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August 23, 2007



I am surprised and pleased that the Mayor did not keep the status quo/ Bob Bradley.

I have nothing against Bob- but the facts are- the police department morale seems low- the crime rate in the city is not acceptable- and I didnt see Bob exercise anything to change things when he had his chance.

That said, we'll have to see if Mr. Holloway can bring true leadership and change. I know nothing of the man. But in this case am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he might do.

Does Patrolmen’s Union President Jack Leuchter have amnesia?

Does Patrolmen’s Union President Jack Leuchter have amnesia?

News Talk for the week of October 25
"Last Wednesday, for the first time that we can remember, two major unions picketed City Hall with around 130 to 140 picketers altogether - mostly from the Fire Department. You could see the camera up on the 2nd floor making sure everyone could be identified later. Now it’s true the City is trying to negotiate contracts, even Thursday morning the Fire Departments Union was meeting about their contract. So the Mayor is probably upset about these unions doing this to him and we also heard that it’s supposed to be illegal to picket when you’re negotiating. Some fallout from the picket has already happened – Officer Bruce Campbell, who had the coveted job of being assigned to the Licensing Board, was removed the next day and another officer was asked to do it - one who wasn’t there picketing."

Or the fact that Bradley drove his car in a menacing way toward the Police Officer's picketing at City Hall?

And all the other trials and tribulations the Officers had to go through to finally get a contract?

I'd like to know what kind of "deal" was struck by Leuchter,Bradley and the Mayor to make Leuchter do an about face after his union was demoralized???

Inquiring Mind

From what I've heard the people at the police station are very unhappy with the mayor. I sounds like Galindo was ofered the job but turned it down because he wanted to be independent and the mayor wouldn't go along with it. The mayor can put whatever spin he wants on it but those are the supposed facts. Then Holloway was offered and took the job. So much for the rumors that Bradley was a shoo in. If logic is used it seems that Bradley was never going to get the job. The mayor played Bradley to get what the mayor wanted then stabbed Bradley in the back. I hear that people are pissed with the Mayor as to the way it played out and not that Bradley didn't even get the job. Even people that didn't like Bradley were shocked that the Mayor could be so devious and untrustworthy. JC had said publicly that Bradley ws the guy. Was the mayor lying to the public the whole time? Seems that way. Joe has zero credibility from what I hear.

Sounds like a couple of Captains along with a politically connected Sargent are kissing the new chief's arse already. That hasn't gone unnoticed by the rank and file either. they aren't fooling anyone with their antics. To them it's all about power and looking good in the mayor's and the new chief's eyes. Don't the captains know that JC can't stand them already? The sergeant seems to be connected at the hip with Joe. Both should watch their backs when one turns against the other. Strange times in the city and Union Sq from the sounds of it. People vote and will remeber what Joe did to further himself politically and in the meantime publicly embarrass peole to further his own agenda.

More than Half-Right

You're more than half right. A lot of people are ready to jump in and help Chief (Elect...nominee...?) Holloway and wish him nothing but the best.

Bradley and Galindo did voice their demand for independence from the Defense Attorney and that's why neither is the new chief.

People are already throwing elbows to get into the ass-kissing trough. The people that you mentioned used to be the biggest anti-Joe guys going. Now they're smiling while they're stabbing.

A lot of people wanted Bradley and are disappointed that he didn't get the position. They still vow to help the new chief make it a better place. Resentment for the Defense Attorney has always existed and this ensures that it will continue.

As for the others, they disgust 90% of the Department.


I was wondering if Bradley is going to spend his finally few months searching for the lost money from the Traffic & Parking Fiasco and the lost money and jewelry from the Evidence Room Desk Fiasco???

Everywhere Bradley goes, money ends up missing?

Everywhere Bradley goes, money ends up missing. Is it true that he was covering up for a special someone @ traffic and parking? Maybe he was in on the deal! Is it true what they say about JH? Was Bradley covering up for CF? Alot of questions need to be answered!

Say What?

If you want answers to your questions I think you should give more informatiuon as to what the hell you're talking about.

If you have something to say, be a man and say it.

Flashlight Anyone?

It might be time for you to buy a flashlight Danny.

Why Danny?

Not sure I get it.


I am glad that frankie has been exposed. Is the city going to fire him?? Or just cover it Up???


