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July 21, 2007



"Find a dead body on Broadway, and the Boston-based media outlets, merely because of the lack of information on the scene, decide to fashion a story out of nothing."

You son of bitch
How dare you trivialize this man's life.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bill Blass

OK, ever since my phone was registered with the Somerville 311 system I have been receiving lots of solicitations on our phone line again. It is strange because ever since I put our number on the "Do not Call" lists the calls dropped dramatically until now. These calls are pollsters asking questions, some of them are computer recordings and others are live people. I answered and completed one early one from Deval Patrick about the state health care plan. I figured that was just the State calling us on this one issue, but I received several more since. Has anyone else gotten calls from these pollsters? Where did they get our number? Can we trust this city with our personal information?

Sommerville Sucks

Bogus. Sommerville is Slummerville. You have misbehaving townies, who speak with an accent so thick, it is impossible to understand what is being said. You all sound like a bunch of high-school dropouts. Cut your mullets, learn to speak proper english, and then resubmit your article. Until then, please don't try to put a nice polish on your crappy city.

Ron Newman

At least we know how to spell the name of our city.

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