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August 06, 2007


The Patriot

The content of hate filled literature should always be condemned and those distributing such literature should be identified, whether they be right wing extremists or,
in some sad instances, left wing provocateurs. Perhaps the City Police department could contact the Southern Poverty Law Center, where all types of hate groups are catalogued and their literature identified.


I'm curious, why do you use the terminology you do?
~right wing 'extremists'
~left wing 'provocateurs'
Gives a completely different slant on the statement, don't you think??

Somerville Resident

Why do right wing disruptors post here?

The Patriot

Sorry for the confusion: Right wing provocateurs and left wing extremists, sound fair and balanced now, Semantics? Who says I'm right wing, I just got my free DFA "Stop the War" bumper sticker! Do you have yours, Somerville Resident, or were you aware there's a war going on? I love the title, "Disruptor," it sounds so "1984."


I like how they meant to spell "accepting" but spelled it "excepting." What a freudian slip!

Anyway, Somerville's blind rage against White activism could lead to their financial downfall, similar to Forsyth County or York City.


Grant - You call hatred, bigotry, racism against anyone who is not white or of a particular religion white activism?? Talk about 'white' washing.


Last time I checked, it's all protected by the 1st. Whether you like it or not. Obviously, the notions of "bigotry" is too vague (like that of "indecent") to be of any use as it an be used to label anybody who disagrees with what you believe.


why can't white people have rights anymore??

Ron Newman

I don't understand your question. What rights do "white" people no longer have?


More precisely "white males". Although it is true that white males have the most concentration of power and money (and, let's face it, they tend to be obnoxious assholes), at the bottom of the barrel, white males are struggling to make it and I do think their concerns are neglected these days.


The ADL are just one of many hate groups(like the SPLC and the National Alliance)that have been perpetuating extremist ideology for years. Why is it they are not ALSO chastised?! All are guilty in my book.
Just playing devils advocate here...

it *is* funny

The crazies are out today ... on this and on many other bulletin boards I follow. Must be the heat.

Ron Newman

Wonderful, we've got a bunch of Nazis (probably not from anywhere near Somerville) posting comments here.


Obviously, those writing the racist comments left here did not pass grammar in school. Questions end with a question mark (i.e. "?"), and when referring to your group, you do not need to capitalize the word "The" unless it is at the beginning of a sentence. You would know that if you were smarter. And if you were smarter, you would not be a racist.

Nazi hater

I'm not ashamed to say I hate Nazis. Call me an intolerant bigot for that.

Every dirty word in the book

I have to laugh! I thought it was common knowledge that Jews control Hollywood, the mass media, the USA congress (and GW), most of the banks, and are overrepresented in the courts, big business, Lobby groups, and NGOs?
What do you expect from an ethnic group that cares more about Israel than America? Did you really expect them to let the National Alliance tell the truth about them? Come on!! Get a life!! The Jews are raping and robbing America and all you people can do is bleed for the Jews! It should hurt to be as stupid as you people!

Ron Newman

I'm raping and robbing America? News to me.


Is it a full moon?


Ron, Ignore them. I don't see what good can come of trying to debate with racists. Most that I have ever met cannot be reasoned with. don't even justify anything they say with an answer, its not worth the aggravation.

Ronnie Mo'

Ron Newman is more of a pillager and plunderer than robber and raper. I'm kidding. But seriously folks, what is the first thing George Lincoln Rockwell does after sex? He rubs the mace from his eyes. Ohhh thats a good one, making fun of stupid little Nazi's is fun. Yeeeeeah.

Blue-Eyed Devil

Here's a question to which no one has ever given me a straight answer: What part of White Nationalism's message is untrue? Do Jews wield disproportionate political and economic power, or don't they? Are Blacks responsible for a disproportionate share of violent crime, or aren't they?
This stuff has been hurting White America for generations. The media has been keeping us asleep. Things should get interesting when enough of us finally wake up. That's the National Alliance's job.


Every race does what the National Alliance does. You can see black power propaganda, UNCF, hispanic caucuses, asian caucuses, jewish nationalism, etc well-represented in the media, govt, and hollywood, and no one calls that 'hate'. There are only 2 differences between what Nat'l All does and the racial propaganda of other races: 1. white power and white nationalism are not well represented by the mass media and 2. the Nat'l All activists are white, which in the mind of the ignorant, is a 'hate crime' and not simply activism, even when other races engage in identical activities.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Black men and women ruled the earths as kings and queens while white men crawled around on all fours in Europe.


It's true. I'm a mad scientist who created the white man using a deformed black man. Sorry civilization it's true.


>>>Black men and women ruled the earths as kings and queens while white men crawled around on all fours in Europe.

There has never ever been a black civilization in existence. And we see what happens when they try to build one - like in S Africa, where 1 in 4 have AIDS. Or in every major city in the US that the black race has destroyed. I'm sorry, the History Channel lied to you.

Ian Santiago

God bless the National Alliance. I despise cowardly, anti-White cops and politicians. If corrup, cowardly, evil establishment try to block the distribution of pro-white fliers they should hit the city with a massive lawsuit, and bankrupt them.

Brookline Born and Raised!

Viva La Raza Blanca!!


we need to do away with the ADL because there Racist,Im a White man and so proud of my Race,I'll stand by the way I fill till the Day I die.



Again, another example of poor education. Do you know how to spell or use words correctly?

