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July 28, 2007


Razzle Dazzle 'Em

Why are we always reacting a day late? When you're doing major road work, or building a school (Lincoln Park), rodent control should be a part of the plan from the start. You need to start baiting when the project starts, not 6 weeks or 6 months later, when the problem has already intensified!
And if anyone is waiting for the absurd trash ordinance to make a difference, then I'd like you to meet the white rabbit. It only requires that trash be covered while awaiting trash day. This usually takes place on your property, so noone really knows if you're following the ordinance or not. And from what I can tell, it has not been enforced at all. Drive around the city. Open dumpsters sitting right on main streets, piles of trash bags still put out sometimes days ahead of pickup. That whole task force was a lot of smoke and mirrors to make it look like action was being taken.


They are only going home to the Queen Rat nest as she should know if you send out the vibes are not RATS supposed to be smart?

The Mole

Alderwoman Heuston says, “she believes the city should switch to a local vender who knows the areas and would have an upper hand on taking a proactive approach and knowledge of the best rat hangouts around”. Well my dearest, you shouldn’t have too look far now would you.

You have, Koty “Pocket stuffers” whose motto is stand by me and I will protect you, as long as you are my cushion. Then you have Mayor Joeycakes. Who’s motto is, “Aggregate, Aggregate, Aggregate,” we know VJP.

Now tossing in Aggregate, I wonder how many dots one can connect if you start with D & R Paving? Can we then proceed onto the reconstruction of Somerville Avenue? Can we follow through with Testa Demolition who was the contractor who demoed the old Lincoln Park School? By the way, the Mayor’s cousin was hired to head the demo of the building, Sal Q. He was the foreman at hand, or was it in someone’s hand. It is like Testa you scratch mine and I will scratch yours.

Then you get into the iron works end of this scam and you have the ex-attorney Curtatone, yes our Mayor’s legal secretary, who’s husband so happens to work for this iron company that erected the steel at the site. The dots go on forever. But in between those dots, Exterminator Koty keeps a very plush cushion between the key players, insulating him from the money trees.

So you have to two top Rats in the City who can find any four legged rodent locally because they both have been under so many rocks, between so many cracks and on top of so many heaps of $$$$ it isn’t funny.

The Mole


On the grounds it may nail my arse. How many times? Clean Genie said Oh My God when Charles won and The HOG chanted the KING is DEAD. Now Genie and Joey both suck up to The Hog he does no wrong and Vinnie is still the pulling the strings. Maybe the rats are going to Mary Anne are the Italian one's from that trip to where? with Joey Cakes.

Go Figure

All the talking in code makes my head spin. Can you guys bottom line things for me and use plain speak?

Oh my aching head!

Truth Fan


I like your posts because you usually present evidence, and that evidence is often verifiable. But what you and "I" are throwing down here is mostly venomous insinuation. If you want to maintain the moral authority to criticize the mayor, Mr. Koty, and the aldermen who try hard to please them, then you shouldn't act like their supporters who post to this blog. Personal attacks create more heat than light, and insinuations undermine trust. I believe that you are better than that.

Kemps Nuts

Anyone know what is going into the old Kemps Nut site on Walnut St?? Activity has started after many years of looking at the eyesore.

Ron Newman

A new park, I believe.

Kemps Nuts

Thank You

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