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August 17, 2007



Ten said Galindo should get the job, three said Bradley deserved it and one recommended Holloway.

Let's repeat this: one recommended Holloway!

Huh? As big a buffoon as Bradley has been and still is - he even got more backing than Holloway. If Galindo didn't want the job or was going to get bored quickly then I doubt he would have applied for it. Chances are Galindo told Joey Tickets to GFH and that he would be independent. That made up Joey's mind quickly.

Plus, let's be honest this city's government institutions do NOT have a history of being "enlightened" and/or racially tolerant. I hope I am wrong, but I think we have a better chance of seeing God than this guy being given a real chance to succeed.

He'll have some major political hurdles to overcome just to win the cop's approval/backing. What he'll need to do is clean house like the black police chief did in Boston years ago. No other way.

Smokey The Bear

looks like the Fire Chief should watch his back.

it *is* funny

What does the Fire Dept. have to do with this appointment? I'm confused.

To cheech -- I hope what we'll see is a new era in community policing in Somerville (this is one of Holloway's reputed stregths) where being a person of color will actually work to his advantage, regardless of the lily-white nature of the Admin and BOA.


A University of Phoenix degree??? Isn't that that mail order school?
To be a Somerville top cop YOU should KNOW and have LIVED Somerville..........


biged - From all I've heard, the Police Department needed completely new leadership, someone impartial, and for that, JC needed to look outside the City.

University of Phoenix is an accredited university. Many colleges and universities now offer on-line degree programs.

it *is* funny

You can read the resumes of all candidates on the other paper's website and see video clips of why they should be selected. Both Holloway and Galindo were very qualified for the job -- education, experience and philosophy all factored into the choice. I'd love to hear what pushed Joe over the edge to choose Holloway -- my money is on the "our gang is bigger than their gang" quote in the public hearing. That was a great moment and boy, can we use all the help we can get.


Sorry, I missed that quote. Who said that? In what context?


I don't think 14 comments was enough of a sample size for the major to be using it too much in his decision.


Another example of JC loading up on hacks. This new chief better watch his back becuz he's beholdin to JC. JC is only loyal to the guy he sees in the mirror. The brass in Union Sq should now see that they will never be the Chief. Right MD, PT? Maybe SC at city hall might stand a chance. Glad I'm moving out of the "New" Cambridge.

Good Move Out Then.

Good, move out then, and don't slam the door when you leave.


Wow, all of the people who said that investigating Holloway and Galindo were just cover for giving Bradley the job are very quiet right now. . .


Wow, all of the people who said that investigating Holloway and Galindo were just cover for giving Bradley the job are very quiet right now. . .


well, look for RB to magically be appointed Head of Public Safety or some other role. I doubt he's going away for good, although he is up there in years, correct? It was a shock to me to see Holloway get the job after hearing good things about Galindo. my theory: the African-American chief will play better when JC wants to run for higher office - oh, say Congress from the 8th? (Cap runs for governor against Deval - my prediction)


yes, SomervilleReader. I notice the silence also.


From a reliable source, Galindo withdrew last week

Just My Thouhts

Did Bobby Bradley really loose here.

AC Bradley has served our City as well as any other Police Officer and will probably take the golden handshake just like all the other had.

The question being, with that golden handshake be as lucrative as all the other or MORE? You all do remember when Carroll negotiated his retirement don't you? To find out the information it was like cutting your right arm off, well, do you expect this to be as easy to find out when Bobby retires?

Carroll was not so much of a friend as he were a foe. Bradley is much a friend to Joey Cakes so I suspect the pockets to be held open with a speculum.

Go Figure

Past chiefs didn't HAVE to leave because they couldn't be replaced. That's not the case with Bradley. He won't have a buyout because he doesn't have any leverage.

And with friends like Joe...

What goes around comes around!

What goes around, comes around! Bradley has had a silver spoon in his mouth since he arrived to the Somerville Police Station. The only people concerned that Bubba diddn't get the job are those individuals protected and catered to by Bradley. I won't mention any names but lets call a ace and ace and a spade a spade! Its not difficult to figure out what individuals are walking around with their heads down. Maybe its time they start showing up for work.

Sheriff Jim Coats Pinellas County Fl

I can assure the citizens of Somerville that Tony Holloway possesses all the skills, traing and experience necessary to lead the Somerville Police Department. Great pick!

T. Dawe

Outstanding selection - a great leader and very popular with the commumity. Everyone has his cell number.

Union Resident

Maybe now we will see some real police work in Somerville. Remember it was under Bradley's watch the the famous $31K desk went missing. And too many Somerville cops target people and abuse their power.

A new beginning is what we need. Let's hope it's not a Hot Fuzz scenario.....

William Hurst

Lily white administration and BOA, how nice it must be living in your world. Why do these comments have to made? By the way the 2000 US census puts Somerville at 77% white with less than 7% black. I say welcome aboard Mr. Holloway. I hope you can do the job and I am sure you will. If not, the city will buy out your contract and bring back you know who. Blue light special anyone?
Bill Hurst


Maybe now we will see some real police work in Somerville. Fat chance. Even that moron brickbottom knew that wouldn't happen. This poor guy from Florida has no idea what he's getting into. Best of luck to him.


If he has a degree from University of Pheonix, he WILL NOT receive the Quinn Bill pay incentive for Police officers with degree's as U of P is not approved by the Commonwealth.

I bet he's been told about it and thinks he will get it. His pension from FL, $100k plus salary and Quinn. OOps, no Quinn.



Quinn Bill? Those who know Chief Holloway know he doesn't do the job for the Quinn Bill. He is a street cop.


Mike - "I bet he's been told about it and thinks he will get it. His pension from FL, $100k plus salary and Quinn. OOps, no Quinn"

Well, aren't you a miserable bastard.

it *is* funny

Here here Kate. Why are there so many haters on this site?

I am wishing the best for Tony Holloway and his family. I'm sure we all want him to be successful and feel fairly paid for his work here. Don't we?


it*is*funny - I was lambasting Mike for laughing at the fact the the new Chief would not get financial credit for his degree from University of Phoenix.

Princess Kate

Kate's another one that can only seem to argue with others.

Charlie on the MTA

can chief holloway afford to live in our fair city ?

Who' s Watching You

Word is that the city and the new chief have employed a PI firm to check up on members of the PD to determine who is doing their job and who isn't. This will help the new chief when he determines where to put people.

Gone are the days of the FabFour shaking down JJ's for a two hour lunch everyday.

Big Brother

The FabFour aren't so Fab anymore. It's more like the FrowningFour. They may not even be Four anymore. You know one is back on our side. Again. For now. Until the next opportunity opens. You know what it's like when the gravy train comes to a screaching halt. You have to worry about being placed in a job that you're qualified for, which is to say not the one you are in know. Oh, changes are coming and they're turning those smiles upside down. Gone are the good old days.

Some people are actually going to have to pay for lunch now.

And they'll only have a half hour to eat it.

Accountability is coming. And hell is coming with him.

Fab Morvan

So you're saying that those who have been lip-synching their jobs over the past couple of years are going to be moved out? Good.

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