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July 24, 2007


The Mole

You mean to tell me the Mayor the Mayor is modeling these young interns to be better conditioned in government? How sad is that to learn from this Administration in all the wrong ways to serve the public.

Or is it better served to them as is this Administration. Look how Koty was molded by VJP. Koty claimed the 5th Amendment 23 times back in the 70’s.

The Mole


I wonder where Joe got that photo?
Was it from his high school yearbook?
Whoever took it should get an award for best brush up job.


Somerville is doing better than other citys,But on the backs of the somerville residents, and the commerical organizations. The fines and fees for you name it, Has gone up up up taxes Ect,Of course somerville is doing better .And we can complain to the state all we want for fixing this and that, thought we should, but that will get old. Now these kids that work in the summer program I would like to know who will we sue next year and do they all live in somerville.Somerville Rocks but will not roll.


I bet you that most of the interns aren't even from Massachusetts. I swear to you, every person I seem to meet who works for the state, city or some policy organization seems have no connection to the city or state at all. God forbid we try to attract people who grew up in our cities to do these jobs considering they will still be here in 10 years when Somerville, Cambridge and Boston are no longer trendy place3s to live.

Westchester Summer Camp Nurse Jobs

Summer internships are great, even for people who don't do anything related to government. You also don't have to be going to Yale or Harvard to find something worthwhile. For some people, even being a camp nurse at a summer camp could do a lot for them.

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