William Hurst

As long as there is "Freedom of Speech" we will have to tolerate white supremists and other extremist groups. That is why we have to tolerate the Israeli hate literature that comes around every 2 years when have an election.
I am not here to say "let's do away with Freedom of Speech" just here to say that is what happens when you have it. SO NO COMMENTS PLEASE.
Bill Hurst


And what happens when we don't have it? Racism and extremism disappears? No, it becomes part of the government.


That's 1st ammendment people whether you like it or not. Ofcourse, if you were American or even remotely cared about America, you'd understand.

Ron Newman

There isn't any serious dispute over the fact that racist speech is protected free speech. But it's still obnoxious and offensive, especially coming from an outside hate group that has no connection to Somerville. It should be censured but not censored.


Maybe you don't like it Ron but I'm pretty sure there are people in your community who do like and agree with it. They may be affraid to publically admit it because it doesn't sound politically correct. There is a reason those flyers appeared in your neighborhood. What was sooo hateful about the flyer? Or was it that YOU just didn't like the message?!


Why would any of the regular posters in here waste their breath on these morons. They are ignorant, hatefilled, jobless, dysfunctional attention seeking scum. This is not like ignoring the Nazi's before it's too late, this is more like ignoring your racist uncle with the uncontrolable drool.

Enough said!


Well, if these folks are not already on an FBI watch list, they will be now. Cannot play with fire these days, kids.


I see where double standard comes in. Hmm, interesting.


Is this when FBI and ADL are called in to win your battles ? :)


Not really, that's just the way things are going: Nazi & militias = terrorists.


Ah I see. So suppressing speech and thought is the way we're headed? That means no more debate. No more free will. More freedoms being given away. Our own constitution being trashed. That sounds a bit like totalitarianism. Aren't things like debate and free thinking crucial for a healthy society and democracy? I wasn't aware we were under rule of Taliban. Isn't that terrorism?


Just tell me that's the way things are going to be in near future and I will stop posting.

Blue-Eyed Devil

I've been a White Nationalist activist for about ten years. I've been shouted down, slandered, threatened, and even physically assaulted. I would have thrown in the towel years ago except for one thing. Every day I meet White folks who agree with my views in private, but are much too frightened go public with their true feelings. They fear it would cause trouble for them and they might somehow lose some of their material possessions.
Eventually these people will realize the era of "White Flight" is over. Neither the far-flung suburbs or Montana is an option any more. The time is drawing near for "White Fight". This movement is growing. I think illegal immigration was the last straw for a lot of folks.


Spoken with honesty right there folks.

Ron Newman

And I bet you 'White Nationalists' Nazis don't live in Somerville or anywhere near it. Go away. Somerville doesn't need you.


Now Ron, that is very ignorant of you. You need to be more accepting of people. You can't go around calling people racist and Nazis on every corner. Don't be such a cry baby if someone has different views than you. Someone might even call you a bigot you know. I can't babysit you here.


I second that Brick.

Dont let them get you riled up, Ron. It feeds them when people respond to their hatefulness. They are useless wastes of space and we all know it. And you're right, I doubt they have any connection to Somerville. They have invaded our blog to spread thier bulls$%t warped views. Please, just ignore the scumbags.


Well I guess debate isn't welcome after all. As soon as someone speaks out of politically correct field they are called scumbag and such. I hope you take a hard look at things Rachelfromtheville and the current position of our country. Never mind just one comunity. Maybe one day you'll change your screen name to Rachelfromdahood because it will be more appropriate if we keep on this course. Get what I mean.


“It’s not a hate crime, but it’s a hate incident,” said Capt. Michael Devereaux.

"Residents who would like to report hate incident or have concerns about literature left by extremist groups can contact the ADL at (617) 406-6300 or the Somerville Police Department at
(617) 625-1600. "

Huh? So.... it is a hate "incident"? What the hell is that? So now we are supposed to call the cops and say some guy is leaving literature in doorways! That's what we're supposed to do? How stupid is that? Lots of pizza delivery guys are in for real trouble.

If you don't like the literature some group puts on your steps toss it in the garbage. I get crap in my mailbox from liberals all the time and I just fling it in the trash. What's the difference with this stuff? You don't like what people are saying - ignore it, but don't waste money "tracking" things that are not criminal (as these imbeciles openly admitted).

We have gangs (MS-13),huge numbers of illegals roaming around and all sorts of REAL crime (not "incidents") going on in this city. Shouldn't the cops and politicians be focused on that? They better not be "..tracking these situations" on my tax $$$$.

This city and it's leaders have gotten to the point where they have nothing better to do than pander to illegal aliens (re: Joey "Tickets" and Bradley's constant ass-kissing of the PDS folks) and all sorts of knee jerk liberal assholes. What a mess.


Complain to your W buddy about it, not to us. If you are involved in Nazi propaganda or in some kind of militia, chances are you are on some bad FBI list of potential domestic terrorists. And it's only getting worse, thanks to our spineless Congress.

That sounds a bit like totalitarianism.

Ignatius J Reilly

Democracy, "W"? Who is this W that you speak of? I hope to hell that you're not going to go off the deep end (again) about the President and republicans? I thought when I kicked your ass up between your shoulder blades on that other thread that you'd have sense enough to avoid that subject.

Demostic terrorists? What in the world are you talking about now!? McVeigh? We executed him. I'm sure not going to defend some nutbag nazi, but the FBI better be tracking the Islamofacists and the gangbangers who come illegally as the danger they bring is real (re: 911 and every day street crime).


Igna, it's "domestic", but please, don't strain your little brain, it might end up in disaster, like in "Scanners". Again, complain to W. about your pathetic situation and life. Not much we can do for you around here.

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