobs has always been a source of income for the young entrepenuers from C' those townies some things will never change....Anyone seen BIMBA ?

Anna.....hello anyone there?

Of all the stupid and uninformed "opinions" that I have heard on this blog yours has too be in the top two! EARTH to ANNA...........There are plenty of, as you say, "SICK YOUNG WHITE TRASH" in Somerville also.

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