The new Chief comes from a no-retreat state. A property owner doesn't have to 'run away' from a criminal. Will he allow that here in Somerville?

Florida's "Castle Doctrine" law does the following:

One: It establishes, in law, the presumption that a criminal who forcibly enters or intrudes into your home or occupied vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, so the occupant may use force, including deadly force, against that person.

Two: It removes the "duty to retreat" if you are attacked in any place you have a right to be. You no longer have to turn your back on a criminal and try to run when attacked. Instead, you may stand your ground and fight back, meeting force with force, including deadly force, if you reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to yourself or others.

Three: It provides that persons using force authorized by law shall not be prosecuted for using such force. It also prohibits criminals and their families from suing victims for injuring or killing the criminals who have attacked them. In short, it gives rights back to law-abiding people and forces judges and prosecutors to focus on protecting victims.

The Way it Oughta Be

That's the way it oughta be.



The new Chief does not make the laws that are followed by police officers in this state. Beacon Hill does. So the "Castle Doctrine" is a moot point in Massachusetts.

Stacey Wallace

I was just passing though and saw this article. I wanted to leave a comment for the new police chief about the Deanna Cremin case. Please, please review it! The PI has gotten allot of info and maybe you can somehow work together and finally give Deanna justice. I know there are many important issues but please don't overlook this case. There is still a murdered out there and he has to be one coldblooded killer to have hurt such a sweet innocent soul. I was in my early 20's when Deanna was murdered it still hurts now. Sometimes I find myself thinking of her and I have to remind myself this really happened. Please find justice for Deanna. Maybe it will save some family this pain.


Yes, I do hope Cheif Holloway will look deeply into Deanna's case. Time is of the essence! Please help bring justice for Deanna Cremin, and her Family and friends. She was so special and loved by the entire city of Somerville...we miss her so much.


I look forward to Chief Hooloway taking control of the crime situation here in Somerville. I particularly liked this comment by Chief Hooloway, at a July 10 public question and answer session with the three finalists, Holloway stressed a community policing approach to law enforcement. He said he has always considered himself married to two partners – his wife and the community he patrols. As a newlywed with only two days of marriage behind him, Holloway said he lost his wedding band during a “mini-riot.” He spread the word around the neighborhood that he wanted his ring back. Within
24 hours, it had been returned and was back on his finger, he said.

“Ever since then I’ve considered myself married to my wife and the community
I work in,” he said.

This man demands action, and seems to get it from his hard work. I hope he will look into Deanna Cremin's murder first and foremost!! As a couple others have mentioned...time is running out. Please help Chief Holloway, we welcome you to the city of Somerville, and look forward to the future with you in command.

Katherine Cremin

Welcome to Somerville Chief Holloway. I hear good things about you. I read a lot about you. I commend you for bringing your policing abilities up north. We just have different accents and injustice will not be tolerated. I know my daughter Deanna Cremin's murder had been considered a cold case. I also know it is in the state's hand. But I also know a man with your abilities who has come so far to apply and utilize them in a new community will do what should be done in securing the prosecution and conviction of the person responsible for sexually assaulting and strangling my daughter to death. For 12 long years I have fought along with many others to achieve justice for her. I hope and believe having another new set of eyes will get the resolution to this senseless and heinous murder so long overdue. Please take the time to look at her case, in particular the year 1995 where a known sexually dangerous person was arrested and convicted for rape and attempted murder, to this past year, starting from March till current. Will you be the one to get this horrible person's name before a judge and incriminate him in my daughter's murder? I think you can be of invaluable service to my family and the community you are now a part of. I thank you for your time and your commitment to justice. Sincerely, Katherine Cremin and family.


Deanna Cremin would have celebrated her 30th birthday today. I am certain she would have made such a difference in today's world, it was her nature. There will be a memorial service for Deanna this Sunday, March 30, 2008 at St. Ann's Parish, 50 Thurston Street, Somerville, Massachusetts at 8:30am.

Her ambition and willingness to help others made Deanna very popular, and an incredible friend to so many. Deanna's ability to light up a room, as well as a person's life, is something that is greatly missed. Her never ending smile was so contagious. The memorial service for Deanna Cremin on Sunday will also mark the 13th year since she was brutally murdered, and her brilliant life cut short. Her family and friends miss her so much, and hope and pray that this will be the year that Justice is served for Deanna Cremin.

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