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July 13, 2007


Candice Leonard

I moved to Somerville from the seacoast area of NH almost a year ago, and I love it here. But I was so proud to be a Somerville resident when I read this article about the music program. It's like a wonderful "bizzarro world" compared to the articles one typically reads about funding music in the public schools. Everyone responsible for this should be applauded and recognized for their genuine concern for the children of Somerville.

Shawn Engel

Bravo Mayor Joe! It's nice to hear investments like this still happen in a post-NCLB world. Exposure to a well-supported music program in my youth enriched my life and mind, and I hope this expenditure will produce similar results for others. I encourage everyone to keep support for this program.

Musical Instruments Keyboard

An interesting post. Mayor joe was right with the suggestion for investing in musical instruments. Music is very important in our lives not only to children. That's why I agree to that suggestions. I hope to hear that soon they try to engage also in other musical instruments such as Musical Instruments Keyboard. This is great musical instrument too.

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