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July 08, 2007


Ward 3 Voter

I vote for Acting Chief Bradley. Because he was born and raise in somerville and he knows Somerville. Good luck Mr. Bradley

The Mole

To the blogger who wanted to know where Alderman’s' daughter was working it is in SPCD, Lead Program and is paid by Grant funds.

The most relatives working for the City still belongs to the fine alderman from Ward 1, followed closely by Ward 5, a stone's throw from School Committee person from Ward 7 and finally, Alderman from Ward 4.

The Mole


I say The "VILLE" should have someone that is local and knows how to "move around" and former "ILLUSTRIOUS" sate Reo Vincent Piro did his city business ( and his own) he conducted himseld on behalf of the tax payers of the City and also groomed the Boss Hog and Joe Mac We from Winter Hill say draft "Gerry Clemente" I think it would be a good work release opp for the Gerrmister and the City would again have access to copies of all the entry level tests and promotional exams it needed to get the right people in to the right jobs ......Long live mary soglario......

hail to the chief


I couldnt have said things any better myself ... however let me add a few more qualified choices that the selection committee seems to have overlooked..

I wonder whether fair considerations was given to the illustrious former Chief of Police Pino who not only could get exam answers... but enjoyed a nice working relationship with local business community and could help people when they no longer wanted to pay for the lease on their vehicles..

Or did they fully consider that now that no civil service exam is required and the ability to read is not a prerequisite to to the job... "Clean" Gene Brune might have been a good finalist ...

Nor does it seem they inquired if Rocco Antonelli or one of his sons might be able to do it in their spare time...

Well, we could go on ... but just start playing Hail to Chief Bradley...


Robert Omar Bradley:

Hated sice he joined the force because evryone knew he was appointed because his daddy used to be Mayor of Somerville.
At one time there used to be a height requirement to join the force but he escaped that because of daddy.

Never, ever made a significant impact during his dismal career as a cop because he majored in kissing any arse that had gold bars on their collars. Was a pencil pusher and never made an arrest that was respected by his peers. His arse kissing paid off and he became the personal servant of many past Chiefs. It must have been tough duty getting breakfast and lunch for the people wearing gold.

Needed a milk crate to stand on in the old traffic police platforms that traffic was directed in just to see over the lip of the platform so motor vehicle operators could actually see him, especially in Union Sq. Remember "Omar" ?

The statement by the Mayor that the "Acting" is "a friend" is the biggest lie there is. When the Mayor was Alderman and then when he was running for Mayor he used to say that Bradley was a joke and that he couldn't stand him. How times have changed. I guess if you spit polish the Mayor's shoes every day the Mayor can forget all the snide remarks he made about "Omar". The Mayor might have gained a "friend" with Bobby but he lost hundreds because of him. I hope you can see your reflection from your shoes Joe and see yourself for what you are. A backstabbing politician who only wants to be pampered by yes men and women, who if they ever had an original thought would be shipped off to Siberia.

"Acting" created what the Police Officers lovingly refer to as the "House of Hate", after aressting a popular and standup Officer on bogus charges , which the Officer won, he divided that station into three different camps. The largest camp totally are disgusted in him. Remember the ones he tried to run down during the picket line at City Hall? The second camp made up of the JH brand of cop, who are hated by their fellow officers and the public alike and the third camp who are counting down the days to retirement to rid themselves of a job that was once enjoyable but has become politically motivated.

The Mayor is giving everyone in this city a big old middle finger with this farce of a nationwide search for a permanent Chief. Why didn't you just appoint the little one and get it over with months ago before you thought up this charade. The political fallout would have been but a burp. Now you have created a monster. But your arrogance is unlimited and you don't care what is right or wrong anymore, you just care about power.
You have kicked to the curb a lot of supporters that you had since your first ran for office. Even though you will win your next term when you run got to ask yourself Joe.....was it worth it?


To Ward Three Voter,

"Born and raised in Somerville", as you say. But has resided on a horse farm far away from Somerville for many years. I guess he really loves this city. Does his eight hours, ocassionaly, then heads north laughing all the way to the bank. What a joke.

Don't you think that the Chief of Police should reside in the city that he works in? Maybe when someone is breaking into his car then things might change around here.


"you got to ask yourself Joe.....was it worth it?"

As the Mayor chuckles to himself, he whispers a barely audible "Yes!"

Born Here

wow, and I remember when "Brickbottom" used to tell us he "wasn't a cop" !! Try Boss Hogg as a leader and get back to me !


Well when a "Man of disoner" states this is a nation wide search he forgets that an Italian found out that the world is round!

retired clearwater cop

Captain Holloway is a cop, worked the streets, put many bad guys behind bars, worked to improve the worst neighborhoods, talked to the working class and Business owners and moved up the ranks, a good man and will be a good Chief, ask the troops that worked for him, I'm retired and have no personal investment either way but I would work for him as Chief

it *is* funny

Based on the little clips on the other newspaper's website, Galindo seems like the most sincere -- his experience and education speak for themselves. Again, all things being equal, I'd pick him.


As someone who has known Major Ruben Galindo for over fifteen years I can tell you that he is extremely competent and qualified. I had the opportunity to work with him in on Miami's toughest neighborhood and saw first hand how he handled multiple situations with great tact and efficiency.

Miami Dade's loss would be Sommerville's gain!!

Born Here

Thanks for the input Rey, and Somerville has one M !


Born Here,

I am still not a cop just an informed citizen who works in the private sector. Whether you believe me or not I couldn't care less.

kiss me irish arse

brick you are a pu--y admit you are a cop. i am not bradley's friend but he's is the best choice right now oh and by the way i am a somerville cop and i stayed a a holiday inn express last night

it *is* funny

How can people say Bradley is the best choice? Look at the resumes and clips posted on the other website. Either Galindo or Holloway would be better. What gets me most is that if this is a bag job, we are wasting time and money with this little charade. We should treat both outside candidates with more respect than that.


To Irish Arse,

Holiday Inn Express? With the money you make you could have at least stayed at the Holiday Inn on Washington St. Oh that's right, you guys don't want to drink down there anymore since a bunch of you cops, not you in particular, came under investigation for beating the sh!t out of people in the parking lot. People like you give good cops a bad name.


"hail to the chief",

Even though Pino received the answers before the exam, he still flunked the exam. They had to break into the civil service office to change his results. Only in Somerville!

Leave it to Curtatones mentor, Brune, to pick this moron. I guess Joe learned from Brune's mistake and made sure that Bradley wouldn't have to prove himself by taking the civil service exam, he just abolished the position to make sure his moron didn't have a chance to finish last in the test results.


I happened to see the new badges the Somerville Police are wearing nowadays. Is this a new crime fighting tool?

What a waste of taxpayers money by Bradley. The old badges were just fine. They should have used the money to buy a new safe for the evidence room!

Somerville Resident

I have not seen them yet. How much did they cost? Do they have the NStar logo on them? Perhaps they cost taxpayers nothing and they were sponsored by NStar... Just checking.

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