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August 05, 2007



Their is nothing in it for him? or you just waiting for an over you can't refuse?

Outraged citizen

It's hard to believe that politicians can only come up with lame proposals that overall have a negative impact on communities: Note, not even communities they have to live in!
Let me clarify. People who work in the biomedical field, for example, have to come up with innovative and creative ways to solve problems on a daily basis. If they cannot do that they are gone. Why is that politicians are not required do the same in their own field? That's what they are paid to do. Why do we need to pay a Tim Cahill to propose the same old crap? These folks are paid to come up with and help implement better ideas than casino gambling.
Well, the answer has probably to do with competence and hiring practices in MA in the first place. So, get these people fired, they are not up to the job. We are in MA, not in Alabama.

The Patriot

When was the last time you ran for office, outraged citizen? With virtually no candidates running for office, it hard to complain when there's no one to listen.


Casino revenues = Fools Gold?

Kinda like Curtatones parking ticket revenues here in Somerville.

Cheap easy money.

Cheap easy money

Even cheaper for Somerville to take the drugs seized during police operations and sell them back at a huge profit. Why not that?


I was just wondering do they drug test the Mayor and Alderman like every other city employee???????????????If not I think it would be a good idea to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steroid man

Does Joe use steroids? His jackets always fit him in a funny, Hulkish-like way. I be he does.

Hulk Hogan

you mean "Mr. Syracuse"

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