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July 07, 2007


Dominic Santos

Illegal Immigration 101

1. Illegal immigrants come to the US with the hope for a better life.
2. Employers exploit them with sub-standard wages, no benefits, and unsafe work conditions.

To support the status qup on illegal immigration is to support of human rights of people who came to the US illegally.

In Arizona, my new home (still no paper like the Somerville News), a law was recently enacted where an emplyer who knowingly hires an illegal immigrant is punished by suspension, and for a second offense termination of its license to do business in the state.

Under the law, if Store X, with 300 locations in Arizona, violates the law twice, ALL 300 stores must close.

That is effective legislation that will cure the real evil in illegal immigration: employers.


My understanding of the Sanctuary City Resolution is that the local police would not help ICE if they want to take someone from their home to deport them. ICE can just have the Middlesex Sheriff's Department officers to help with the arrest (as they have done before).

This ordinance would mainly be symbolic in that it would show that the City of Somerville is a welcoming place for everyone.

I like the law that Dominic writes about. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, come here to make a better life for themselves and their families and will keep coming as long as there are jobs for them.


We need "comprehensive enforcement", not "comprehensive immigration reform". The problem is illegal aliens breaking the laws. That's what started the debate which has gone on now since 1986. Promises were made to crack downafter the amnesty and those promises were broken. Crossing borders illegally, lying on a tourist visa application, and fake document peddling are not "complicated"issues. They are lawbreaking behavior and Americans don't want lawbreakersin the country...PERIOD!

We allow 1.1 million legal immigrants into this country annually and they come in the LEGAL way. That's the most generous of any country in the world. Illegal aliens are not "immigrants". Time for Chertoff to do his job and enforce the laws of the country or resign.
Just waint until something happens, then heads will roll.

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